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The Secret Niche Site You Won’t Want to Miss

For the last few months since I launched Ukraine Living and revealed it, I’ve started on three other small niche sites. They’re all growing and doing good (well, except one). Good enough that Trouble has it’s very first part-time employee who writes on a bi-weekly basis for these smaller sites (you can rest assured that any and all […]

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Travel Niche Site 002: The Amazing Start

In case you’ve missed it, I’ve got a new niche site that’s being built. Catch up by reading the following posts: Prelude: Doing Things The Right Way Niche Site 001: Let’s Get Started So the last time you guys got an update was September 25th. It’s October 7th as of writing this, and I imagine I’ll […]

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Travel Niche Site 001: Let’s Get Started

If you want to make money and travel the world, you gotta put in the work. Making those first dollars is always the hardest part, too. And when you’re looking at covering monthly expenses, the figures can seem big. But it’s important to start small. That’s what I did with This Is Trouble. 3 years ago […]

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