Business Q&A and Some EPIC Rants - This Is Trouble

Business Q&A and Some EPIC Rants

In the latest episode of the show, I wreck havoc on some reader questions in addition to answering some in a reasonable fashion. This is one you’ll want to make sure you listen ’til the end…

Also mentioned in the show:

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The questions answered are…


What goes into a website?


Have you met digital nomads who actually run porn affiliate marketing sites? What do you think of it?

Besides the obvious issues, it’s supposedly one of the easier ways to make a quick $700/month if you’re just starting out… Or are those days long gone?

Not sure I’d ever want to be known as a porn site operator though. At least , you’d want to give it some thought before jumping in…


This is a prevailing thought on my mind lately.
Is it truly worth it to build a personal brand? How do you build an authentic personal brand in an instant fix society where people’s attention span is less than 2 seconds.
What happens if your aim is to educate people and be the proponent of unpopular opinions instead of get rich quick schemes, money, luxury and sex (and social justice among those things)?
I think that in today’s world if you want to be authentic and to reach and appeal to the large masses you will still have to cling to one of those aforementioned topics.

It seems like I have the answer but I try to avoid it.


Kyle, I’ve got a question you might want to answer in your webinar regarding content outsourcing for niche websites: is it a good idea to outsource 100% of content creation if you’re not a native English speaker? What are the costs? Thanx


Combining your heritage and ancestry to bring your story and monetizing that is something i thought about for a while as I’m punjabi and we’re known for spicy northern indian cuisines. I don’t come from a technical background so wasn’t sure how to monetize but I have some chips now and would like to work with you. Anyway, I’m flying to india next week for an FUE procedure and going to be visiting some fam and doing some sightseeing. Let me know if this makes sense to you.

I bring little knowledge(youtube videos and weebly/wordpress) but I’m willing to put in the work. Your dropshipping timeline was legit, I like your thought process.


Hey! I just read your tweet about the selling products at $100 vs $250 to $100 people… my question is, how do you figure a product to sell?

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