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Dating Bolivian Women: The Gringo Must-Know



Bolivian women are on another level. They are beautiful, they know how to take care of themselves, and:

They are the undiscovered treasure of South America. 

You see, Brazilians are world-famous for their milk skin and sultry samba dance skills. Argentinians might be more girl-next-door type but they also get the sexy kitten reputation. But Bolivia? It gets skipped over.

Read on to find out:

  • How Bolivian girls manage to keep up their good looks,
  • Why you should never ask them to split the bill…
  • … but always ask for a delicious home-cooked meal.
  • And why Bolivian women make the best girlfriends you can imagine!

Bolivian Girls Are Underrated

A quick Google search confirms what I already knew. Unlike Brazilians, Argentinians, or even Peru girls, not many Western men look into dating Bolivian women.

There are some online dating sites that could help you but, in general, Bolivians are way under the radar when it comes to international dating.

Bolivian Women

But here is the thing:

Getting a Bolivian girlfriend is actually a perfect option for a Western/North American guy. 


Because they speak English!

You might not think of this as a big advantage but think twice. Bolivian women, at least the ones from bigger cities, are well educated and they speak very decent English. Of course, it also helps that they are beautiful and caring but the lack of language barrier is a huge perk.

Rural Vs City Girls

If you are looking to date Bolivian women, you should never focus on rural chicks. The country is very poor and very underdeveloped. While middle and upper middle class families in the cities are doing just fine, educating their daughters, raising them to be independent (and, you know, not gold-diggers), the majority of the population lives in horrible conditions.

Girls are eager to marry a foreigner just to get out. Of course, this is a recipe for disaster.

Rural girls may be better equipped for the traditional wifey role but they’re not worth the gold-digger risk.

If you want to know just how bad the situation is in some areas:

According to a recent census, 59% of the population lives in poverty. 24.4% live in extreme poverty.

And yes, we have all been poor in college. But some Bolivian families are so poor they can’t afford basic necessities. Housing, clean water, and enough food to keep their children healthy may seem like a no-brainer to you. The truth is, however, most Bolivians struggle to provide even that.

Don’t Play The Saviour

You might be thinking now:

Oh, this is perfect. I can just meet some poor but beautiful and loyal girl. I’ll help her out of her horrible conditions and she will give me unconditional love and care.  

Sometimes this is how it works. Usually, though, poverty is also linked to crime and marriages based on money tend to fall apart even faster than others.

The Saviour Complex is never good – not in business, and not in dating. The cliché of “you’ve got to take care of yourself first” applies 100% here.

As cynical as it may be:

  1. When you enter a victim-saviour relationship, it’s usually because it makes you feel great about yourself. Most people who do have an underlying belief that they’re better.
  2. “Saving” somebody sounds great on paper. In reality, many Bolivian women are better off not “saved”. If they only look to exploit your weakness for pretty faces and sob stories, you are in for a rough ride. Sadly, many of them are.

And if this was not enough, there are plenty of reasons not to mess with poor neighbourhoods in the first place. Not the least of these reasons is:

You might die. 

People get kidnapped in Bolivia. Rape is common. Robbery, including armed robberies, are common. Even their president, Bolivians say, is a drug dealer. It’s best to stick to safe areas and date the girls who see you as more than a wallet.

NEVER Do This In Bolivia

I know I just told you to seek out smart and independent girls. However, this does not mean you can ask to split the bill. Going Dutch may be getting more and more popular in the US. In Bolivia, however, it is a huge deal-breaker.

Bolivian women, even those who can perfectly well pay for themselves, would never keep a boyfriend that doesn’t pick up the tag.

It is very common for boyfriends to drive their girl around, to buy her clothes, and, yes, to always pay the bill.

Bolivian women are very used to machismo culture. They don’t love it, au contraire actually, but they expect it. As one Bolivian gal said:

Why would I even offer to split the bill. My boyfriend would only get mad. 

You can’t compete with Bolivian guys in many other aspects. When it comes to this, though, just follow their lead. Bolivia is, in fact, very cheap so a couple of fancy dinner dates would not get you broke.

Bolivian Women: Looks, Fashion, And Beauty Secrets

Bolivian girls are naturally pretty. Most of them are mixed race, with a slightly more tanned complexion (but not black by any stretch of the imagination), and a very nice, curvy body shape.

Unlike other Latinas that I’ve met, Bolivian girls are very self-conscious about body shape. The ideal shape in Bolivia is curvy, with a thicker bottom. You will see some stunning hourglass-shaped girls as well.

Big butts are all the rage here. You should see how these girls dance in the club! But more petite and skinnier types get significantly less attention. If this happens to be what you like, you are in luck. These girls are a lot more self-conscious and humble. They are easier to win over because they don’t usually recieve a lot of positive comments about their bodies.

