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Shopify Dropshipping: Is It Valid in 2019?

Shopify dropshipping has made a lot of people rich. But, like any business model, it will eventually fade away. The question is: Is there still any money to be made with Shopify dropshipping? How Shopify Dropshipping Works The dropshipping model is all about selling stuff without keeping inventory. There are three players in this game: […]

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Why I No Longer Give Refunds

A few readers hit me up and asked me as to the why behind why I’m no longer offering refunds on many of my products… Here’s my no-filter answer: Mostly just because I strongly have shifted my views over time. If someone refunds something, often times it’s because they were already planning to. This is […]

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What Egyptian Cats and Business Have In Common

I’m currently sitting on my Ukrainian Airlines flight to Brussels, and my girlfriend next to me is browsing the inflight magazine. Want to hear something cool? And horrifying… Well, Egypt is where much of civilization “started”. We all know about the pyramids. And a lot of stuff many years ago originated there. And sure, Egypt […]

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What Custom Suits and Communism Have In Common

I was watching the final season of “House of Cards” recently, and I have to say… It was absolutely terrible. Kevin Spacey made that show what it was. That said, they did illustrate pretty well what it might be like to have a female president…and I doubt anyone will vote for Hillary after watching this […]

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Work, Travel, or Play?

In light of all my current travels (Ukraine to Belgium to Germany to Seattle to Canada to California to London to Ukraine), I got asked a few times how I manage to stay productive on the road. Honest truth: It suffers a lot. Another honest truth: I’m able to do it because it really doesn’t […]

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The Best “Funnel” Out There

Hello again from Brussels. Tomorrow, I’ll be heading out to Frankfurt to catch my flight to Seattle, and I’m sincerely, sincerely hoping I don’t get stranded there due to the Frankfurt airport strike on Tuesday. Honestly, I’ve been through that airport twice in my life. My first trip ever to Europe, and another time when […]

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Hey, Young Internet Frauds, Get Off My Lawn

Today alone, I’ve seen half a dozen Twitter bios that say [paraphrasing]: I make more money than any 9-5er I make more $ from one income stream than your entire family College dropout who makes more than you ever will I’ll say it to them. You’re making yourself out to be a dick. Nobody takes […]

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