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#056: The Actual Reason You Are Unhappy With Your Dating Life, and How My Entire Perspective Changed in 2 Key Moments

In today’s episode, I tell some painful stories about my “awakening” moments regarding dating. One in college, with my first girlfriend (you’ll learn how men’s most painful fear – getting cucked – happened to me), and the other when I was a college senior and led to me typing some key words into Google… Mentioned […]

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#053: American Style Dropshipping

In today’s show, I touch bases on the recent anti-Dropshipping sentiment sweeping through the online business sphere. I don’t really have an issue with DS as a model per se, I just don’t think it’s sustainable long term. The answer, as usual…is to do the hard work over time. Build a real business. Something like […]

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#052: EMERGENCY Valentine’s Day Show

“Kyle, how do I deal with Valentine’s Day? What do I get my girl? What if I’m single? What do I do?!” -Many people this week Good news. Yours Troubly has decided to dust off his cold black heart for one measly blog post and tell you everything you need to know about this not-so-special […]

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#051: Why Not Spending $$$ Makes You Stupid

In today’s episode, I chat about a fatal mistake many new business owners make… Not spending money on ads. And thinking it should be worn as a badge of honor. Nothing could be further from the truth. Mentioned in the show: London Groundshark Coffee RATE, review, and subscribe to The Daily Trouble: iTunes: https://thisistrouble.com/iTunes Google Play: https://thisistrouble.com/GooglePlay […]

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#049: How I Traded $450 for $5,000

In today’s episode, I talk shop about how I turned $450 into nearly $5,000 worth of benefits through the use of travel reward cards. Do note, this is not a game for the financially irresponsible. Don’t be stupid. Mentioned in the show and related content: Please note that I do receive a commission in points […]

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#047: 18 Essentials for Solid Relationships

There’s a saying about not going to sleep mad, and I always agreed with it, but… I’m starting not to. Women are emotional creatures that act like dumb children in the moment. Men, too. It’s better to just let it blow over because her mood will change. That’s point #1… And there’s a heckuva lot […]

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TDT 046: Monday Night AMA and Shopify Rant

Doing things a little different today, as I recorded a 32 minute “Ask Me Anything” on my Periscope last night. So, the format is certainly a little bit different than you’re used to, no idea if I will continue it, or not. But, it’s fun to change things up once in a while. So, tonight, […]

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