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The Seduction of Austrian Women | The #1 A-Z Guide

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I took a little side trip to Bratislava and then onwards to Vienna. From Prague, it’s pretty simple—four hour train ride to Bratislava, then just an hour by bus between Bratislava and Vienna. While I wasn’t trying to game any Austrian women, I did have a follower on Twitter reach out to me and offer to discuss Austrian girls and the dating culture there.

He provided some great insight into the city of Vienna via private messages. After I returned home, I reached out to him to see if he had an interest in sharing some of his best stories regarding Austrian women and their capital city.

Here are his responses; I’ve added some additional commentary and images from my time in Vienna as well.

Introduction to Austrian Women

Q: First off—thanks for taking the time to answer these questions regarding Vienna (beautiful place) and Austrian women (verdict still out). Let’s start with a brief intro: where are you originally from, and can you provide some info about your time in Austria?

I went to Vienna on an Erasmus exchange where I stayed for nearly a year. For those that don’t know, “Erasmus” is a European Union initiative to promote good relations between countries to prevent war and all that. It’s basically a Trans-European Fuck-Fest for students.

The only kind of multiculturalism I like 😉

Besides the obvious point mentioned above, I also went there to study. The city has great universities, and is just beautiful. The architecture there is mind-blowing, like Rome jacked up on steroids. It’s also a German-speaking country so I went there to learn the language and travel.

Q: What’s the current state of Austria?

Austria has a complicated history.

It was the first country incorporated into Nazi-Germany. Formally it was annexed after a referendum where 99.7% voted YES to join the Reich. Joining the Reich was seen as a duty by the Austrians, which had lost 80% of their former territory with the collapse of the Habsburg Monarchy after WWI.

Hitler was an Austrian, and proportionally the Austrian contributed the most members to the Waffen-SS. At the same time, they played up the “first victim of the Nazis”-scenario after the war, which enabled broad-sweeping amnesties for most Nazis. In addition, there was never a Nürnberg trial in Austria – they hedged their bets on reconciliation.

The Freiheitliche Partei Österreich or FPÖ (Austrian Freedom Party) has a chance at becoming the majority party in the up-coming Bundeswahl (Federal Elections). This would give them the position of Bundeskanzler (Federal Chancellor), making them head of the Bundesregierung (Federal Government). They are the “Trumpists” of Austria, so to speak. The FPÖ has close relations with Geert Wilders (Dutch Party for Freedom) and Marine Le Pen (Front Nationale). The FPÖ winning would be on the level of Trump becoming president.

Main right-wing parties in Europe are the United Kingdom Independence Party (UKIP), Vlaams Belang (Belgium), Dutch Party for Freedom, Front Nationale (France), Lega Nord (Italy), Austrian Freedom Party, The Alternative for Germany (AfD), Sweden Democrats, Progress Party (Norway), Danish People’s Party, and many more!

austrian girls vienna

Red Vienna, or Rote Wien has been under Socialist Party rule since the end of WWI. This reflects the mentality of the Viennese, but not the rural population which has A MUCH more conservative mentality than city dwellers. It is common to see elderly men sporting Lederhosen any day of the week, with a thick Hitler-moustache to accompany it. Yes, this is true, even in Vienna!

The Austrian population is 8 million, the same as Sweden, but still they have managed to take in less refugees than them! They also managed to shuttle most of the invaders over to Germany during the worst period. Then they built a fence on the Slovenian and Italian borders to compliment the great work of the Hungarians.

With this information in mind, one must still acknowledge that it is very cucked, with massive amounts of invaders migrants committing frequent rapes and crimes. The difference between Austria, and say the capital of refugees—Germany—is that these crimes lead to a direct increase in popularity of the FPÖ, which is what will eventually lead them to victory!

You can see many skinny guys with “Refugees Welcome” shirts walking around the city, even though they’d get hog-tied and sodomized before you can say “kebab”.

Ah, cognitive dissonance at it’s best.

[Kyle’s thoughts on this]

Vienna definitely isn’t in the same state as Paris, where you feel the tension in the air. I haven’t traveled to Germany this year so I can’t comment on that from an “on the ground” perspective. Vienna seemed much cleaner and not riddled with refugees in comparison to Paris, but that’s not to say they don’t have problems.

Austrian Girls and Dating Culture

What are Austrian women like personality-wise?

A friend of mine has summarized Austrian girls as this: “boring”. I’d have to agree, although this might not apply to every girl. It sure applies to the party girls here (or anywhere)—you don’t have one night stands for intellectual stimulation.

austrian women

What are Austrian women like from a physical perspective?

Like you said, they’re all over the place!

Austrian women have it all—short ones, tall ones, dark haired, blond haired, sultry Balkan Brown, classic European White, fat, skinny, fit—all mixed together!

My theory about the great diversity in appearance of Austrian girls is due to a lot of genetic influx during the Habsurg years; bringing in Romanian, Czech, Slovakian, Hungarian, Croatian and Italian blood to mix with Germanic roots. It’s like they have no distinct facial features, just different sizes and colours—you know?

Austrian women in one word: BLAND.

What is the dating culture in Austria like?

Does it skew towards the Western way of one night stands and no commitment, or more towards the EE way of dating and relationships?

