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#056: The Actual Reason You Are Unhappy With Your Dating Life, and How My Entire Perspective Changed in 2 Key Moments

In today’s episode, I tell some painful stories about my “awakening” moments regarding dating. One in college, with my first girlfriend (you’ll learn how men’s most painful fear – getting cucked – happened to me), and the other when I was a college senior and led to me typing some key words into Google… Mentioned […]

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100% of Women Exploit 100% of Men

One of my favorite readers, who goes by the name of “The Didact”, chimed in a month or so back with an excellent comment about longer-term relationships. It’s so good, I’ve been holding on to it like Gollum in order to use it for The Girlfriend Blueprint Webinar. Take it away, D… “A big part of […]

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Western Dating—Let’s be Realistic

A reader wrote in a while back in response to one of my daily emails, though I can’t for the life of me remember which one it was… Two observations: 1) Intellectually curious, well-read women definitely exist in NYC. By the tens of thousands. But the average guy probably isn’t going to date one. If […]

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#052: EMERGENCY Valentine’s Day Show

“Kyle, how do I deal with Valentine’s Day? What do I get my girl? What if I’m single? What do I do?!” -Many people this week Good news. Yours Troubly has decided to dust off his cold black heart for one measly blog post and tell you everything you need to know about this not-so-special […]

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Brazil Travel Guide From a Summer Away

Hey everyone, Kyle here. This Brazil travel guide is a simple interview I actually did with one of my employees—she’s from Eastern Europe and has been working with me for over two years now. She spent a summer in Brazil in an exchange program. She’ll discuss how she did that, and much more, below. Enjoy […]

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A Few Thoughts On Neediness

A lot of men say they want a girl who isn’t high maintenance and needy. However, there is a key differentiator between the two that nobody seems to recognize. Namely, that a girl who is a little bit needy is a girl who is simply…well, in love with you. Maybe she’s needy because she’s always […]

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The Girls Want You to Dance Like a Monkey

The best way to describe dating abroad is that it’s, well—normal. For example, I was a computer engineer making nearly $100k at 23 in the States. This should have been a huge catch. Instead I was just “another engineer”. Boring. Dude on IG with 5k followers is more interesting. My blog was way more fascinating […]

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