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I'm Kyle "Trouble". I'm a former computer engineer who left the 9-5 in LA at 24 years old and moved to Eastern Europe. I blog about dating, life abroad, and building successful and scalable streams of income.


Update on 2013 Goals & 2014 Goal Setting

I wrote this list of goals when describing my journey back in September.  Here’s how they turned out: Continue writing this blog.  I have already been featured on some big sites and am starting to average close to 100 hits a day.  UPDATE: done.  I’ve got my own fucking column now. Save $7,000 $3,500.  Done.  […]

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Groupie Guests (Reader Mail): How To Work A Room?

Awesome Joe writes: I started reading heartiste and roosh about a year and a half ago and internalized many of the beliefs associated with those two . When ROK came out, I began reading it. Most ROK articles are trash, the the stupidity of most of the commenters bothers me. I still read ROK, but […]

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I Recieve A Hand-Written Thank You Note For An Orgasm

I received the following ***HAND-WRITTEN*** thank you note from a lovely young lady.  Slight inside joke between the two of us, but I still thought it was cute.  Please note that she wrote this at work and with her company’s stationary and mailed it with their stamps, as well. The entire sexual text story is […]

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20 Things Women Do That Should Be Shamed, Not Celebrated

Originally at Return Of Kings. Prior to having the red pill dropped on me like a bomb, there were things in my life that, deep down, disgusted me.  Looking around though, everyone was celebrating these things, cheering women on.  I was forced to bury my disgust within me and not act upon it, or dare […]

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The Opportunity Cost Of Her Orgasm

As a former Economics major, I like to think of everything in opportunity costs.  I don’t consider myself an economist, per se, but I consider myself more capable than most of the Obama administration.  Getting off topic, already…opportunity cost is what you must give up in order to achieve something.  From good ‘ol Merriam-Webster: In […]

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Manosphere Meetup: Sploosh In San Diego

Hey, dude!  I’m wearing a bright red shirt, I look like Santa Claus. Ho ho ho, everybody.  Sploosh is coming to town! I strolled up to the 27-story hotel rocking a blazer and jeans, duffel bag in hand.  I saw a tall guy with a bright red shirt standing outside smoking a cigarette…standing next to […]

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Match Theory

I’m a former competitive endurance athlete.  In that world of suffering, we often talk in number of “matches” left in the tank.  Every time you expand some effort beyond your threshold, that burns a match.  You want to burn your last match on the last stretch before the finish line.  If you burn them up […]

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Converting A Girl To Red Pill: In Her Own Words

This is a letter from one of the girls I’ve been dating, Shannon.  I’ve refrained from editing it and adding my smartass remarks.  Let her and I know what you think in the comments. The Truth Behind Trouble: Girls Point of View I can be seen mentioned in previous posts as the girl who found […]

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Groupie Guests: Edition II

Reader Bill writes…(fyi dude, I responded directly but got a delivery failure) I stumbled upon your blog after discovering ROK, and I like what I see. The posts and comments you have made regarding the encounters you have had with women is really remarkable, and has opened my eyes a bit… I have 2 questions […]

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