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California Women Are Not The End All, Be All



Yesterday, I linked out the 10 More Reasons California Is Overrated post to Twitter. And, I got this response to it…pointing out that California women are the best in the world, there’s great business to be had, and obviously, the weather and outdoors options are great.

I want to break down all parts of this, and namely, talk about his first point — California women.

Admittedly, I am not sure if he was talking to me or the commenter whose comments the post was based around. Nonetheless, I found it interesting for several reasons, and I think it’s worth expanding on.

Let me get things straight, too — I’m glad to have grown up in California, I learned a lot, and I don’t hate the place…I just have zero desire to live there anymore, for a variety of reasons.

However, Marco is right…on paper.

Many of these things about California are completely, totally true…again, on paper.

Let’s go through some of these points and break them down.

1. “Mountains, Surf, MMA”

Let’s start at the bottom and work our way up.

Yes, California does have beautiful mountains, and happens to have the Pacific Ocean across the way, too. Certainly, for those who like the outdoors, that’s a huge plus. It doesn’t get much better than that — nor does the weather ever get any better than a place like San Diego. However, I’d wager…most people simply don’t care about most of this stuff.

If it does matter to you, it really matters, but making the argument for mountains, surfing, and MMA doesn’t matter for the vast majority of people.

California women

2. “Elite Business Connections”

I won’t argue this, there’s obviously a lot of success and wealth in California.

But, there’s also a lot of success and wealth in other places of the world, too. Obviously if you want to be in Silicon Valley or Hollywood, California is the place to be.

Thinking that there’s nowhere else in the world though, or that it really matters, is silly. The world is totally global now, people work with people from all over the place. Technology has made it easy. You can make connections anywhere in the world. Obviously, if you want to be in the surf or MMA industry, California probably helps that, but again, how much does that really matter to most people?

2A. I’ll Address Taxes Here, Too

I don’t care how much you are making or how successful you are, taxes should make you angry.

Look, I get it, the government has workers, they do “stuff”, and they need to be paid. However, I’d have zero issues of paying taxes if there were any benefits derived from it — that’s the problem, in comparison to other countries, there just…isn’t much.

For example, in the Czech Republic, new mothers can take up to four years off for maternity leave. Alternatively, they can take two years and get more pay, or spread it out over four years. The government pays out most of it (I’m assuming from both employee and corporation tax). In the USA, it differs from state-to-state and I’m not going to bother to educate myself on all of it, but a general breakdown is here.

Also in the Czech Republic, if you live in the capital city of Prague, you do not need a car. The metro can get you from end-to-end, as in across the entire city, in 30-40 minutes for probably 70% of the city. If that doesn’t work, there’s hundreds of busses and trams that can get you there within an hour.

There’s decent healthcare, free university if you have the grades, and plenty of more benefits for paying (the admittedly high) taxes.

And I’m saying all of this as someone who didn’t really like the Czech Republic.

That’s the real problem with the States.

When I was working in Santa Monica, making a measly $86,000 a year, I was taking only taking home $4,400/month – or $52,800 for the year.

Here’s the catch:

What did I get for that?

  • No public transit
  • No decent roads, since I needed a car, and the traffic made it near impossible to do anything outside of Santa Monica unless I wanted to spend hours in traffic
  • No healthcare
  • A crime-ridden greater Los Angeles area
  • Homeless people pissing and shitting everywhere
  • etc, etc.

Yes, there are ways around it as pointed out, but they are beyond the scope of this blog post — and stuff you generally should keep off the internet.

Taxes are not a big deal. I understand they need to be paid (though the USA’s rule of having to file and pay no matter where you live is absurd). But, to get nothing personally from those taxes should make you fucking furious — nor am I saying that Europe does it perfectly. That money is just being funneled to more and more government “programs” to prop up people less successful than you. That should make you MAD.

california women

3. “Best Girls In The World” — California Women

Here’s what I really want to talk about today.

I won’t lie, California has some really stunning girls simply because it attracts the most attractive girls from across the entire world. That’s what good weather and the allure of Hollywood will do.

Physically, yes, I’m in agreement with Marco here — California women are stunning, but I’d wager one walk down a main street in a place like Ukraine would change his mind (as in, there’s a higher quantity of hotter girls)


There is a lot more than that.

And I don’t mean that in a mush-cookie sense of things. I don’t mean “love”. Nor do I mean that your average man wants to talk economic theory on a first date in most cases. However, there are a lot of things that come out of California…most namely, Hollywood — which is responsible for much of the poison that plagues the West. The result is just a lot of vapid California women.

They’re uncultured, educated on paper (which comes with the downsides of having silly beliefs like socialism for everybody), and hot, but there’s just nothing underneath.

And that may not matter, in terms of just dating casually…it really, really doesn’t. In that case, the more vain and lacking in depth they are, almost the better — the more likely it is that they too are only interested in seksi time.


Do I buy the argument that all women in California are so “hypergamous” — as in, they’re all just chasing Hollywood/Silicon Valley fame and/or money, and will cheat on everyone and anyone to get there, as soon as the next best man comes along. I firmly believe that is not a way to go through life.


It really only takes one trip to change your mind.

You realize that the girls in California, while they’re Instagram-hot and fun to sleep around with, it really only takes going on a date with a few foreign chicks to understand the difference. There is just a different energy and radiance that comes out of them. The brash, abrasive nature that you see in the dating scene in the West is replaced by this strong respect for men — and the desire for men and women to get along, not to be at war with each other.

