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Brazilian Girls | Everything You Possibly Need to Know

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Brazilian girls are some of the hottest on Earth, no doubt about it.

Want to land yourself one?

Maybe take your first trip to Brazil?

Read on to learn all about them…

But wait…didn’t you already do a guide on that

Yup, busted. The thing is, ever since it has been uploaded, team Trouble has gotten even more and more questions.

Hence, I’ve partnered up with some experienced Brazil travelers to pen this article about Brazilian girls.

Whether you’re one of those original readers, or you came across this article by chance, brace yourself for the completely comprehensive guide on Brazilian women.

Now that I’ve hyped my own blog enough, let’s get into it:

  • What Brazilian girls are like
  • How to impress them, seduce them, and have them beg for your attention
  • The unexpected shortcut to dating and mating Brazilian beauties
  • All of your Brazilian girl questions answered (but you’re still welcome to ask additional stuff, though)

Why Brazilian Girls Are Some Of The Best On Earth

I am a firm believer in not dating American women.

And by American women I mean the feminazis in the US. Sure, there are some great women in the West…as a whole, though, it’s much smarter for the modern dude to go and date abroad.

Brazilian nenas are the perfect example of how awesome overseas dating can be:

  1. They are hotter and thinner than your average American girl
  2. Their fun-loving nature means there’s never a dull moment
  3. It’s a family-oriented culture where people still value the old-fashioned things like marriage and kids
  4. Big bootays.

Brazilian girls are the full package.

Now all the people that have had a bad experience dating Brazilian girls will leave a hate comment, right? 

Here’s the thing…

Not every single girl is going to be a 10/10, Adriana Lima type with a PhD in neurobiology, busy social life, hot friends to have a threesome with and a strong desire to settle down with you. 

Thinking about it, you’re probably not the full package either. But the average Brazilian woman is miles above the average Western girl. They are passionate, friendly, positive, beautiful…etc, etc.

Best of all, Brazilian girls are actually very down-to-Earth. They know their worth but they’re not super full of themselves, to the point of being completely unapproachable.

To sum it up:

Meeting a Brazilian girl that is prettysmart, and approachable is easy…plus, it’s a lot of fun.

Let’s talk about how you do that:

Why Online Dating Can Be Useful

Brazilian Girls

Brazilian culture is super sociable. Surprisingly, it’s not a place where women are promiscuous. Sure, they do hook up with guys in clubs…but it’s usually their friends and they would usually wind up dating.

It’s an interesting mix of conservative values and a passionate Latino nature.

Where do you fit in all of that? 

Well, for starters, it’s not very likely that you speak Portuguese. If you want to pick up girls on the street or in a bar, they wouldn’t speak English. Depending on the area where you try it, it might also be dangerous – you’d be attracting attention as a foreigner and street crime is still very prevalent in Brazil.

The entire game changes for you if you’re fluent in the language. Brazil as a whole doesn’t have a high level of English speakers. No surprises there, it’s not a particularly educated country (though the people that are educated are extremely intelligent and often speak multiple languages on top of English and Portuguese).

The average guy reading this article does not speak Portuguese. 

That’s fine, you don’t need it if you make friends with online dating. Niche dating sites like Brazil Cupid are the perfect place to meet Brazilian girls who are actually looking for foreigners. Since the women are already seeking an international relationship, your chances of having a common language go way up!

But Aren’t The Best Brazilian Girls On Copacabana?

First of all, Copacabana is overrated. I much preferred Ipanema (even though the caipirinhas were cheaper on Copacabana)!

That’s not what you’re asking with this one, though. Let me break that bubble for ya:

Even whale-sized Brazilian girl “show off” their ass on the beach. 

Brazilian culture is super free. People love themselves and couldn’t care less about what you think.

However, this comes with a tiny side effect:

The beach babes are not all that they’re hyped up to be.

A little side note but:

Yes, It’s True They All Have Big Butts, Here’s How…

Even incredibly skinny girls have those huge, round, toned asses.

Maybe it’s genetics…

But, thinking about it, Brazil is so huge and people come from so many different backgrounds. The chances of their genes combining to create this one specific trait (while all other outer appearance things vary)? They’re practically zero.

And this is where plastic surgery comes in. What is impossible to nature, doctors can do for you. In Brazil, you can even pay for your cosmetic surgery in small monthly sums. This way, it won’t be a strain on your budget and you can have the big round butt that everyone and their mom has in Brazil.

I’m not sure why this section had to make it to the final article. It’s one of the most common questions we get.

“Is it true that all the girls have amazing butts?”

I guess it makes sense that people ask – they won’t know until they ask or go to Brazil themselves.

But the point is:

Why is the butt so damn important to you? 

But don’t expect them to be real, at least not all of the Brazilian booties you see. To answer the question once and for all:

  1. Yesall Brazilian girls (ok, I guess “most” is more accurate here) have great butts.
  2. Some of them are fake and depending on how good the doctor was, you might not even know about it.

