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Attention Is The Most Valuable Currency To Females



I’ve noticed something that has rung true for nearly every girl I’ve dated, and it’s that attention is by far the most valuable currency to women. Cold hard cash? 


Much like how women can’t resist the charm of the lothario despite their conscious protests, the subconscious is where the truth lies. Same holds true for attention – no matter how badly they say they don’t want it, don’t need it, and detest attention whores – all girls have their inner attention whore that needs to get paid in this most valuable currency. Attention.

Now, this is pretty battle tested throughout both of my long-term relationships, as well as girls that I not-so-casually dated. But, take the following situation and see if it can be applied to your own dating life, as well.

SCENARIO: You have a serious girlfriend. You live close to each other – we’ll say about a twenty minute drive apart. You tend to see each other three to four times a week, usually having sex every time. For the most part, you, the male, are in the position of being chased, rather than being the chaser. Things are “healthy” according how we know sexual dynamics works.

On the nights you don’t see each other, your girlfriend almost always fills her calendar. She invites friends over or does something with her family. If neither if these work out, guess what – she asks you for an extra night, or alternatively wants to spend a minimum of half an hour chatting on the phone.

On the flip side, the nights you don’t see her you are more than content to sit at home and do whatever floats your boat. Maybe one of those nights you call a buddy up and play pool or drink beer, but if it doesn’t work out, it’s not a big deal. Failure to set up time with your friends doesn’t result in you wanting to see your girlfriend more, and certainly doesn’t prompt you to call her for a thirty minute chit-chat session.

And if it does, you might need to start working on yourself a bit more.

Attention Is A Valuable Currency

The simple lesson in all of this is that women have this incessant need to be social all of the time. It never ends, and if you think about it a little deeper, it actually makes sense. Women need a constant stimulus in their brain in the form of a person to keep themselves from going absolutely crazy. What do I mean by this? Look no further than the hamster. If women are left alone with their own thoughts for even a night, they literally fill it with someone else – anyone – just to get out of their own head. Hence why you see women accepting dinner dates and other mundane activity requests from men who aren’t on their sexual marketplace level.

On the flip side of this, it’s no secret that nearly all men want sex. As a result, sex and attention is like making a foreign exchange transaction. Your level of game and confidence will dictate whether you get the good or bad end of the deal with the exchange rate.

Attention In Today’s World

It’s no secret that women get a lot of attention in today’s world. However, keep in mind that an overabundance of supply in economics eventually straights itself out. With smartphones and dating apps, women are not receiving an abundance of quality attention. Rather, it’s thirsty attention with dudes throwing out Hail Mary dates and hoping that a women will open her legs mouth and he’ll hook her.

With that noted, perhaps things aren’t really as bad in the West as everybody claims them to be. No, it’s no Budapest, but if you work on yourself and put your best foot forward, good things will happen for you. While the women here in the West can be degenerate cum dumpsters, a good chunk of the men aren’t much better.

Which means there’s plenty of room at the top for you.

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  1. You are Right.Evem long distance, you could drive a woman insane if you’re too available.
    It sucks and also they could lose respect for you and keep you in her Friendzone.
    Another thing, never ever become her therapist of listening to all her problems and try to solve them.

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