That said:

I have no idea who Marco is, perhaps he has travelled the world and has decided that the surfer-type California women are his personal end-all-be-all, and if so, fair play to him. I just don’t believe, personally, that is the conclusion that most men who have spent decent time abroad will come to.

Closing Thoughts on California and California Women

That’s my argument against the points Marco brings up. I had a lot to say on the topic, and generally speaking, going back and forth on social media isn’t much of a way to get anything accomplished. Plus, it pays to be polarizing as he was being here.

That said, I’ll be interested to see if he responds to this in the comments below.

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  1. Hey, Kyle,

    Only one comment – if Cali is so wonderful, why are it’s citizens moving to Texas en masse?

    1) when they arrive, they complain about the weather
    2) they complain about Texas politics
    3) they angrily (I have personally experienced this) complain about “our” conservative attitudes and beliefs, and become threatening in their manner – saying outright they will make Texas into California

    But they like:

    1) Best economy in the US, bar none, if not on the planet
    2) Great housing pricing as compared to Cali
    3) Extraordinarily low taxes
    4) Abundant natural resources
    5) Highly technical
    6) Industrial base awesome
    7) Medical and support services, world-class
    8) Attention to environmental concerns far better than reported by the press

    So, for the California women bitching about their lives and the California men who sheep for them:

    1) Don’t come to Texas – you are undesired
    2) If you are in Texas already, either join us in our success as a culture and a nation-state, be thankful for the opportunity, or go home. You are unwanted here, I assure you
    3) If you can behave well, we will accept you with open arms
    4) Quit your bitching. Be thankful for all the blessings and opportunities our state offers.

    Otherwise: go home. There will be no middle ground, and if you behave badly enough, we will throw you out.


    I will be marrying a woman from Ukraine in 2020. She is kind, polite, has awesome personal manners, is funny, a hard worker, and appreciates her life and me, as I do her. California women and to some degree, Texas women, cannot hold a candle to her personality, and internal and external beauty. She can bury an American woman in seconds with her charm, poise, and education.

    Keep up the good work, Kyle – you are RIGHT ON TARGET.


    1. Hey Keith, yeah, I know – they take all their terrible policies and beliefs and try to take it to other States and ruin those, too. Not too much different than how Western culture ruins entire European countries, tbh…

      Your comment will definitely be used as another future blog post, so keep an eye out…

    2. KV,

      In Ukraine there’s an anecdote “What do you get when you put a fresh cucumber in a jar of pickles after a week? Answer: “A jar full of pickles.” Update us on your progress once you ship your “Ukrainian Beauty” to the US…..

      1. It is a shame, Hank, that cynicism as you display here, is rampant in our world, However, I am not so blind to truths of this world that I allow reality to be seen through rose-colored glasses.

        Jealousy can also motivate people to behave in less than acceptable ways. Perhaps you’ve had one too many bad experiences with women (or men, since that seems to be popular these days as well).

        In any case, the fact is, I have a relationship now which is functional, healthy, and successful. My Julia already knows that if she behaves badly, I will jettison her like yesterday’s garbage. At the same time, I live with the same set of rules regarding my behavior. Talking openly about the standards and practices we will conduct our relationship by has served, so far, to give us a very happy and successful relationship.

        In a real sense, you have wished for my relationship to fail, and likely as a result of your own failures, whether self-inflicted, or otherwise. It is a sad testament for people everywhere that bad attitudes like you demonstrate herein are the norm, rather than cheering on a victory for someone. I do wish that you find some measure happiness, free of disappointment, cynicism, and venom which poisons you soul, as clearly has happened.

        1. Thanks, Kyle – we will likely live in Kharkiv in spring and summer, and in Texas in autumn and winter. So, I will live a life half in Ukraine for several years, if not forever. We just returned to Kharkiv today, had a great time in Montenegro, and are happy to be “home”. Julia is simply wonderful, and I am happy to know her and have her in my life. Keep up the good work.

    3. The “Californians are ruining Texas” talk is nonsense…based on feelings more than facts

      Californians who go to Texas are trying to get away from California nonsense and high taxes…not recreate it

      Trump won several counties in Texas – thanks to Californians who moved there!

      If Texans are worried about losing their state then Texans need to stop electing Globalists as Governor (Rick Perry and George W. Bush)

      1. Yeah, but they vote for the same *policies* i.e. FEEL GOOD NONSENSE…that leads to the higher taxes and whatnot eventually.

      2. As I mentioned – I have experienced with ex-Californians the bad attitudes and demands that Texas change to suit THEIR needs. My opinion is not based on emotional rhetoric or imagination.

        The fact is the Californians I meet in Texas who loved their COMPLAIN, GRIPE, and WHINE consistently about how “wonderful” California is, and how “backward” Texas ‘seems’.

        Kyle is precisely correct in his observations. Readers should pay close attention to his opinions, and adopt them.

        1. In addition, Keith, you also find that when you meet Californians even in *other countries* they still think an entire different country on a different continent ought to adopt their views…it’s mind-boggling.

          1. Well, I don’t believe Cali has the market on bad behavior. I have seen “The Ugly American” all over the world, and not by only the denizens of California.

            Americans may have a general arrogance on display, which is reprehensible and unacceptable, when traveling overseas. I don’t care for it. Leadership in any situation requires a measure of profound patience and humility.

            As Americans, we have an obligation to represent ourselves, families, friends, and country well. We are guests in a foreign land as we travel overseas. Behave well, with kindness and diplomacy, and you will be invited back.

            I’ve had a great trip to Ukraine this month, and can’t wait to return In December.

            Keep up the good work, Kyle!

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