Now that we have this out of our way, let’s talk about:

brazilian girls

Online Dating In Brazil

Yup, we’re going back because I didn’t cover everything you need to know. First order of business:


Tinder works great in Brazil. People like it and there is hardly any social stigma around using it.

Safety-wise, Tinder might not be your best bet. There have been some scary stories about tourists who just went on Tinder for some fun…and it ended up uglier than they ever imagined. Often times it’s Western females that end up being the victims of a crime, but I also know plenty of male travelers who have been drugged and robbed throughout Latin America.

For the most part, Tinder is a local-only zone. It’s good for one-night stands and it also works for finding a girlfriend. If language is not a barrier for you, start using it right now! There are some unbelievable girls on there (still be smart about it, though, don’t get kidnapped or something)!

Niche Dating Sites

Niche dating sites are platforms that only aim to connect certain types of people. For Brazilian girls who seek an international romance – Brazil Cupid is a niche dating site.

Sure, you can use it as an Asian-American woman, seeking a Dungeons and Dragons loving partner in your area…but that would have limited success.

Bottom line:

Brazilian Women + Western Guys = Brazil Cupid

It works the other way round, too.

In my experience, however, there are very few Western women and Brazilian men that sign up for the service. Why? Western girls need to just open the app and they’ll still be flooded with requests – the thirst is real.

On niche sites, you will find people who are actively looking for somebody like you.

Generic dating sites and apps work for meeting Brazilian girls.

As a Western dude, however, you’re far more likely to have success on a niche site because the odds work in your favour.

Brazil Is HUGE: Where To Look?

Brazilian Girls

If you’ve never been to Brazil before, you’ll be shocked at the diversity. I’m not just saying that because diversity is a buzzword. In Brazil, you will have plenty of choice and not all of the girls will fit that ‘exotic beauty’ stereotype that we have of them.

There are blonde and blue-eyed Brazilian nenas, as much as there are curvy chocolate-coloured ones.

The women will also vary depending on where you go. Understanding the regions and states of Brazil is essential. It’s hard to imagine how huge Brazil is. The states are bigger that most European countries…

You have the South which is wealthier and whiter and the North where rich Brazilians go to vacation and where all of the exotic girls are. This is a sweeping generalization, duh.

For instance, Porto Alegre, one of the Southernmost cities in Brazil is known to be impoverished and quite dangerous for visitors.

Safety in Brazil is a whole other topic, but your takeaway should be…

Every city for itself.

Two of the most popular ones in the South are Sao Paulo and Rio de Janeiro.

Rio should be on top of your priority list, even if it’s a bit cliché at this point. It’s a gorgeous place, and you can meet Brazilian girls from all over. As a bonus, the whole place has a great laid-back vibe with tons of beach parties and samba babes.

As a downside, Rio is definitely the less safe option. So much so, in fact, that some Brazilians would avoid it altogether.

For Rio de Janeiro and Sao Paulo’s safer cousin, try São José dos Campos. It’s halfway between the two cities and a leading economic centre in Brazil. People are wealthier, the neighbourhoods are safer, and the parties is just as amazing as anywhere in Brazil. The only downside is there is no beach.

But, if it’s the beach that you want:

The Northeast + Floripa

These are the two vacation hotspots for Brazilians. The Northeast, though it’s poor, underdeveloped, and has some severe safety issues, is booming with tourists. The beaches, they say, are better than the Caribbean. Besides, food from the Northeast region is known throughout Brazil to be the best their cuisine has to offer.

The Northeast is a bit of a paradox.

Yes, some of the country’s least developed and most crime-infested places are here. Somehow, though, they co-exist with lavish resorts and places for families. The Northeast is gorgeous – the nature and beaches are truly breathtaking. Most tourists never get to experience the day-to-day struggle against poverty.

So should you go there?

Sure, but on two conditions:

  1. Be smart. The resorts and beaches are not unsafe per se but you still have to be mindful of your surroundings.
  2. Look for other visitors. The Northeast is where all the Brazilians go on vacation. Thus, you are more likely to have success with Brazilian girls that are tourists than you do with the locals. Why? Because just about 0.0001% the true locals speak English. If you’re not a pro at Portuguese, it’s best to stick to beach babes from other parts of the country.

Your second beachy option is a no-brainer.

With over 40 different beaches, Florianopolis is the vacation and party capital of Brazil. Sure, all the foreigners flock to Rio (it’s on everyone’s bucket list for a reason) but Floripa is where all the Brazilians are at. It’s decidedly more ‘civilized’ than the Northeast, with safer streets, and calmer vibes (that last one depends on where you go though, there are some awesome party places)

If you want to date Brazilian girls in Floripa, look no further than the 1007 club or one of the many beaches.

