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Budapest Women: How To Get Laid In Budapest

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Budapest women are one of, if not the most beautiful out there in Eastern Europe.

In this ultimate Hungary dating guide get, we’re going to find out:

  • How the girls are in Budapest both looks and personality-wise
  • How you would be able to succeed with night game.
  • The best practices to be one top of your day game, and
  • The odds of you finding your Budapest woman online.

This applies either to those who are looking for something serious or those who are just looking for a fling. One thing’s for sure though, you are going to have a lot of FUN.

That’s one of the best things about the Budapest dating scene, and lucky for you we got you all covered! Make sure you don’t miss out on everything written on this guide. Let’s get started and see what we can find!

Budapest Women

The Puzzle of Budapest Women

There’s just something that’s different with the girls here in Budapest. In a way, they’re kind of enigmatic.

And yet like we’ve said, they’re definitely one of the most beautiful in all of Eastern Europe. Which is why once you do crack the code on the women in Budapest, it’s like finding a treasure in hidden ruins.

Hungarian Women Looks

If we’re being honest and truthful here, it’s hard to distinguish a pure and true Budapest lady. They come in various shapes and sizes. It’s definitely not like when you take about Japanese women, or Swedes, or a Spanish girl. You get the point.

This is due to the influence neighboring countries have had over the Austro-Hungarian Empire. We’re talking about the Balkans and the Czechs and the Ukrainians and the Germans and so on.

Budapest women are the exact representation of what Hungary actually is all about:


Here you will definitely find a lot of interesting mixes.

That said, the women here will definitely surprise you. They can be either tall or short, or slim or curvy. Be attracted with their dark-haired girls; but also fall in love with their blondes and their redheads…even brunettes.

You will find here a handful of 8’s to 10’s who are tall, slim and could easily pass as models. Then again you can also walk a great deal in the city without finding your ideal girl; only to be surprised with one of them suddenly walking past you.

Enigmatic. Mysterious. What more can we say about these Budapest women?

What About Their Personality?

So we’ve mentioned how the girls here in Budapest have German and Czech roots. When it comes to their personality though, the former seems to be a lot more feminine than the latter.

Budapest women tend to be shy as well as introverted. What’s good about them as well is that they seem to have a very big interest with intellectual things.

Talking about how “westernized” they are, think of it this way…they’re somewhere in the middle of the Polish and the Ukrainian kind of westernization. We know that for most of us expats this is definitely a big deal.

So why do the ladies here take pride in their intellectual abilities? We can all trace it back to their history and culture; not to mention as well the huge influence that Roman Catholicism has on them. Dozens of famous scientists and artists came from Hungary. And many of the people here, you will find that they are strong-willed and persevering in nature.

This doesn’t mean though that you will not find naughty or fun and flirty women here in Budapest. In fact, you will find a lot of bars and nightclubs here that you would definitely enjoy. Just be careful with the stereotype that foreigners here like to get drunk and party hard. You have CLASS.

Overall we do think that the girls here in Budapest take some time before their hearts warm up to you. If that does happen though, you are going to have an experience of a lifetime with them.

Budapest Nightlife

Have we ever mentioned that Budapest is a HUGE, thriving city?

Well it is and there are definitely a ton of options here for you when it comes to the nightlife scene.

If you really want to do your night game with style (and with class), then you need to get into the coolest bars and nightclubs here.

The Main District

That’s not hard to do, though. Because it’s right at the heart of the city by the main bridge. But if you think looking for the best places to enjoy nightlife here are a piece of cake, getting yourself a hot girl might not be a guaranteed cakewalk.

Here’s the thing, You will find A LOT of competition should you do night game in the center of Budapest. If you want to know who you’re going to be usually dealing with, it’s:

  • Tall and rich foreign guys who let their money do the talking.
  • Tall and hungry locals who obviously have the advantage having known the city inside and out.

Our advice is that if you want to do night game within this area, you need to bring your A-game.