There is a lot of one nights stands here too, for sure, and with “bland” as the keyword we’re looking at express cock delivery for the most part. With social media, smartphones and thirst at an all-time high, you have the same prevalence of inflated egos and self-esteem that touches the moon here, as in any western country. This has its benefits, but be sure about what you sign up for.

I hate to be “that guy”, but it depends on what you’re looking for! If your goal is to find a wife, you could potentially strike gold, but you’d better head off and find a Ukrainian woman to be on the safe side. The odds are not on your side here.

Q: Does it vary from a major city like Vienna versus the village Austrian girls?

Since I just got freaky with city-girls I can’t really say.

The general impression I have from friends who’ve dated them, and as I mentioned about politics earlier, the rural population is much more conservative—which goes for girls and dating as well.

[Kyle: Not surprising, it definitely differs with Russian girls.]austrian girls vienna

Would you recommend Vienna as a place to live?

Absolutely, Vienna is pretty much smack in the middle of Europe, with the same distance to Moscow as to Madrid!

So it’s a great place to stay for a longer period of time and get some traveling done around the Balkans or Europe, with Vienna as your HQ.

Vienna is a chill place to live. It’s as if you took an Italian town, and put Germans into it. The people are chill, but the streets aren’t littered with garbage! Best of both worlds. And if you like smoking weed Vienna is a good place to be—as long as you don’t light it up in front of the police. People won’t give you shit for smoking in parks or on the streets, but don’t litter and throw roaches around like a filthy animal!

Austrians love eating and drinking, and a trip to any local “Heuriger” is a great way to sample the local cuisine and wine. Check out the Kahlenberg for vineyards and a great view!

Generally, spring starts around March, with summer setting in early June-ish. Then you can have great autumn weather with 15-20*C until mid-October. Summer is scorching, Mediterranean-style. Due to weather, I’d advise against going there in December (unless you like Christmas markets) through February.

I literally went to Vienna for a “game trip”, and it worked out great. As in any big city, there will be internationals, and because of Erasmus, there is quite a big foreign student environment to check out if you visit. I managed to get several flags, amongst them Spanish, Serbian, Croatian, Latvian and Austrian.

That entire year was quite transformative, and I took a lot of time to read philosophy, stopped reading the news and watching television, read various blogs, worked out a lot, met girls and partied—one could say I was truly swallowing the Red Pill, and I’m never going back.

A life where you truly realize how lonely you are is the one with the greatest potential for human connection. austrian girls date spot

[Kyle’s thoughts]

From what I saw (and I went out to some locals pubs)—I personally wouldn’t recommend Vienna as a place to go game. For half the price you can have a much better time in other places. I’d also be more inclined to head back to a place like Barcelona if I wanted to do Western Europe for game purposes.

I found myself a real Turgenev girl here, the proverbial unicorn.

But that’s why you learn game, so you can handle such situations without becoming a needy man, which in this day and age will scare off even a girl like that. Once you know you can consistently get pussy doing daygame; i.e. just living life—it loses its charm.

When you were that kid playing Counter-Strike and watching porn, you would have said…“No way man, I’ll never grow tired of going out and fucking random girls.”

But you do, you do, if you’re philosophically inclined and introverted.

But every man has his own satiety point, and I won’t be judged or judge anyone on that—I’m a staunch supporter that everyone should learn game and study human behavior. I also think that if you meet a virgin, think long and hard on what your goals with her are—there’s no shame in passing on a girl.

The world is fucked up enough as it is without us going around de-flowering Austrian girls for shits and giggles—that fucks with their minds.

Don’t let the game rule you.

Vienna Datasheet | Where to Find Austrian Girls

I advise anyone in Vienna to check out the Erasmus “buddy week” at the beginning of October/March, which is the initiation week for foreign students.

Tequila Tuesdays is also great at TravelShack because it’s an international party with a lot of students far away from the prying eyes of village gossip back home!

  • Charlie P’s: Centrally located pub, with a “disco” in the cellar.
  • Donau: Centrally located bar/club, entrance is hard to find, cool vibe.

Bars along the underground Line 6 (U6) from first to last:

  • Loco: club/bar with drink specials! 0.5€ mojitos anyone?! Wednesday has a big party there. Favourite spot of some smooth players I used to roll with.
  • Ride Club (neighbour to Loco): Monday is Erasmus-Party night!
  • Between Subway stops Josephstädter Strasse and Thaliastrasse there are many bars, e.g. Chelsea.
  • TravelShack: Tuesdays is Erasmus night! They serve ridiculous shots, like the “Chuck Norris” where you get a shot and the bartender slaps you in the face (for you guys that hate buying girls drinks). This is where I got the most lays/make-outs/numbers. They have a billiards section, a bar, a dancefloor with a stripping pole, and a karaoke room with a bar. Befriend some people in each room, just chill and coast around between groups and the girls will find you.
  • Flex: never went myself, but people seem to love it! It’s down on the main canal, which is cool in and of itself.

[Kyle here now.]

Huge thanks to our anonymous friend for answering all of these. An incredible insight to Austrian women and the city of Vienna. If you have questions or comments regarding any of this, leave ’em below.

PS: There are some Austrian girls on this dating site if you care to take a browse.

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