And, petite or not, almost all Bolivian girls have some butt so you will be fine in that regard as well.

But behind those curves are not heaps of fried food. It is actually long hours at the gym. I was so surprised when I first met Bolivian girls. They would not break their workout regimen for any reason. Even on vacation, they would still go running, choose the healthiest, least calorie-dense options, and constantly mention how they want to stay in shape.

Since Bolivian girls are so health-conscious, it is not surprising they have a natural glow to them. Even though they are also quite glamorous, Bolivians are pretty with or without makeup.

But speaking of makeup:

Never Wear A White Shirt Around Your Bolivian Girlfriend

I am not easily shocked by makeup. Why would I be, it’s not like Latinas are super subtle about it. Bolivian women, however, can take it to a new extreme.

Even in the most casual, day-to-day situations, they never go out without some foundation, some mascara, a nice lipstick… It goes on and on. And if you plan on hugging her, leave the white shirts for your man-only nights out. Foundation rubs off easier than you can imagine and it is NOT easy to wash off.

On the plus side, Bolivian women always look presentable. You will have to work hard to keep up with them. Don’t assume you can wear crocks or not take perfect care of your face care. Bolivians put a great emphasis on personal grooming.

Fashion Sense (And Why Your Kids Will Dress Better Than You)

Much like with makeup, Bolivian chicks also like to go all out on clothes. They love shopping and they love showing off their new stuff. Of course, this only applies to middle class and up in the cities. Below that (where rural women live), it’s not that easy to afford clothes, any clothes.

Bolivians have a surprisingly balanced sense of style. They dress up a lot and it’s often quite revealing. In my experience, though, it never looks vulgar. It may be because this is still a quite religious and conservative country. Even though girls enjoy showing off their curves, they were also raised with a sense of modesty.

And if you decide to marry a Bolivian chica, you will find your own children dressing better than you do. Bolivian moms are usually younger and very social media obsessed. This applies to unmarried girls as well, of course. Either way, expect her to shop for the little ones even more than she shops for herself.

All the outfit pictures then get posted to Instagram with captions like “Mi princesita” and “Madre es un verbo. Es algo que haces, no algo que eres.” If you are wondering, yes, these are the sort of cliché quote captions you see on most Bolivian women’s Instagrams. Don’t judge them, it’s very common.

Bolivian Women

The Selfie Culture Of Bolivia

Most Bolivian women are Instagram-obsessed. They love to take plenty of pictures, their stories are always updated, and they have thousands of followers each. Your social media info is one of the first things they asked.

While it is all fun and games at first, you will soon realise how much hard work goes into an average girl’s Instagram posts. To be honest, Bolivian guys can be just as superficial. They post millions of selfies and use the doggie filter completely unironically.

But girls are, once again, on another level when it comes to selfies. Mirror selfies, selfies on the bus, selfies on the job, selfies during date night… That last one is about to become your worst nightmare.

You may think you look nice in all of the pictures. She doesn’t think so about herself. Bolivian women take millions of shots to just post one. Even something as casual as an Insta story can take half an hour (if not more) to post. As her boyfriend, you are expected to appear in a lot of social media posts. Kiss a big chunk of your free time goodbye as she takes the millionth selfie…

No, not this one, her “jawline looks weird” in this one as well. It’s a struggle!

Bolivian Women In Bed

Sorry if this is slightly TMI. But hey, a lot of guys ask and I deliver. Bolivian women in bed…

Well, the first thing you have to consider is transportation. Let me explain:

Many Bolivian girls still live with their parents. Almost everyone drives here. But not everyone has a car. If they don’t let her take the family vehicle on nights out, she might not have the freedom she wants. Bolivian parents are very conservative about letting their daughters sleep over at a guy’s house.

If she can drive herself, it’s fine, she does not have to explain where she’s going and with whom. If she doesn’t have access to a car, however:

  • You either pick her up,
  • or her parents drive her.

The latter is not likely. Remember how I told you that Bolivian boyfriends drive their girlfriends around? Yeah, her parents will expect it.

What they will not expect, however, is overnight stays at your hotel, rental, or apartment. Bolivian sex life can sometimes send you right back to the high school of sneaking around.

When it comes right down to it, though, Bolivian women are usually amazing. It may be because of their healthy and active lifestyle, or maybe it’s because spicy food is an aphrodisiac. Either way, you will be surprised at how fun Bolivian girls are in bed, even if they don’t have heaps of experience.

Giving Vs Receiving

This sounds vaguely sexual (and it can apply to that as well). But my point is completely different.

People in Bolivia can sometimes seem downright selfish. They are friendly but they do take care of themselves first. It’s weird, especially if you come from a place where everyone tries to look like they care.

Doesn’t sound too clear?

Well, think of it this way. Bolivian women are simply not two-faced. They care about those that they love and they care about themselves. I think it’s a very healthy outlook on life, to be honest.

