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Sex and Sales

A while back, I got an email from a reader who compared dating/girls/game to sales pitches in the business world: His email read… “Anyone with strong game should be able to write interesting dialogue

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Friday Q&A: Forums, Ukrainian Scams, and the Death of American Culture

Time for a bit of a Friday Q&A, since the questions in the inbox are beginning to pile up… #1: “Hey Kyle, Have you considered setting up your own forum? When Roosh’s forum actually

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“Attractive, In-Shape, Successful, Independent American Female” Says Men Shouldn’t Date Abroad

Reader “Heather – western female” left a comment on the blog that just reminds me of how most “western females” just do. not. get. it. “Wow…from an attractive, in-shape,

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I Saw the Apocalypse Today at the Cafe

Hold my hoses. I just sat down at an outdoor café here in Ukraine to write this post, mostly out of shock at what I just witnessed. While walking here, at a different café, sitting on the terrace was

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Odessa Memories, Start of Summer, and K-1 Visas

I hope you’ve all had an awesome start to the summer. I’ll never forget that I launched my first real product (The Harem Handbook) about this time…three years ago. It was actually June

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