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Belarus Women • The #1 A-Z Seduction Guide (2020)

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Belarus women are Eastern Europe’s hidden gem.

Here is everything you need to know about dating Belarusian women.

They Are NOT Russians (But Pretty Close)

First things first:

Belarus is not Russia!

Yes, the country used to be a part of the Soviet Union.

It became independent in 1991, though.

Today, Belarus is an independent landlocked country that borders Russia, Ukraine, Poland, Lithuania, and Latvia.

Why the geography lesson?

Because most Westerners don’t know a thing about Belarus or geography in general…

In fact, when you ask Belarus women about relationships with foreigners, one of the first things they say is, “That’s a great way for the world to learn about Belarus!”

To them, dating and marriage with non-Belarusian men is an opportunity for their country to develop, to be known and recognized.

And this is lesson number one about Belarus women:

Belarus Women

Patriotic Doesn’t Even Begin To Cover It

Belarussians have been independent for less than 30 years.

Most families still remember Soviet days!

The country is still relatively unknown to foreigners. This is why Belarus women (and Belarussians in general) will go above and beyond to make a great impression on visitors.

Some of the girls aren’t even opposed to sex tourists!

Anyway, the latter may not be wife material, but their existence goes to show the specific ‘brand’ of patriotism in Belarus.

Locals want to put their best foot forward and this is why they are so friendly and hospitable!

How does that relate to dating?

Belarussians might not have the best level of English, but they are friendlier and more easy-going than most other nations.

Making a connection with Belarus women isn’t hard because they will actively try to make it easier and more fun. Besides, asking for local tips is one of the most effective conversation starters to use on Belarussian girls!

10 Reasons To Date Belarus Women

Before I tell you how to do it, here are the top perks of dating a girl from Belarus!

#1: Natural beauty

Belarus women are some of the most beautiful in the world and there is no denying that. On top of being blessed by their genes, they take great care of themselves. Most Belarus girls are active, good at makeup, and always well-dressed!

#2: Ambitious and interesting

Even though Belarus is a conservative country, women here are educated and career-oriented.


Don’t be.

Belarus women don’t see family and career as two mutually exclusive options. Instead, they prioritize family and relationships but still pursue their passions.

You have the Soviet Union to thank for this.

While 50s American housewives were little more than accessories for their husbands, Soviet women had to work hard to rebuild the economy.

The state actively encouraged women to work, even in traditionally male-dominated fields like coal mining.


Because so many men died in World War II, there weren’t enough of them for all the ‘masculine’ jobs.

This culture remains today.

Belarus women are interested in more than husband-hunting, even if they have strong family values. Life is never dull with a Belarussian girl and this is just one more great reason to date her!

#3: Cooking skills

Your Belarus girlfriend will pamper you with homemade food every day.

In this country, ordering takeout is just not that common.

Most families plan and cook their own meals.

She has grown up cooking alongside her mother and her skills are on point!

#4: They are fiercely loyal

To her family first, then to her friends and yourself.

Belarus women are very protective of their loved ones. As gentle and feminine as they may be, you know they’re not afraid to stick by the ones closest to them. Dating a Belarussian girl means you’ll always have a partner in crime and never have to doubt if she has your back.

#5: Caring and kind

Belarus women make amazing partners because they’re naturally very caring. You know your Belarus girl will support your personal growth and stay with you through thick and thin. One of the best things about dating an Eastern European lady is that she was raised to prioritize relationships. As her boyfriend or husband, you are granted her attention and care, no matter what happens.

#6: Commitment means commitment

Unfaithfulness is extremely taboo in Belarus.

Women here are raised to honor the relationship they’re in and not compromise their integrity. So long as you’re together, you can count on her to remain loyal. This is not just about other men, either.

It also means she will make spending time with you and fostering a healthy relationship one of her non-negotiables. Then again, you are expected to be committed and faithful, too.

#7: They want a future together

Belarus women will not stay in a relationship that is going nowhere. It’s a perk if you want something long-term. On the other hand, flings don’t really work with Belarus women. Dating here is purposeful. Because she envisions a future with you, your Belarusian girlfriend will be more willing to work on the relationship, even if there are hardships.

The simple truth is:

If she’s with you, she sees you as something.

The first few months won’t be a ‘testing period’ because she already likes you. If there are difficulties, her first instinct wouldn’t be to ditch you but rather to work on them. This is particularly handy in international relationships where cultural differences and the language barrier can play a major part.

#8: Embracing femininity

In Belarus, traditional feminine traits aren’t frowned upon by ‘progressive’ people.

Instead, they are celebrated.

Belarus women are kind, family-oriented, and beautiful! They’re happy to wear a dress, receive flowers, or make dinner and don’t find it oppressive.

#9: Willing to learn and grow

Relationships need work, especially when you come from drastically different backgrounds.

Luckily, Belarus women are naturally curious and open-minded.

She will be happy to learn your language and culture, as long as you’re respectful toward hers.