Bolivian people, in general, are very relaxed about life. They know how important it is to enjoy the moment and they won’t stress out over pleasing you. When it comes to sex life, this is better, because it means no “I feel obliged to do it” and a lot of “I actually want to do this with you”, which always more fun!

As for day-to-day interactions, you would be surprised at how no-BS everybody is. You don’t have to pretend like you did not expect a third-world country. I did that a lot at first, saying things like “It always looks worse on the outside.” and “Life here isn’t really that different from my own country”. Those are lies.

Bolivian people and girls especially would never tell a lie just to make you feel good. They are honest but they’re also super positive so it balances out just fine.

Drugs In Bolivia

There is no sugar coating this:

The illegal drug industry is booming in Bolivia. 

People would travel there just to try cocaine. And if that is something that interests you, there is no better place on the planet. Even the highest quality stuff is so cheap that it’s practically free.

I am not encouraging you to do coke or any other drug. It’s not particularly safe to do that, especially in another country (that is famous for the high crime rates).

But you have to go in prepared. People here don’t drink as much. A beer or two and they are “drunk”. But they do drugs and it’s very common, almost normal.

The first Bolivian girl I met was telling me about her experience with LSD within three hours of knowing her. To be honest, I am not against it (it’s the kind of thing I want to try at least once) so it wasn’t a shock to me that she did it. What was shocking is how comfortable everybody is with drugs.

You can find them everywhere, buy them for cheap, and all but do a line at the club. The only thing harder to come by are IV drugs but that is 100% NOT something you want to get into. So don’t. If you’re curious about any other stuff, though, Bolivia offers plenty and at the world’s lowest prices.

The Party Scene (A.K.A. The World Of Reggaeton)

Many Bolivian women like to dance bachata or other traditional dances. Those are amazing. They look beautiful and they are so hot. But if you’re not a pro at neither bachata nor salsa, you are in luck.

Most of the Bolivian nightlife is actually about reggaeton. You know, that fun little genre that gave us “Despacito”. In Bolivia, it’s the kind of music that people love to hate. It’s fun, it makes you move, and you don’t have to be a dancing pro to enjoy it.

Reggaeton is also the perfect music to grind to. Be prepared to do lots of it. Night game in Bolivia is not about talking. She probably can’t hear you in the club anyway. The parties are for dancing – grab a drink and get over that “guy who stands in the corner and never dances” complex. This sort of thing simply won’t go in Bolivia.

The Kind Of Guy All Bolivians Want

The standard for a “hot guy” is very different in South America. They like more body hair and more hair in general. Your perfect example is Maluma. In fact, all of the Bolivian women I asked gave him as an example of their perfect guy.

He is cute, he has style, he’s very talanted…

Yeah, if you did not know it, Maluma is a reggaeton singer. He is blowing up throughout Latin America and establishing himself as the ultimate sex symbol.

If you don’t look like Maluma, this is still fine. Not everyone can be an international superstar and start their songs with “Pretty boy, baby”. Bolivian women also want:

  • The kind of guy who would take care of them,
  • the man who makes them feel safe and protected,
  • a dude that will respect her but still take the lead.

At the same time, if Bolivian girls like you, they are not afraid to ask you out. As one of them once told me:

Men are stupid and they don’t know what they want. If you talk to a guy for a while and he doesn’t ask you out, it’s your fault. I always ask them out first just because otherwise they would drag the thing out for months. 

As “macho” as Bolivian men may think they are, they don’t always have their shit together when it comes to dating. As mentioned above, Bolivian girls are very much non-BS. If you are taking too long, expect a nudge in the right direction. And it will not be just a subtle one.

Why Bolivian Women Make The Best Girlfriends

Even though international dating is hard, dating Bolivians is an amazing experience. Cultural differences don’t stand a chance at how cool most Bolivian girls are. Let’s look at the comprehensive list of reasons why they are the best:

  • Bolivian girls are beautiful. They take care of themselves from the inside out and you can really tell.
  • Bolivians aren’t afraid of dressing up for you. Even in a long-term relationship they rarely “let themselves go”. In fact, some even start looking prettier once they have a boyfriend to impress.
  • They may not be all in at first, but once a Bolivian girl is with you, she is fiercely loyal. You need not worry about any infidelity (and you should never ever cheat either!)
  • Bolivian women cook amazingly. It may be a superficial thing to say but it’s a huge perk. They are also very caring and nurturing.
  • Last but definitely not least, Bolivians are great in bed. Just an FYI, careful with the parents, the sexual revolution was never a thing in Bolivia.

All in all, Bolivian women are unfairly overlooked. Date one and come back to hype them up. I’d love to hear your thoughts and experiences in the comments down below…

PS: Try to meet Bolivian women online here.

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