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The Noon Rule

​The day starts when the first person wakes up. No matter what time YOU wake up. Every second you stay in bed is the greater head start you give them. But, even if you choose to sleep until 8am (I’m


Thank You Mom and Dad

This past Friday was payday for me, in a weird sense. In the span of two hours, I had my federal tax return deposited into my bank account. I also got a slight gift from my parents. They paid off my student


The First Month of 2017 is DONE—How to Take ACTION

First month down, 11 to go. I’m writing this from my balcony in Dubrovnik, completely jetlagged (it’s January 31st and I’m scheduling this for Thursday, so starting a bit early). I couldn’t


Business, Guns, and the Nuclear Family

TROUBLESOME RADIO 062 BUSINESS, GUNS, AND THE NUCLEAR FAMILY (WITH BUSINESS & BULLETS) After a brief holiday hiatus, Troublesome Radio returns with episode 62, and special guest Lloyd (Twitter)


7 Things I Learned from the Road in 2016

By the time this post runs, I’ll be airborne heading back to California from my new “home” in Eastern Europe. While it’ll be a temporary stop for only about a month, it’s


It’s Never Too Late

My 50-something year old mother informed me last weekend that she’s leaving behind her Corporate America jail cell. Living and breathing proof that it’s never too late. Err, sorry. I meant


So You Want To Be The Greatest—Well, Bleeding Out Ain’t Quick

So you want to be the greatest. Doesn’t matter what. Insert your profession, hobby, or goal of choice. You want to be the greatest. This means you have to be prepared to bleed. Let me give you some


The Life of Simulation (Society’s Systematic Failure)

When I was living in Kiev, Ukraine–I was spending a lot of time at these things called business lunch. Essentially, it was a 3-5 course lunch time meal that restaurants in Kiev would do to entice


5 Truths About Using Credit Card Miles

You’ve probably heard of “miles hacking” by now. You know, the silly nerds who are obsessed with racking up hundreds of thousands (or millions) or airline miles, hotel points, and other


Can’t Make Money Online Due to Equipment? You Mean EXCUSES

These days, I get a lot of questions about how I’m able to produce the amount of content I do. This Is Trouble has a post, podcast, or video go up nearly every day of the week except Friday. Pro

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