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Blue Snowball Review: The Ultimate Beginner’s Microphone



This is a Blue Snowball Review – one of the best starter microphones on the market.

I use this microphone to produce all of the tracks on Troublesome Radio, as well as my YouTube videos. I’ve had it for close to a year now and have always used it for various guitar recordings. It’s certainly no studio microphone that I’d use to record a demo CD, but it gets the job done just fine in the majority of cases.

So before I dive into more technical details, I might as well share this.

Blue Snowball Review: Audio Demo

The below Blue Snowball review video has both basic audio recordings (how I would normally talk for the podcast), as well as a guitar demo of an instrumental arrangement of Blackbird I put together in Double Drop D tuning. Excuse the shitty playing!

For those curious, Double Drop D tuning is (sixth string to one) DADGBD.

Blue Snowball Review: Ease of Use

Really, it doesn’t get much easier to setup than the Blue Snowball. Just plug it in via USB – your computer should automatically recognize it and set it as the default input audio device. If not, just go to Control Panel (Windows) or Settings (OSX) and make sure it’s hooked up properly. That’s all you need to get going, really! There’s no need for external power or anything of the sort.

It really is that simple to get the Blue Snowball microphone hooked up and recording, whether it’s your goal to do podcasts, videos, audio demos, etc. For the longest time, I was scared to take the plunge into podcasting. Despite my technical background, I figured the equipment would be a pain in the ass, recording would suck, and that it was a huge barrier to entry.

The Blue Snowball proved me wrong. My only regret is not starting Troublesome Radio sooner.

Blue Snowball Review: Portability

If you look at the image on this post, you can see that it’s got a 3-way tripod. Those three legs fold in together, which makes the Blue Snowball one long device, almost resembling a penis with a huge head 😉

You can remove the head and store it somewhere else if it’s more convenient, but even fully assembled, the Blue Snowball fits well into a backpack or laptop bag. It’s also light enough that you won’t notice the difference.

Blue Snowball Review: Sound Quality

If you don’t have this, none of the other stuff matters – as someone who has played guitar for closing in on a dozen years – trust me on this.

For it’s price, it’s hard to beat the Blue Snowball as far as quality goes. Just listen to the video above – there’s no “tin can” or “hollow” sound to it – it sounds quite full and clear no matter what you throw at it. I’ve been very impressed with it so far, especially in the starter level, sub-$100 range.

Blue Snowball Review Wrap-Up

I’d buy this microphone again and again.

If I were to be doing some serious demo work with my guitar, I’d go for something higher-end. Though I will note, I’d definitely be looking very hard at Blue for their upper-level microphones, after seeing and hearing what they did with the Snowball.

As I mentioned before, my only regret is not getting one of the flashier colors. Every time I see that green or orange color I get green with envy!

If you’re looking to get started with a podcast or want to do some basic music recording, look no further.

In conclusion: 5/5

You can buy the Blue Snowball on Amazon here.

PS: I am accepting guests on my podcast…if you’re a longtime reader, I’m interested in having you on!

PPS: If you’re ready to hear a podcast with my girlfriend (recorded with my Blue Snowball, of course) who LET ME BANG OTHER GIRLS while we were together, get on this list.

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