Boeing’s 737-Max and Business Questions (Trouble #060) - This Is Trouble

Boeing’s 737-Max and Business Questions (Trouble #060)

In this episode, I discuss the recent Ethiopian Airlines crash (and whether you should be flying on Boeing’s 737-Max), and answer each and every question I’ve received on Instagram in the past few days.

I also discuss the upcoming podcast schedule in light of my recent travels.

Side note: I was considering just putting all business stuff on, but I’m still on the fence about this if Thrive Themes can release a killer theme builder that allows me to organize this site a little bit better…

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TDT 060: Back To Business Questions

[Editor's note: The transcript only includes the business questions and skips over the Boeing issue.]

Let’s jump in to these questions. I’m going to be continuing to do more of this stuff on Instagram because I enjoy it and Instagram I’ve noticed…I don’t know, I don’t spend as much time on Instagram as Twitter and I’m trying to curb my Twitter time and curb my social media time in general because I’m quite a bit more productive when I don’t have it.

So, follow me on Instagram; I’ll be doing more of these in the coming days and I will probably---this is going to be the only thing I’m using really while I’m on my trip. I’m gonna do a little bit of Instagram but I won’t be doing daily emails and the podcast will not be happening after Friday (at least for a couple of weeks); and…yeah, no Twitter. I’m going dark man. I’m going off the grid---I’m gonna actually take a nice little vacation here. I need it; I’m feeling the burnout.

But after I return, I’m gonna be starting a new business podcast actually with my business partner---we’re running an agency actually. We’re doing live events, webinars, some copy landing pages as well as product creation---and that’s the guy I’ve been working on with webinars for the last half year; so we’ve got a new company we’re actually going to be starting up and we’re going to do a specific business podcast we’re running a couple of times a week and co-host it.

But, that’s not the point of today. The point of today is these business questions on Instagram---so let’s dive in.

The biggest mistake that people make with niche sites?

Honestly, the biggest mistake is that people like to over-complicate it. So more than anything, it’s simply a content site. It’s a blog---you know, we used to call them blogs. So it’s a blog that has content and the goal is for that content to sell somebody else’s product because it’s incredibly difficult to create your own product---whether it’s digital (I mean obviously creating a physical product is even harder); but you know, creating your own first digital e-book or course or whatever it might be, it’s still a ton of work---there’s no way around that.

So, that is the main thing is people like to over-complicate it; and I was actually just helping a friend who runs a service-based business here in Ukraine with some of his SEO---that’s Search Engine Optimization for those of you not in the loop; and he just wanted to make it so complicated like he had this whole flowchart, these whole graphs of every page on his site and what it should be; and I was just like

“Dude, just chill. You don’t need to do all this. Just write good content that is search-engine friendly and post it---it is that simple."

Don’t over-complicate it.

Next question: can you play the Instagram game without inflating your own ego while doing so? 

Honestly, if you’re gonna build a following in the Internet, it’s always gonna kinda get into your ego; some people (especially young people I would say) definitely take in a little bit more and I would say that I probably was that same way when I first started my blog when I was 21 and started getting some traffic and started getting some attention---yeah it absolutely goes to your ego.

You know, but that’s like the modern world we live in. It’s we live in this world where everybody needs attention all the time and very few people---everyone wants to be famous on some level…that’s just the truth (especially young people); you know, older people maybe not but…I don’t know, I’m kind of all halfway in this, like I like what I have, I like that I’ve been recognized a few times on the street and in airports but, I don’t think I’d wanna be too much more famous than what I already am.

I certainly would never want to be like A or B-list celebrity famous---absolutely not.

Let’s see…how to be interesting when talking to girls without trying to be funny or make her laugh?

Honestly, the easiest way to be successful with girls and be entertaining without being a clown is to live an interesting life and honestly, I know that’s a very very simple answer; but I do believe that is the truth.

Next question: how to develop the mindset of loving what you do instead of doing what you must? 

Honestly, most people will not love what they do; and that’s kinda what men do is we provide, we protect, we do what we need to do…you know, if in the event of a family or wife or kids of whatever, you always just need to what you have to so that you can have food on the table and a warm bed and a roof over the head---it’s like, most people in their life are not fortunate enough to be able to do what they actually want to do.

Now, there is a distinct difference though when you are the boss. It helps that you like what you do---like I really like what I do. I like creating the content. I like most of what goes into my day to day job; but depending on what the business is, even if you’re a plumber running your own business, at least you have the flexibility. You can say no to people you don’t wanna work with. You can set your own schedule; so there’s always an element of freedom that is huge for a man I think and that really helps out---that can really help your overall health, your overall mindset…that’s a very good thing is to have that freedom of your own business---even if you’re not necessarily passionate about what that item is. Just having the freedom is important.

You know, and I’m very fortunate I have the olive oil company and I---now, I really like olive oil; it’s very interesting to me. But, if I was selling say dirt, would I be as passionate about dirt? No, but I’d be passionate about the money behind selling dirt and…you know, the freedom of it.

So that’s just it. Freedom is more important than what you actually do because freedom---I mean, that’s the differentiator, really, it’s that. It’s not the product, it’s not what you do, it’s the freedom. That’s the big one. And it helps, again, if you like what you actually do behind the freedom; but the freedom is more important.

Alright, so what was next…how do you retain key team members? 

I’m a pretty easy-going guy---and actually, the other part of that question was apart from competitive pay. So, I’m pretty easy-going; like I like that freedom that I was just talking about in the last question. I like setting my own schedule, I like not having any real deadlines---I like that.

