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Back again to biology basics. Younger girls = hotter.



This has been discussed endlessly in the Manosphere, and it’s a common argument to see a red-pilled guy being hated on by feminists for the way he coldly, and with no shame admits that he wants to date/fuck/marry younger girls.  When I say younger, I mean…18.  “The wall,” as it is so affectionately called, is generally used to describe the way that women have the shitty end of the stick when it comes to biology.  I’ve discussed it when writing letters to my sister or to my female college friends.

As I mentioned in my last post, I spent this week traveling around the state and helping my little sister move into college.  It’s only been four years since I moved into the dorms myself and was awestruck by all the pretty girls on campus, but this was an eye opener.  Like it or not ladies, biology dictates this: at 18, you will be the hottest you’ll be in your life.

I was drawn to their radiant skin, youthful smiles, and tighter bodies.  Shame me all you want.  My biological urges don’t lie.  Any man who tells you that he isn’t drawn to youthful beauty IS lying.  Now, I’m not exactly old myself at 22 years of age.  However, the difference between these 18 year old girls and the 22-24 year old girls I graduated college with less than a year ago is a night and day difference.  Just looking back now, you can tell how much the girls at graduation had aged over the last several years.  Too many nights getting hammered at fraternity houses, and not enoughtime spent at the gym and eating healthy will do that to anyone.  Girls just have it a bit rougher.

Right now my harem currently consists of a 19 year old, 21 year old, and 25 year old.  25 is perfectly pleasant and the sex is great.  However, she simply does not look as good as the 19 year old, everything else aside.  The skin has lost it’s glamor, and the wall has begun.

I’m glad I get to look forward to my late 20s/early 30s as opposed to knowing that, from a sexual/relationship sense, 18 is the best I’d ever do.

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  1. The whole ‘at 18, you will be the hottest you’ll be in your life.’ makes total sense. It wasn’t the case for me personally because I didn’t have ‘game’ at 18 (if I can steal that word), and didn’t know how to wear clothes which accentuate my features, didn’t have the right sense of style / grooming etc.

    So I had a slow start in my teen years (and not surprisingly didn’t get a lot of male attention). I actually peaked post-college (after 21) when I developed confidence, style, and well, game.

    But then again, if you at pure biology I’m sure the firmness level of my skin was better at 18 than now.. too bad no one has ever benefited from that 😀

    P.S. I couldn’t stop staring at the photo either, even though I’m not a 40-yr-old male. Sometimes I wonder why I wasn’t born a guy 😉

    1. Correct. There are a few exceptions to the rule assuming the circumstances are ideal.

      If a girl is fat in high school she will obviously be more attractive at older ages if she loses weight.

      It sounds more like you had ugly duck syndrome and simply grew into yourself over time, even if you weren’t fat or completely ugly in high school.

      Honestly, girls like that are my favorite. Smoking hot but don’t know it (yet).

      1. I know what you mean about hot girls who don’t know it yet. Catch them before they realize it 🙂

        I was thinking how this applies to men, and I realized that men who weren’t popular / didn’t get a lot of action in school, are much more fun & have better seduction kills.

        My theory is that because they weren’t popular, they made up for it by being funny and/or entertaining and/or smart (I know this, because I did the same). And when they do finally game-up later in life, it just makes them a much better package.

        On the contrary, men who never had to ‘work for it’ – though they looked good – were just so dull and had zero conversation skills. So while I was initially attracted to them, I found myself losing interest very quickly.

        What’s your take on all of this?

      2. You’ve hit the nail on the head. This deserves it’s own post.

        The non popular guys in high school have to learn game. It’s sink or swim. They have to develop at least some skills to get women, or they’re doomed to a life of celibacy. I think, however guys sink (rather than swimming) than you probably realize. Then of course, it all starts to fall together and they can become quite the lady killer. Not to be modest as I always am, but this was how my life went. I didn’t kiss a girl until I was nearly 19.

        Meanwhile, the football quarterback was an idiot but got pussy because he was the QB. Then he goes to college, is a bench warmer, and still gets some action because he wears a jersey, but overall not as successful as high school. Then he graduates and no longer plays football on a competitive level, and he has an average job, no game, no style, and no conversational skills. If he’s lucky, he still has a football physique. Unless he learns some medium of game though, he will continue to plummet.

      3. Okay so two follow-up questions..

        1) What made it ‘click’ for you? From most men I know, it’s some kind of break-up / failed relationship, was that the case for you?

        (For me it was an increase in male attention that made it ‘click’ for me. That’s when I realized my true potential.)

        2) Do you think Tom Cruise was popular in school?

      4. 1.) I had a bad relationship, but then about 8 months later I had a new girl back at my place and couldn’t seal the deal. She said, “We’re not having sex tonight,” which subconsciously registered to me as a shit test. I Googled exactly what she said and found a forum, which led me to other Manosphere blogs (Roissy, Danny, etc). Then I started reading more and applying it all…and whaddya know, my dick’s always wet now.

        2.) No idea. Popularity is largely based off of status. I don’t know if he was a leader or an athlete off the top of my head. However, TC has a strong as hell frame and I’d generally consider him pretty alpha. Look at his beliefs and how strong he is with them. Therefore, I tend to think he probably had some ladies in high school simply due to attitude; regardless if he was “popular”.

    2. My last comment was in reference to your earlier post about the unpopular vs popular guy btw.

      As for your new comment

      1) Haha that line sets off something in a guy huh? The first/last time I said the exact same thing to a guy, the thing I said would not happen ended up happening on our next date.

  2. I agree younger women have the tight bodies, perky tits, etc, but honey.. Aside from the very select few older women 25 and up have the sexual/ maturity skills that always are the reason younger girls are usually nothing, but a wham,bam thank you mam! Now.. Before you all call me some jealous old hag. This is coming from someone who is 30 with a man who is 25, and who got with him when I was 27 and he was 22. Don’t get me wrong. I was
    had my insecurities too, thinking he would leave me for some younger women, but he told me that he personally likes older woman, because all girls/ barely legal girls his age were dense, shallow,narcissistic, boring, and dead fish in the sack. Quite honestly this article is shallow as fuck.

  3. Dude, people like you make me ashamed of my gender. A sad narcissistic sociopath to whom women aren’t real people. And no, I am not attracted to Impressionable teenage girls but to women with life experience, charm and intelligence. So there you go, your statement is bullcrap – you’re just a lonely old creep

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