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Starting An Online Business: 19 Thoughts Going Into 2019

(Photo taken in Lviv, Ukraine—July 2018.) Starting an online business was the best decision I ever made in my life. It’s resulted in a life of freedom I never thought I could have had before—and that wasn’t available to many generations before me. My business was successful before this year, but took leaps and bounds in […]

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Business Q&A and Some EPIC Rants

In the latest episode of the show, I wreck havoc on some reader questions in addition to answering some in a reasonable fashion. This is one you’ll want to make sure you listen ’til the end… Also mentioned in the show: The daily email list Selo Oils Please leave a review for the podcast here. […]

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Why I’m The World’s Smartest Digital Nomad

Recently, email wizard and all-around decent bloke Ben Settle mentioned said the following about me in his email: The man I call the “World’s Smartest Digital Nomad”: “Email Players” subscriber Kyle Trouble. And really, I’d have to agree with ‘ol Ben here. I’m one smart chap. Here’s why, but first, let me say this: This […]

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The “Milk Bar” Effect

Here in Kiev, there’s a place that’s always poppin’ called “Milk Bar”. A few years ago, when I was first here, it was reasonably popular. It was almost always full, but you could actually show up and get a seat usually, and you could actually make a reservation. Flash forward to 2018: Impossible on both […]

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That fire burnin’ inside your entrepreneurinloins

Before I became a reasonably famous, always modest, professional niche site extraordinaire, and everything else you want to bestow upon Yours Troubly… I was a computer engineer – and a well paid one, at that! I was young, had a ton of money, a sweet car and apartment, and… I absolutely hated my life. Do […]

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How to Make Money Like Thanos

A sharp reader writes in: “Kyle, I’ve got a question you might want to answer in your webinar regarding content outsourcing for niche websites: is it a good idea to outsource 100% of content creation if you’re not a native English speaker? What are the costs?” I talked about outsourcing a bit in the webinar […]

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