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Boeing’s 737-Max and Business Questions (Trouble #060)

In this episode, I discuss the recent Ethiopian Airlines crash (and whether you should be flying on Boeing’s 737-Max), and answer each and every question I’ve received on Instagram in the past few days. I also discuss the upcoming podcast schedule in light of my recent travels. Side note: I was considering just putting all business […]

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#056: The Actual Reason You Are Unhappy With Your Dating Life, and How My Entire Perspective Changed in 2 Key Moments

In today’s episode, I tell some painful stories about my “awakening” moments regarding dating. One in college, with my first girlfriend (you’ll learn how men’s most painful fear – getting cucked – happened to me), and the other when I was a college senior and led to me typing some key words into Google… Mentioned […]

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#053: American Style Dropshipping

In today’s show, I touch bases on the recent anti-Dropshipping sentiment sweeping through the online business sphere. I don’t really have an issue with DS as a model per se, I just don’t think it’s sustainable long term. The answer, as usual…is to do the hard work over time. Build a real business. Something like […]

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