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Break Enough Hearts, And…



Reader “Peter” comments to write


First of all I got to your blog looking for a Colombian cyclist in the 80s who won stages of the Tour de France. I went on Colombian Cupid 9 years ago and found my wife. We communicated by email and text for awhile and then I went to Colombia to meet her. She turned out to be a lot of fun to be with and very good marriage material. I went down to Medellin many times after that and we became a couple. I brought her back to the States and we have been married and living here since 2012. When I went down to Colombia, I met many older gringos who were living and going down to Colombia for sex with younger women. They get into a pattern of having a girlfriend for a short period of time and then go on to the next one. They seemed like very lonely people unable to connect with a partner on a deep level.

Yes, you can go to Colombia and find poor beautiful women who are so desperate that they are willing to sleep with you in the hopes that they can find a partner. You take advantage of them. They are looking for something long term and you are just looking for vulnerable woman that you can fuck.

You are building negative karma that will come back to haunt you. You have become desensitized to other human beings and created a story in your mind why it’s ok to do what you do.”

I definitely believe in karma, on some level.

I won’t go all woo-doo-voo-doo about energy and shiz, but I definitely believe, “What goes around comes around”, in simple terms. Doesn’t need to be more complicated than that.

What’s more:

I definitely know what this guy is talking about when he says the thing about being unable to connect. I know this because, sadly, I’ve seen it and continue to see it. The more you have of something the harder it is to just pick one. Human beings have never been fully monogamous creatures but we’ve also never been able to get sex quite so easily as we are able to now. Should a man be with just one woman in his entire life? I don’t think so. But I also don’t know if it’s healthy to be with, say, 1,000 of them either. Again, I won’t judge and say exactly what you should and shouldn’t do. Everyone is free to live their own life—on their own terms, too.


There’s a middle ground.

  • We definitely can say that women shouldn’t be with too many men, because we as men are instinctively turned off by it.
  • Whereas on the flip side, women aren’t the same (they are turned on by a man who has been with many girls).

At the same time.

What goes around comes around.

Break enough hearts and it makes sense that you can’t open yours up enough.

God, that was cheesy.

But, hopefully you get what I mean.

In conclusion, as I’ve said many times, I think it’s a great idea for men to get some reps in, but eventually you reach a point where you’ve been with enough girls that it’s hard to trust…well, any of them.

My advice?

First and foremost, read my book about running a harem…it’s a got a lot more than that in it, too. Plus, unlike most other things I sell, it’s quite cheap.

Here’s where to get it.

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  1. Hey man,

    Yeah, I agree. There’s something about these cheesy sayings that last years and years. It’s all true. I know plenty of dudes who aren’t happy with the way things are going but that’s really all they know…

    Also, I’d like to positively plug the harem book in this comment because I was using it in 2016 with good results. Now I have a long-termer and am happy with her.

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