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I'm a former Los Angeles based engineer who was sick of the corporate grind. Now, I travel the world writing, living life, and helping men figure it out - just like I had to. Check out This Is Trouble's sister site, Bachelor Travels to learn how to travel the world...for free.

#047: 18 Essentials for Solid Relationships

There’s a saying about not going to sleep mad, and I always agreed with it, but… I’m starting not to. Women are emotional creatures that act like dumb children in the moment. Men, too. It’s better to just let it blow over because her mood will change. That’s point #1… And there’s a heckuva lot […]

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The Girls Want You to Dance Like a Monkey

The best way to describe dating abroad is that it’s, well—normal. For example, I was a computer engineer making nearly $100k at 23 in the States. This should have been a huge catch. Instead I was just “another engineer”. Boring. Dude on IG with 5k followers is more interesting. My blog was way more fascinating […]

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Playing the Percentages

Last week, on my way to host Selo LIVE, I was supposed to fly out of the Frankfurt Airport. But, last weekend, I got a notice that they were planning a strike on Tuesday at Frankfurt. My flight was Wednesday. The likeliness of having no issues on Wednesday? Me thinks, quite slim. In any case… […]

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Men Earn, Women Spend—The Cycle Repeats

Ladies… You will not like this blog post. You have been warned so therefore all is totally fair game. Naturally, none of the girls are gonna stop reading this email at this point, and there’s nothing I could say to make them click away. Copywriting in action, eh… Anyways, here’s an unpopular opinion. Girls are […]

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Thank YOU For Coming

Selo Live was a big success, and we had a lot of fun. Sold a lot of olive oil, on top of it. Overall, a great night. What a great time I’ve had here with my business partner Martin this week. Anyways, if you missed the show, no big deal. We have a replay available […]

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TDT 046: Monday Night AMA and Shopify Rant

Doing things a little different today, as I recorded a 32 minute “Ask Me Anything” on my Periscope last night. So, the format is certainly a little bit different than you’re used to, no idea if I will continue it, or not. But, it’s fun to change things up once in a while. So, tonight, […]

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5 Thoughts About Returning to the West, and Brussels

I’m an extremely fortunate man. I’m able to do what I want with my life, and generally speaking my “lifestyle business” has created many new opportunities (like Selo Oils), the ability to travel, and just…well, a lot. I’m grateful. But last year was bad on the travel front. I got cooped up in Prague for […]

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What Egyptian Cats and Business Have In Common

I’m currently sitting on my Ukrainian Airlines flight to Brussels, and my girlfriend next to me is browsing the inflight magazine. Want to hear something cool? And horrifying… Well, Egypt is where much of civilization “started”. We all know about the pyramids. And a lot of stuff many years ago originated there. And sure, Egypt […]

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