#10: They know how to have a good time

Not all Eastern European girls get lit, love vodka, or spend their nights clubbing. That said, your Belarusian girlfriend definitely knows how to get down.

Belarusians get paired up fairly young.

They’re not just going to give up on their youth just because they got a boyfriend/husband! Belarusian women tend to be sociable and adventurous. They love to entertain and might even have a bunch of single friends for your mates!

Chat With Belarus Women Online

Online dating is THE WAY to meet a Belarussian cutie. Why?

While these don’t make it impossible to meet a girl IRL, they sure make it more complicated.

Online, you can find women that specifically want to date a foreigner.

Some dating sites even have a filter that goes ‘willing to relocate?’

It’s handy!

Use dating platforms (Cupid Media sites) to line up dates before you arrive in Belarus. Once there, Tinder can help you meet even more single girls!

Russian Cupid

Yes, I did tell you that Belarus is not Russia.

However, there are still many Belarus singles on this site. They’re mostly from bigger cities but these are the girls you want to approach anyway.

The big perk with this and other Cupid Media sites is they’re for international dating. Thе girls are already looking to meet a Western dude.

So… all gold-diggers then?

No, this is not Seeking Arrangement.

Belarus women date foreign men for several reasons. Local talent is often prone to cheating, domestic violence, and alcohol abuse. And there aren’t even enough Belarus men for all the women. The demographic disparity left from Wolrd War II is still present!

Plus, the culture expects you to couple up young!  

This puts Belarus women in a very competitive dating field. The situation is similar in Russia, as well as the other former Soviet republics.

This is why Russian Cupid is so big in Eastern Europe.

Girls are looking outside their normal circle to find a partner who is actually worth their time.

Ukraine Date

Similar to Russian Cupid but geared toward Ukrainians.

There are some Belarus women on here, too.

International Cupid

This is a more ‘generic’ international dating site.

Percentage-wise, the Belarus women are fewer (because singles from all over the world join this one). However, it is a bigger site and a place to find hundreds of personals!

Is Tinder Popular In Belarus?

Tinder is popular everywhere. However, you might find some of the locals hesitant to join.

While in other countries Tinder is basically Instagram for singles, Belarusians associate it with the ‘sluttier way’ of meeting somebody.

While there are plenty of beautiful (and sweet) girls on Tinder, you’re not getting all of them. Some are simply too shy to join, because of their prejudices.

Belarus Women

How To Bang Belarus Women From Online

First things first, don’t (usually) expect a hookup. Belarusians are a conservative bunch and casual sex happens very rarely here. Even if it’s possible, don’t go in expecting it!

Secondly, and I am sorry to say that, but it’s about looks. I don’t think you should be a Calvin Klein model to stand a chance. However, you do need to work on your profile pictures.

Craft An Attractive Profile

Find a friend that’s into photography and have them take your picture. Properly! The professional portraits some people get at their job are also cool as long as you look your best in them. Honestly, just ask a bunch of female friends/your sister if you look hot in these pictures. They’ll be able to tell (yes, even if a woman is not attracted to you, she can tell you if you look attractive).

A good picture is the foundation of a successful profile.

Your main profile pic should show you off as handsome and approachable. The rest of the photos should tell a better story than your profile. Put up pictures of you doing your hobbies, with your friends, your pet, on a trip you really loved… It shows people

As for the actual text, keep it simple and funny. English is a second language for these girls and they didn’t grow up in the West. They won’t understand an obscure 90s reference. Fill out your profile but don’t worry about it too much. Pictures are a lot more important.

Take The First Step

This rule applies to all Belarus women, not just the ones you date online. They believe in traditional gender roles. This means you should take initiative – message her first, pick out the first date location, initiate new things in the relationship.

So how do you message for success? Two rules:

1. Make a compliment.

2. Make it personal.

“Hey! My name is … and I just wanted to say you have the most beautiful smile on this site. Also, your dog is adorable! What’s his/her name?

Is that a little cheesy?

Probably, but Belarusian girls appreciate cheesy. What’s important is to open with a genuine compliment and then show you’ve actually seen her profile (and you’re not just bulk-messaging girls).

Take It Offline ASAP

Dating sites are great for meeting people. But do you want a girlfriend or a penpal? If you want to move the relationship IRL, do it early into the conversation. A person that’s completely your type on paper might not be compatible in real life. This is why you want to meet the girl you’re chatting up and decide.

So how do you choose a date location without knowing the city? I’m here to help!

Minsk Date Ideas That Are Romantic (But Not Trying Too Hard)

The first date is key.

It’s about getting to know each other, so dinner and a movie (even if that’s a very standard American date) is not the best idea.

You want to keep it casual but fun. If it’s an online date, make it in a public space. This way both of you are safe.

If you want to pick the girl up, that’s cool. However, some Belarus women will avoid it on a first date. After all, they don’t know you yet. Offer but don’t be offended if she rejects it.

