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Sometimes, I need a kick in the ass.

Recently moved, and my head has been other places.  This is the first time I’ve lived by myself in a few years (BACHELOR PAD!!  it looks SWEET), and some nights I wish I’d remembered how lonely it can get.  It’s tough when you’re one of the few college kids in your group of friends to […]

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Typically safe.

Those two words speak to the life of most people in America.  From an early age, I was told, some might even say brainwashed, into how I was going to live my life.  I’d get good grades in high school, get accepted into college, earn my degree, and start a career.  I would work hard […]

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How To Really Respond To A Girl

In game and pickup (which I’ll be getting more into in future posts), there is something commonly referred to as a “shit test“.  A shit test is defined as something a girl asks a guy during meeting (or further down the road, as well), to see what the response will be.  These are the questions […]

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A Girl Who Knows Game

Once in a while something, or someone, comes along, and it really throws you for a loop.  That was more than apparent last Saturday.  To give a slight backdrop, this is a girl I’ve been dating for about two months now.  Casually.  She goes to school several hours away and I work full time; I’m […]

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Eventually I hope to be a dancer in the Disney parade at Disneyland or even better a Disney princess. (preferably Belle)   I’m trolling online dating sites tonight.  Came across this gem.  This screams high maintenance to me. “Not only do I want to be a princess, but I know EXACTLY the princess I must […]

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You Can Open With Anything

I had a mate from Australia, whose Aussie-lingo clearly rubbed off on me, training with me at my job in February.  He was out here for about two months, and me being a freshly minted 21 year old, and him wanting to have some fun with American girls, we naturally were out hitting bars and […]

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Advice For Those Sexy College Girls

Four years ago, when I started college, I took it upon myself to make all sorts of girl friends.  Note the space in between girl and friends.  As in, platonic, non-sexual girl friends.  You know, just what every guy wants.  As the last couple of years of gone by and I’ve greatly improved the female-relationship […]

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