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I'm a former Los Angeles based engineer who was sick of the corporate grind. Now, I travel the world writing, living life, and helping men figure it out - just like I had to. Check out This Is Trouble's sister site, Bachelor Travels to learn how to travel the world...for free.

TDT 033: Why Older Women Are Discarded

In today’s episode, I go into details about this article. Simply put, as a man in the West, your options are naturally limited by what “women want”, so if you’re looking for something more serious, you should look towards going abroad. On sale this weekend for just $33 until Saturday:

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TDT 032: An [Offensive] Overview of Dating Throughout Europe

In today’s episode of the show, I give a general overview of dating in Europe, breaking it down by the following regions: Western Europe Central-Eastern Europe Eastern Europe (FSU) The Balkans “Middle East Europe” As mentioned, my Dating Abroad Podcast is on sale through Saturday. Get a copy here. Here are various other pieces of content […]

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Why Can’t I Slow Down

I hurry to tie my new winter boots. I struggle to get my fur coat on. The zipper drives me mad. Next comes the gloves. Then the hat. Then it’s a matter of getting my backpack on my back, getting out the door, fumbling in the giant pockets for the keys, locking the door, putting […]

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TDT 031: Life is a War Against Champagne and Sushi

In today’s podcast, I talk about the War of Attrition and how simply sticking stuff out will make you successful versus the people who give up way too easily. In addition, I tell the story of getting fleeced my first time in Ukraine, and common scams to avoid while dating in a foreign country… Mentioned […]

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2019 Trips & Travel Hacking

Today, I’m beginning to sit down and sketch out my 2019 (feels weird to write that) travel plans, which…are actually going to be pretty extensive. They include, but are not limited to, and all in the first half of the year… A trip to Canada to film a “Selo Oils Experience”, aka a live webinar […]

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Japan, WWIII, and PETA…

In today’s show, I welcome Jonathan from Modern Life Dating. We got on the air with no outline whatsoever and just talked shopped for nearly an hour. Topics covered include: His life in Tokyo and what Japanese girls are like PETA’s ridiculous tweets The outrage mob of the internet WWIII And much, much more. Like […]

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People Want Free Stuff—Don’t Give It

A few weeks ago, during my “Pro Niche Site” promotion, I sent out an email relentlessly mocking a free-loadin’ mooch who had sent me hate during my spring enrollment session. Yours Troubly hoarded on to that email like a sexy-Gollum just to make more sales, because I’m an evil, evil person… Anyways, reader “Didact” had […]

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Business Q&A and Some EPIC Rants

In the latest episode of the show, I wreck havoc on some reader questions in addition to answering some in a reasonable fashion. This is one you’ll want to make sure you listen ’til the end… Also mentioned in the show: The daily email list Selo Oils Please leave a review for the podcast here. […]

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Why So Salty

In Monday’s show, I discuss BROB’s latest book, Salty, including sharing one of my favorite chapters from the book. “Salty” is about sugar dating and how it has drastically changed the dating game for single men these days. I also go into detail about Tinder in the US and Europe, and where the “game” is […]

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California Is Dying a Slow Death

Here’s a potentially very popular, or unpopular, opinion: California cities = completely overrated. San Francisco is over-running with IT nerds. Los Angeles has the poison of Hollywood, takes you an hour to go five miles. Sacramento: “Why is THAT city the capitol?” – Everyone San Diego is awesome, give ya that. And yet, everybody wants […]

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