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How to Bang More Girls in 2015



New year, new attitude. Trust me, I told myself this before. For years before I got good with women, I told myself, “This is the year. I’m going to conquer all my anxiety, become a man, and nail a bunch of chicks!”


It took quite a few years before I finally accomplished that resolution. Many more years than I would care to admit, I was a coward. Finally, I realized that I would regret the hell out of my life if I didn’t get it sorted out. Here I am today, having played the field and won – I’m very happy with my current life. And, I love helping other young men out, because I was there myself. So, no matter your experience level – whether you’re in a dry spell, or a virgin – here’s how to bang more girls in 2015.

Happy New Years!

Step #1 – Utilize OKCupid and Tinder

I don’t want to be that guy that encourages you to only use online game – quite the opposite, actually. To do so will de-value yourself as a man. But, I think it is important to be realistic. It’s 2015 – times are changing. More and more, the art of seduction is moving towards online and technology based interaction as opposed to in purpose. While I think it’s terrible for humdans as a whole, I can accept that game will always be evolving.

It seems silly to discredit what are very good ways to meet women.

Step #2 – Use the Above to Springboard To Success

It only takes one.

You can be going through the worst luck or dry spell in the history of players, but often times it only takes a single good night out, date, or banging a hottie to completely change your outlook – and therefore your “luck”, around. If you utilize the above methods to get girls, that will make you more fearless out in the field. Knowing that you already have three dates lined up that week will drastically improve your outcome independence with girls when you approach them at night or during the day.

This is catnip to them.

Step #3 – Analyze…Everything

Are you dressing well on your dates?

Do you have a spot where you’re known?

How are your logistics?

Do you have genuinely interesting stories to tell, or are you simply faking it? I agree with the “fake it til you make it mantra”, but eventually you must hold yourself accountable.

How are your drink making skills?

Doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results is insanity. Hold yourself accountable. Keep excellent mental notes of your dates, or start writing them down. Keep track of the openers you use and their success rates. Make a note when when a girl compliments your shoes. The little things make a difference.

Step #4 – Find A Mentor

There is always someone who is better than you. I found a great mentor when I was very young.

Step #5 – Get Your Shit Together

If you’re not making money, working your ass off, hanging with cool dudes, and filling your calendar with other cool shit other than hanging out with women – you’re doing it wrong. Women are most attracted to men who have drive, despite the fact that when they get in a relationship with them they end up killing that drive.


Are you in a dead end career?

Are you maximizing your potential?

Are you in the best shape you can be? (I’m certainly not)

Do you have cool guys to hang out with?

Do you have hobbies that push you?

Are you bored?

Make a special note of that last one – are you bored. If you are spending more than a half hour a day reading and thinking about game, but you’re not taking action, you simply have too much spare time. Filling that time with productive activities that better you as a person will result in you banging more chicks in 2015, but filling it with poison such as television and blogs will do the opposite.

How do you plan to maximize yourself in 2015? Let’s hear it.

Also – who is your favorite out of the ladies in this post? Brunette or blonde?

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