Coffee Date Ideas

Take a stroll around the city and stop for coffee/tea after. If the weather sucks, move it to coffee directly. There are plenty of cool cafés in the city center. In case you need some help, here are my favorites for a date (because they’re nice, the drinks are tasty, and quiet enough to have a conversation):

  • 17/5 Coffee & Binge – nice interior and delicious desserts to go with your coffee.
  • SurfCoffee – quirky and fun, perfect for dating a hipster(ish) girl.
  • Cafe 26 – one of the coziest places in Minsk, you can easily spend the afternoon here, chatting away!
  • Chaynaya Pochta – a tea shop and tea room that serves Chinese-style teas. An interesting experience and you can pick up a souvenir for back home.

Gorky Park Date

Moscow’s Gorky Park is not the only one. This leafy oasis is perfect for a date, no matter what the season is.

In summer, there is an amusement park here complete with a 56-meter-high Ferris wheel. Once the temperatures drop, they install an ice rink. Both are fun and exciting date options! A

And if you’d like to keep it simpler, a picnic here is also very romantic.

Art Or Museum Date

Remember how I told you Belarussians are very patriotic?

But also naturally curious, with an appreciation for the arts?

What better first date than checking out a local gallery or a museum together?

Locals rarely go to these places and the Galereya Slavutasts is worth seeing by anyone, foreigner or a Minsk native! Check it out, it’s one of the most eclectic art museums in Eastern Europe.

Dinner Date?

A dinner date is best reserved for your second meeting. If you truly want to go all out, though, knock yourself out at these top Minsk venues:

  • Pinky Bandinsky – this romantic bar&dinner has the perfect ambiance for a magical evening. Live jazz performances, gourmet cuisine, and a cozy patio complete with twinkle lights…What else is there to ask for?
  • Ember – a sophisticated Mediterranean restaurant with an exquisite panoramic view of the city!
  • Astoria Riverside – the perfect location for a long night of wine and delicious food. Quiet enough to have a conversation and views to die for!
  • Grand Café – the oldest fine dining restaurant in Minsk is sure to bring in some old-fashioned romance into your date. And the chef won’t disappoint either!

Minsk Nightlife (For Singles & Non-Singles)

Young people in Minsk love to party. Whether you’re coupled up or single, the nightlife is surprisingly rich. That said, there are some places that are better suited to singles… While others are perfect for a cocktail-centered date with your Belarussian crush.

Bars To Pick Up College Girls

You want to focus on places with lots of singles.

What are they? Anything around universities is a safe bet.

Places like:

  • Doodah King nightclub (which happens to be a restaurant by day and a pretty good one, too)
  • Sweet & Sour cocktail bar (perfect for singles night out or drinks with your date)
  • Drink n Roll bar and disco (for affordable drinks and a fun time)
  • Yarkal’yan-Bar for shisha and delicious drinks

All of these venues are concentrated in the same area, along with a bunch of others.

The neighborhood around the railway station is home to several university faculties. It is central and student-dense. The perfect place to meet young Belarus women or to bring your date for a fun night of drinks and…

More Singles Nightlife In Minsk

Here are some other cult favorites for sleepless singles:

  • Private House club for wild, uninhibited parties or brunch on Sunday morning!
  • Next Club to meet some of the city’s hottest girls (but make sure you dress to the 9’s or you’re not getting in).
  • Rich Cat Club for slightly over-the-top parties with the occasional Belarussian A-lister.
  • Gastropab Bruklin for a crowd over 25 (but still full of pretty girls) and frequent live music shows, which makes it perfect for a date, too.

Bear in mind that hooking up with someone from the club… Yeah, it’s pretty unlikely. Belarus women are notoriously hard to approach in clubs because they travel in packs. Their girlfriends might reject you before she does!

Don’t try to bribe them with drinks for the table.

Instead, approach your girl when she’s alone or just a couple of friends. You could also try to make friends with the guys in her group first. The downside? It might turn out to be her boyfriend!

Belarus Women

Other Belarussian Cities To Explore

Should you limit your partner hunt to Minsk? No! It’s a great starting point but if you have the time, look further than that. Here are some other major Belarus cities to check out:

  • Gomel in the southeast of the country, known for its’ Soviet-era architecture and the second most populous city in Belarus.
  • Mogilev on the Dniper River, less than 100km away from the Russian border and notorious for its rich history (don’t forget to explore the old city center)
  • Vitebsk with its booming alternative scene and one of the oldest buildings in Belarus (the Annunciation church)
  • Grodno by the Polish and Lithuanian border, one of the cultural capitals of Belarus and a place you can visit without a visa for up to 10 days!

Should you look toward rural areas, too?

My advice is don’t.

While village girls are among the sweetest, kindest, most family-oriented people you will meet, they do come from a very traditional background. Dating a foreigner, especially if you’re not religious, might be a huge problem for her family. Not to mention that with the aging population in rural areas your chances of meeting a pretty and open-minded girl there are getting slimmer by the minute!

Wherever you look, remember to come back and tell us your experience. Dating internationally is tricky, but the women of Belarus are worth it.

PS: Don’t forget to sign up to our #1 recommended dating site in Belarus. Just click here.

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