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What Custom Suits and Communism Have In Common

I was watching the final season of “House of Cards” recently, and I have to say… It was absolutely terrible. Kevin Spacey made that show what it was. That said, they did illustrate pretty well what it might be like to have a female president…and I doubt anyone will vote for Hillary after watching this […]

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People Want Free Stuff—Don’t Give It

A few weeks ago, during my “Pro Niche Site” promotion, I sent out an email relentlessly mocking a free-loadin’ mooch who had sent me hate during my spring enrollment session. Yours Troubly hoarded on to that email like a sexy-Gollum just to make more sales, because I’m an evil, evil person… Anyways, reader “Didact” had […]

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Why So Salty

In Monday’s show, I discuss BROB’s latest book, Salty, including sharing one of my favorite chapters from the book. “Salty” is about sugar dating and how it has drastically changed the dating game for single men these days. I also go into detail about Tinder in the US and Europe, and where the “game” is […]

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The #1 Lesson to Hit the Business Home Run

Interesting take below. A reader responded to my “Kroger Kyle” email. (Sign up here to get them delivered to your inbox) He’s a longtime reader and customer, so no need to flame him, but I liked his thoughts… Kroger Trouble, I don’t like your oil adventure. BUT, it doesn’t matter. I appreciate it. And I […]

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My Life Is Going Back to Normal

…finally. Many of you have been aware that I was forced to move countries recently due to visa issues. Then the feminist hate mob came after me. This is all while I was attempting to build a new course, and also trying to get Selo Oils off of the ground. The good news? My life […]

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Don’t Date Feminists

[NOTE: This was one of my daily email letters, sent out last week during the hate mob…] Twitter wants my head today. Go read my profile and find out why… Easy things to ask on a first date that tell you whether a girl is worth deeper investment: * Relationship with father * Sexual past […]

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The Microsoft Outlook Email of Death

Ding. A notification for Microsoft Outlook appears in your inbox. It’s the project “manager”, though manager is a strong word. More like professional butt-licker with an incredible ability to bend over whenever needed. In all seriousness though (for those of you still left), project managers are everyone’s worst nightmare in the corporate environment. They’re constantly […]

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27 Years, 27 Thoughts

Yesterday was my 27th birthday. That time when I think I can officially say, I’m in my later 20s, not mid. In any case, I’ve got 27 quick-hitting thoughts about life I’m going to share before I head out for my birthday drinkfest dinner celebration… You’ll notice quite a few of them boil down to […]

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