Careful with the gay bars, though. Florianopolis is the LGBTQ+ capital of Brazil and gay clubs are not labelled as such. I’m not saying it’s not going to be fun but you’re not likely to meet any Brazilian girls there…

brazilian women

Being Gringo Is Not Enough

This is such a pet peeve for me. Guys who expect the girls (anywhere in the world) to throw themselves at their feet simply because they’re foreign.

News flash: You will be leaving sad and blue-balled (or scammed) if that is your attitude. 

In Brazil, women are direct and fiery.

They’re much more independent than they get the credit for.

If you expect them to beg for a gringo’s attention, you’re not looking at the right girls.

The highest value Brazilian girls are the ones that are hard-to-get.

But there is a way to cheat the system…and it is without cheating the system. Seriously, all the lines and games that you might be used to – they are completely unnecessary in Brazil. The perfect seduction has just two key components:

  • Initial attraction
  • Playful persistence

You walk into a club in Brazil. Look around. Are there any girls you like? Have them catch you looking at them. What is their reaction? Pick the girl that seems to be most interested.

And yes, you can tell all of that from a single look. Try learning some body language if you’re confused, but humans are naturals at this. Subconsciously, you know how attracted the girl is. If it takes you some time to get in tune with that natural understanding, so be it. In Brazil, it’s not hard to read non-verbal cues.

Next step, the playful persistence.

Approach the girl who shows the most promise. Don’t be afraid of rejection…because you’ll likely get rejected at first. All the best Brazilian girls like to play hard-to-get. It’s all play, just keep at it. You can learn a lot from local dudes – they never let go.

Brazilian Girls: Use This Weird Trick

Brazilian Girls

Brazilian girls are a contradiction.

They are super liberated and fun-loving…but they also want a family and a steady home.

And this is where it gets hard for daters in Brazil:

How do you get great chemistry + commitment potential as a Brazilian woman?

Foreign men are a nice alternative for Brazilian girls. Even though you won’t get all the women just for being a gringo, it will definitely help. From there on, you want to hit the sweet spot between sexy and maybe a little beta.

For instance, you could take her on a sexy first date like samba but direct the conversation in a more “innocent” direction. Build sexual tension and retract it, build it and retract it, that is where it’s at. I’m not saying to babble on about your grandma mid-makeout but to keep her on edge, instead of pushing for physical contact/sex as the locals do.

With this little technique you will keep her curious and excited without seeming like a complete jerk, because…

Being Cocky Won’t Get You Anywhere

In the West, a bit of teasing helps. As a guy you can almost play hard-to-get, just to keep things interesting. Western girls crave validation. Giving them some validation and then taking it away for a bit is one of the easiest ways into their heart/bedroom.

Not so much so in Brazil.

The women here are far more straightforward and dare-I-say confident. Your games will not impress them anywhere near as much as in the States. Being stoically confident will.. Keeping your cool, giving back-handed compliments and generally acting dick-ish will put them off. Instead, focus on the connection and keep it light.

Dating Latinas can be one of the most fun and easiest experiences if you just let it be.

Dealing With Jealousy

Yup, this is a major concern. Time after time, I hear questions like:

“But wouldn’t she murder me for as much as liking another girl’s Instagram?”

And the answer is:

She might.

The best way to handle jealousy and general crazy behaviour is to not put up with it. A lot of Brazilian girls are like this because they’ve had some bad experiences in the past. They’ve either been cheated on or grown up in an environment where they felt powerless. Remember, Brazil is still very traditional. Women who are repressed sometimes get aggressive and crazy as a response.

Imagine her ex used to cheat all the time and then gaslight her (that’s when a manipulator diminishes or invalidates the other person’s feelings) when she protested. For some women, the reaction is to make their words louder and louder. She just wants to be heard.

The thing is…you’re probably not one of those guys. You deserve respect in the relationship and that includes respecting boundaries and personal space. It’s not ok for her to look through your phone or accuse you of cheating for having female friends.

Unhealthy relationships will only bring you down.

So how do you date a fiery Latina without becoming a victim to her anger?

People treat you the way that you teach them to treat you.

Do not accept such behaviour.

Don’t explain yourself, don’t make scenes, just make it clear that:

  1. She has nothing to worry about
  2. It’s not ok to cross lines

Obviously, the other aspect of this is not cheating.

It’s stupid – if you’re going to try to meet other girls, why date this one in the first place. Just by being honest and reliable you can win over some of the best Brazilian girls out there. They have simply not met a lot of men with integrity – and that means major bonus points for you.

Brazilian Girls: In Conclusion

Yes, they have the best butts in the world.

Nope, dating them will not be smooth sailing. Play your cards right, though, and Brazilian girls are not just sexy beach babes – one of them might just become something more.

Let me know if this article answered your questions or if you have any additional things you’d like me to touch on.

Good luck!

PS: If you’re heading to Brazil, make sure you set up some dates beforehand. The best site to do so is here.

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