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I'm a former Los Angeles based engineer who was sick of the corporate grind. Now, I travel the world writing, living life, and helping men figure it out - just like I had to. Check out This Is Trouble's sister site, Bachelor Travels to learn how to travel the world...for free.

What Egyptian Cats and Business Have In Common

I’m currently sitting on my Ukrainian Airlines flight to Brussels, and my girlfriend next to me is browsing the inflight magazine. Want to hear something cool? And horrifying… Well, Egypt is where much of civilization “started”. We all know about the pyramids. And a lot of stuff many years ago originated there. And sure, Egypt […]

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What Custom Suits and Communism Have In Common

I was watching the final season of “House of Cards” recently, and I have to say… It was absolutely terrible. Kevin Spacey made that show what it was. That said, they did illustrate pretty well what it might be like to have a female president…and I doubt anyone will vote for Hillary after watching this […]

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Work, Travel, or Play?

In light of all my current travels (Ukraine to Belgium to Germany to Seattle to Canada to California to London to Ukraine), I got asked a few times how I manage to stay productive on the road. Honest truth: It suffers a lot. Another honest truth: I’m able to do it because it really doesn’t […]

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Greetings From Canada

Hello from the great Pacific Northwest… After a bit of debate, I decided to cancel the Germany/Seattle parts of my trip, because I didn’t want to risk getting stranded at the Frankfurt airport with their strikes today. So, I flew the new United Polaris Business Class from Brussels to DC, then to Toronto and on […]

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The Best “Funnel” Out There

Hello again from Brussels. Tomorrow, I’ll be heading out to Frankfurt to catch my flight to Seattle, and I’m sincerely, sincerely hoping I don’t get stranded there due to the Frankfurt airport strike on Tuesday. Honestly, I’ve been through that airport twice in my life. My first trip ever to Europe, and another time when […]

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The Longest Trip EVER to Canada Begins

Greetings from the city center of Brussels, where I’m hanging out for the next couple of days. More thoughts on the city, food, culture, and more coming early this week (when I take the train to Frankfurt). But, I do want to say this… Today, I realized I have spent the last year in Eastern […]

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European Cigarettes Are Healthy, or Something

Just the other day, I was thinking about cigarettes in Europe. Namely, that they’re just not a “big deal” out here. Sure, you see the warnings on the packages, and people generally know that smoking is “bad”, but it’s not the deal it’s made out to be in the States. There isn’t constant propaganda to steer […]

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I’m Going to Thailand

Earlier this year, I’ve been planning to go to Japan with my girl. But, things started to get difficult when we hit the dreaded visa process… Reason being? I’m traveling for three weeks for business. I needed to get her several thousand dollars in cash to show she had funds (money isn’t the problem, it’s […]

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