I have passed that on to my employees. So my staff writer for example, she gets her articles at the beginning of the month, she turns them in at the end of the month. I don’t care when she does ‘em as long as they’re done at the end of the month---that’s it.

The VA, my virtual assistant from the Philippines has a similar schedule---she does work a full 40 hours a week for me; but she gets to start whenever she wants and I really don’t care what time of the day she does it as long as she finishes the tasks at the end of the day---that’s really it. So I passed that on---and again, she can take an hour lunch or two hour lunch, she has freedom to take appointments as she needs; as long as the work gets done, I don’t really care…

And then I’m also just pretty flexible, you know. They get time off---like for example, I’m taking this vacation to Thailand, I’ve just told my VA I’m giving you a chunk of tasks, finish ‘em when you want as long as they’re done when I’m back. I don’t care if it only takes you 5 days and you take the rest of the time off---doesn’t bother me in any way whatsoever.

So I think that’s what has allowed me to have pretty successful relationship with my writer over 2 years now and then my VA has been with me for almost---I think it’s about a year now actually. So I think that’s what has helped me at least; and I think a lot of people do struggle with this (with online business) and part of it is just being cheap. A lot of people are way too cheap with when it comes to hiring and they don’t wanna pay $400 a month for a salary. They wanna pay $350; and it’s like well, if you start nickle and diming over 50 bucks, what are you expecting to get out of that relationship?

So that’s my honest thoughts on it. Pay them well, be fair to them, be understanding. Give them the same flexibility if you have it. Don’t be a dictator; and I think most people will do okay if they do that.

Alright, next question…is there a straightforward formula to building a successful niche product---and actually, this is multipart question; and it’s going out in the daily email today. 

So if you’re on my email list, you might wanna read that too for a condensed version.

But, basically this person asks like, is there a straightforward formula; and then they ask the next day---let’s see what was it---is it possible to build a woolen clothing brand entirely online; and then when I said “Of course it’s possible but I don’t know how,” they came with a smartass question of “Don’t you know a formula to make a niche business?”

So here’s the thing, there’s no formula---there’s no perfect formula for anything. Like with niche sites---which is what I was talking about in the very first question of this---with niche sites, you have so many different niches that the general formula with writing the content and doing SEO…there is a formula---and I don’t mind giving that formula away because there’s so many niches out there---there’s so many different ideas that I have, that I know are out there, that I’m not really too worried about giving away that formula.

The being said, if I was building a clothing brand (and I had a really good formula that I could replicate to other markets within that industry), I sure as hell wouldn’t be giving that away. So that’s just…it’s a dumb question honestly; it’s like “Don’t you know…” it’s very passive aggressive this question I got; I don’t know why they were like that but…there’s no perfect formula. There’s not.

As far as building a woolen clothing brand online, of course it’s possible. There’s plenty of them out there. Obviously it’s completely possible.

Do I know the exact formula to do so? No. I would say---you know, as much as I despise that you’re probably better off starting with dropshipping before you invest thousands and thousands of dollars into inventory or something of the sort…but that’s just my humble humble opinion and you can take from it what you want. I just wouldn’t.

And then if you wanna get into actual clothing, warehousing, production, manufacturing, shipping, customer service…that is a lot of different moving parts; and it’s highly unlikely that that just can be put into a formula. It’s that simple, it cannot be put into a formula and it’s unrealistic to think that it could be.

Alright, next question: would you consider Vietnam as an expat location? 

I don’t know because I haven’t been to Vietnam. I have a couple of friends that live there. They quite like it. They think it’s up and coming…it’s Southeast Asia though, so it’s gonna be similar to other countries around there.

I will maybe have some more insights after my trip to Thailand. I don’t think I would ever do it because I don’t really like the heat; but…it’s up and coming, we’ll put it that way. I have a lot of friends who really really like it.

Next question: should I go for my female boss knowing that she has a crush on me? 

Never. Never shit where you lay.

Next question: does your niche site course work for people outside of the US? 

It does, but you need to be approved for various affiliate programs and that may make it more difficult.

Next question (also about niche sites): what do you think of Amazon Affiliate?

I think it’s a shaky way to build a business---I really do. Amazon is very---it’s a politically correct company and they have all sorts of rules, all sorts of regulations---I’ve been through this; like my website is banned on Facebook now, you know, for example. I can’t run Facebook ads to my dating products.

You don’t want to be at the mercy of those kind of companies. They…they don’t care and you can’t get a hold of anyone if you need help.

Let’s see…yeah, that’s it. I think I got through it all---oh yeah, last question: what is better for an expat to move to for 6 months (Prague or Kiev) in regards to women? 

If you have the patience, go to Ukraine, go to Kiev. Prague is more western-friendly, there will be more foreign girls from around the world. It’ll be probably be a little bit easier; but as far as just sheer quality, I think you’re probably better off with Ukraine.

(See video below, too.)

Alright, that is going to wrap up this episode of The Daily Trouble. I got through most of those questions. Follow me on Instagram. I’ll do more of those in the future---I enjoy doing them; and other than that, thanks for tuning in as always. Make sure you rate, review and subscribe to the show on iTunes. I am off to get some lunch and to go to my Russian lesson (we’ll see how that goes) and otherwise, check in tomorrow for the next episode and again, there will not be any episodes past this Friday while I’m on my vacation; but make sure you rate, review and subscribe and I shall see you tomorrow.

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