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I'm a former Los Angeles based engineer who was sick of the corporate grind. Now, I travel the world writing, living life, and helping men figure it out - just like I had to. Check out This Is Trouble's sister site, Bachelor Travels to learn how to travel the world...for free.


Shopify Dropshipping: Is It Valid in 2019?

Shopify dropshipping has made a lot of people rich. But, like any business model, it will eventually fade away. The question is: Is there still any money to be made with Shopify dropshipping? How Shopify Dropshipping Works The dropshipping model is all about selling stuff without keeping inventory. There are three players in this game: […]

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#051: Why Not Spending $$$ Makes You Stupid

In today’s episode, I chat about a fatal mistake many new business owners make… Not spending money on ads. And thinking it should be worn as a badge of honor. Nothing could be further from the truth. Mentioned in the show: London Groundshark Coffee RATE, review, and subscribe to The Daily Trouble: iTunes: Google Play: […]

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Brazil Travel Guide From a Summer Away

Hey everyone, Kyle here. This Brazil travel guide is a simple interview I actually did with one of my employees—she’s from Eastern Europe and has been working with me for over two years now. She spent a summer in Brazil in an exchange program. She’ll discuss how she did that, and much more, below. Enjoy […]

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A Few Thoughts On Neediness

A lot of men say they want a girl who isn’t high maintenance and needy. However, there is a key differentiator between the two that nobody seems to recognize. Namely, that a girl who is a little bit needy is a girl who is simply…well, in love with you. Maybe she’s needy because she’s always […]

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#049: How I Traded $450 for $5,000

In today’s episode, I talk shop about how I turned $450 into nearly $5,000 worth of benefits through the use of travel reward cards. Do note, this is not a game for the financially irresponsible. Don’t be stupid. Mentioned in the show and related content: Please note that I do receive a commission in points […]

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Why I No Longer Give Refunds

A few readers hit me up and asked me as to the why behind why I’m no longer offering refunds on many of my products… Here’s my no-filter answer: Mostly just because I strongly have shifted my views over time. If someone refunds something, often times it’s because they were already planning to. This is […]

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