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This is Trouble Top 15 of ’15

Well, up wraps another year of blogging. Each one is a little more successful than the last. Here are my fifteen favorite posts on This is Trouble from 2015; no particular order. Training a Girl is Strikingly Similar to Training a Dog For Christmas, my mom bought me a book called The Puppy Whisperer.  While I’m not […]

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Kimoji Teaches Some Brilliant Business Lessons

If you were trying to download something off of the iTunes Store last week and couldn’t, it’s possible it was due to Kimoji. What is Kiomji, you ask? It’s Kim Kardashian’s latest brilliant venture in which she provides nothing of value except show off her size-of-the-country-Russia ass. This business venture is an emoji keyboard with pictures […]

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Red Pill Rant: One Last Dose of Anger

When a man finds game, it’s only natural to be angry. In fact, I’d almost wager that it’s almost unhealthy if you don’t go through that angry stage. Especially as you get older – can you blame the man who, at 30 – has struggled with women his whole life? Who has never had his […]

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The 4 Pillars of Self Improvement

Note: This is a really long post about self improvement – nearly 5,000 words. Here’s an index for reference. You can also download this in PDF format by clicking here. Why men are unhappy – we are meant to build What is happiness? Can we quantify it? How do you quantify if you’re being the best you can […]

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24 Reasons Why You Should Leave California

I try not to throw too much debby-downer content on to this blog, but after returning from Budapest I’m finding myself slightly depressed. Therefore, this seemed appropriate. Why You Should Leave California 1. The weather is too good sometimes. I know, this sounds ridiculous. But the lack of bad days means you never appreciate the […]

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What Should Your Sleep Schedule Be?

Hard work spotlights the character of people: some turn up their sleeves, some turn up their noses, and some don’t turn up at all. – Sam Ewing Want to know something cruel about the way boys are raised? They don’t have a choice. There are plenty of grown men who have this blog and countless […]

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Everything Troublesome in 2014

2014 was what I’ll consider my “sophomore season” of being red pill enlightened. I first stumbled upon Chateau Heartiste around December of 2012, and spent the first chunk of the year gobbling up as much information as I could. Around April I started to hit my stride and start consistently bedding women, and I rode […]

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How Did You Start The New Year?

I’m writing this on December 30th. I’m thinking about what is going to take place tomorrow night. I’m heading down to my old stomping grounds in San Diego, and while there’s no definite plan yet, my money is that my group will end up going out and…spending money. Yeah, I’ll probably drink more than I […]

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