Anyway, obviously we’re talking about District V being at the heart of the city. And these are the go to bars and nightclubs you should make your way into to find Budapest women:

  • Akvarium Klub
  • Instant
  • Fat Mo’s Music Pub
  • Nomuri
  • Otkert
  • Szimpla Kert
  • Tesla
  • The Box
  • Yellow

Another thing that you will fancy in this area is the high volume of female tourists.

Although this is to be expected after all since District V is in fact the center of Budapest.

It definitely increases your chances of hooking up with someone. But then again that could also mean higher competition like we’ve mentioned. It’s good if you have the money — we’d also like to bring up the fact that sex for money here is actually a thing. But if you don’t and your smoothness and confidence is all you can ever rely upon, then you need to step it up a notch in these shark-infested waters.

Another good tip would be to have the hotel you’re staying in within close proximity of District V. This definitely increases your chances of ending the night with a bang!

Other Options: Ruin Pubs

Budapest Women

If you’re not into the center clubs and prefer more of a hipster vibe, Budapest has that as well.

District VII

Just outside of District V is where you will find what people call ruin pubs and singles bars. They are very cheap, and have a lot of foreigners and tourists here. District VII holds the most of these pubs and bars and you will most likely come across more foreign European and American women here than the locals of Budapest.

When it comes to your chances on hooking up with the beautiful ladies in Budapest in these areas though there are no guarantees still. Let’s face it, the hottest women in these areas either come in groups or have boyfriends. You don’t want to mess with her either her friends or even more so her boyfriend.

It’s really a hit or miss, and it all depends on your confidence. So make sure that you do bring it.

Sziget Festival

If you’re into music, then you might want to take advantage of the Sziget festival during the summer. It’s a series of concerts that take place on the island.

Sziget Festival is very popular both with locals and tourists alike. In fact most, if not all of the foreigners book their travels to Budapest specifically within this time of the summer. This is also another good option to look into if you want to hookup with the ladies here in Budapest.

Where Can You Meet Budapest Women During The Day?

I know that we have mentioned of District V to be the best place for nightlife in Budapest, but the same can also be said when it comes to their day game as well. Fashion Street as well as Vaci Street are definitely the top two that you need to take note of here.

A Word Of Caution If You Want To Do Day Game

This is important to mention for you to be aware of how the women here might perceive you to be. We know you’re probably not one of those people (or maybe you actually are); but you can definitely be placed in that box just because that’s what the locals usually experience here.

That said you shouldn’t be surprised when one of the local Budapest women gives you a hard time (or the hard NO) when she’s approached. It’s normal that you would get reactions like this so you shouldn’t take it personally.

Let’s face it, they’ve been there and done that, nothing’s new to them no more when it comes to being approached. When you want to do day game here you need to be creative or really have a plan. Otherwise your chances of succeeding would be rather slim.

A Reminder Of How Budapest Women Are Like

As mentioned above, most of the ladies here are shy and introverted. They are cautious more than anything else. This is why a direct, straight to the point and no BS approach might not be the best of ideas. If you do that you might be automatically placed in the box that we’ve mentioned in the above section.

Most of the men that are looking for women here, their approach can be aggressive and cocksure. If your approach is still with confidence but in a nicer way, the ladies here will definitely warm up to you faster.

With this in mind, here are the best places you should definitely be checking out when it comes to day game:

  • Along the Danube River
  • Andrassy
  • Arena Plaza
  • Erzebet Square
  • Vorosmarty Square

These places should be perfect when the weather is great and cooperative. When it’s not though and you’re experiencing rain, Allee Shopping Center or West End City Center are the best alternatives.

Does Online Dating Work In Budapest?

You can try Hungarian Cupid as a way of meeting Budapest women online, but keep in mind it is a small country.

Budapest, as a major capital city, doesn’t even have two million people living in it.

So, it’s good that there are some niche options available, and you can also try sites like Tinder, too.

To get the most out of Tinder, check out “Go Date Online“, a collection of Tinder and texting examples (many from Hungary and Poland).

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