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I'm a former Los Angeles based engineer who was sick of the corporate grind. Now, I travel the world writing, living life, and helping men figure it out - just like I had to. Check out This Is Trouble's sister site, Bachelor Travels to learn how to travel the world...for free.


A Girl Who Knows Game

Once in a while something, or someone, comes along, and it really throws you for a loop.  That was more than apparent last Saturday.  To give a slight backdrop, this is a girl I’ve been dating for about two months now.  Casually.  She goes to school several hours away and I work full time; I’m […]

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Eventually I hope to be a dancer in the Disney parade at Disneyland or even better a Disney princess. (preferably Belle)   I’m trolling online dating sites tonight.  Came across this gem.  This screams high maintenance to me. “Not only do I want to be a princess, but I know EXACTLY the princess I must […]

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Goals For A 22 Year Old

I turned an ancient 22 years old this past Wednesday.  It wasn’t too much off a normal day.  I went to work, then went out with some of the boys from work for beers and pizza.  Overall, it has been an awesome week.  Girl(s) took me out on Tuesday, Thursday, and I have two more […]

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How To Lose Weight Properly

I was 14.  World of Warcraft was my only (if I could go back and slap teenage me, I would…) passion in life.  I stood a solid 5’7″…and 210 pounds.  I was scared to weigh myself.  With an enormous amount of dedication and hard work…over the course of about 8 months I dropped myself down […]

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You Can Open With Anything

I had a mate from Australia, whose Aussie-lingo clearly rubbed off on me, training with me at my job in February.  He was out here for about two months, and me being a freshly minted 21 year old, and him wanting to have some fun with American girls, we naturally were out hitting bars and […]

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Advice For Those Sexy College Girls

Four years ago, when I started college, I took it upon myself to make all sorts of girl friends.  Note the space in between girl and friends.  As in, platonic, non-sexual girl friends.  You know, just what every guy wants.  As the last couple of years of gone by and I’ve greatly improved the female-relationship […]

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