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The Ultimate Guide to Argentine Girls

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Argentine girls are world-famous for how hot they are. But did you know that Buenos Aires chicas are much more than pretty faces? They are also very educated, they’re fun, and they make for great partners in crime (figuratively speaking, don’t commit actual crimes).

It was high time that we did a post on them. And the time is now! Read on to learn more about:

  • The country that these beautiful women come from
  • How to impress Argentine girls
  • The dating culture
  • Keeping your Argentine girlfriend happy
  • How to party like an Argentine bad boy

And there is also much more so let’s dive straight into it all!

About Argentina

Argentina is a fairly well-known country. But just in case geography was not your strong side, here is a quick summary:

Population: 43.9 million as of 2016. It’s growing, too.

Capital: Buenos Aires is the capital and it’s fairly small, as far as Latin American capitals go. There are around 3 million people living in the metropolitan area.

Government: Democratic Federal Republic

Official Language: It doesn’t have one. Obviously, the most used language is Spanish and there are some indigenous languages spoken, too.

Religion: Christian, mostly Roman Catholic. The most recent statistics show that 77.1% are Roman Catholic, 10.8% Protestant, 10.1% are self-proclaimed atheists and 2.6% have some other religion (this includes a fairly large Muslima and Jewish community)

Flag: blue and white, with a yellow sun on the white band

Currency: 1 Argentine peso = 100 centavos. 1 peso is around 0.04 USD.

Argentine Girls

A Brief Geography Of Argentina

Argentina is in the south part of South America and it borders Bolivia, Brazil, Chile, Paraguay and Uruguay. The most obvious thing people associate with Argentina are the pampas.

Here is the thing: you don’t even realise how huge these plains are. They’re not like the lawn at your local park. They are not even like the lands that surround your city. Pampas are miles upon miles of nothingness.

The soil is fertile and it is used for grazing. That is where that infamous figure of the gaucho comes from. But, once again, a gaucho is not a farmer. He rides through vast territories of pampas, where the animals are free grazing.

Gaucho culture was what gave us the yerba mate (which you should definitely try during your trip) but, more importantly, it explains how Argentinian men claim to be.

Gauchos, Machismo, And The Importance Of Solidarity

Imagine you are a lone rider in the endless pampa. You don’t come home all that often. Most of the nights, you fall asleep right under the sky, camping out in the field. What are some things that could help you survive? 

Well, for one, it would be smart to know where you came from and where you’re going in the morning. Gauchos didn’t have satellite navigation. Even compasses were of limited use in the pampa. These are plains, there are miles upon miles without anything to differentiate them.

The easiest (and probably only) way to do it is to leave their saddle pointing in the direction where they were going. This way even if you don’t have any points to orient yourself, you would still continue the journey in the correct direction.

Now imagine you are chilling by the fire, just beginning to drift off, when you see another rider coming from afar. As he comes close, you realise he is your mortal enemy. What do you do? 

The rider could easily just move the saddle a bit and confuse you for days after that. Heck, you could get lost and actually die. And it’s just a small thing, not murder, not even stealing.

The thing is that gaucho code is about solidarity with others 100% of the time. You can dislike somebody, you could outright hate them. But you could never resort to low blows.

This is one of the gaucho traits that modern macho men in Argentina are very conscious of. The gaucho is a man of honour, he loves his friends, respects his enemies, and takes care of himself and his family. There is a great emphasis on independence and mature masculinity.

But, most importantly, the remains of gaucho culture mean that:

In Argentina You Have Competition

Argentine girls aren’t exactly spoiled for choice. However, local men are much better than elsewhere in South America.

Here is a couple of things that Argentine men have going for them:

  • They are handsome. There is no denying it. Women’s magazines have consistently ranked Argentine men as the hottest on the continent, if not in the world.
  • Chivalry is alive. Or, as The Telegraph put it “Argentine men could charm the birds from the trees.” Through a mix of flattery and gentlemanly acts, Argentine men manage to get almost any girl they want.
  • They are passionate. Although this is the stereotype for all of Latin America, in Argentina it’s on a whole new level. Smooching in public is the least of anyone’s worries and couples are visibly more into PDA.
  • Bad boy with a heart of gold. This telenovela stereotype is the character every dude from Argentina aspires to play. They are honourable and chivalrous, they respect other guys and they take great care of their girlfriends. At the same time, an Argentine man keeps his independence above all. This sometimes involves…

Infidelity: Your Secret Weapon?

The local men are notorious for cheating. They would melt a girl’s heart with romantic words and over-the-top compliments. Then they would say the same to five other Argentine girls in the same day.

You have to admit it, the men of Argentina have game!

This, however, becomes your best strategy against their charms. I guarantee any girl you meet has been cheated on by an ex. When you put yourself in her shoes, it’s easy to understand why loyalty is so important.

And hey, I will not sugar-coat it. Some Argentinian women can really be Latina crazy. They would look through their boyfriend’s messages, stalk his exes on social media, even insist that he block all the attractive girls who seem even remotely interested.

Why do they go to such lengths to “protect their territory”?

Argentine Girls Are Total Seductresses

There is a very good reason for jealous Argentine chicas. They know just how seductive and hard-to-resist their fellow Argentina sisters can be.

According to the social dating platform Second Love, Argentine girls are the only ones in Latin America that dare to take the initiative and contact men who they find interesting.

Unlike women from other countries, when a guy’s profile catches their attention, Argentines never hesitate to approach first. This doesn’t happen in other countries of the region.

But do you know what Second Love is? 

It’s not just any other dating site. It is a platform to find a lover, much like Ashley Madison. At the time they published their research, the email scandals had still not happened. People were finding a hot stranger to cheat with and apparently Argentine girls were pretty active there.

Second Love also mentioned that, even though men were still more likely to cheat, women’s infidelity rates had surged (while the ones for males remained completely stagnant).

Loyal women in Argentina now have to fear all other chicas, regardless of whether they have a boyfriend or not. Because of this, you should expect some distrust, especially in the early phases of a relationship. Thankfully, if you prove yourself to be actually reliable, there is nothing to worry about!

White Argentine Girls Vs Mixed-Race

Argentine Girls

In my humble opinion, mixed-race women are among the hottest in the world. But there is another reason to date darker-skinned girls.

Though there are exceptions to this rules, mestizo girls are much less flakey. One guy mentioned they are similar to the Colombian girls in terms of how hard they are to win over. But the emphasis is on similar, not the same. In Colombia, girls either disappear before the date or they are super enthusiastic throughout your interaction.

In Argentina, it seems that torture is their preferred method of seduction. For example, a girl would give you her number and then when she calls (notice that she is the one to take initiative!) to make plans she will mention a boyfriend completely out of nowhere. It’s not true, of course, it is a way to sort of test your interest.

This has backfired on a lot of foreign guys who don’t expect it. It is one thing to play hard to get—but Argentine girls take it to a new level.

One of these guys told me:

I had a couple of cases where the whole interaction started with great enthusiasm on her part. The girl would respond to messages directly and cover her texts in exclamation marks and emojis. In girl language, this usually means “I am interested”, right?


Half of those girls flaked when it came to making plans. Some of them would leave me hanging until a couple of hours or disappearing when the tame came to meet up. I tried that on a couple of girls, just to see if guys are allowed to, but I couldn’t even do it. It sucks to ghost another person, especially when it’s out of nowhere. 

Then he discovered the wonders of mixed-race women in Argentina. Maybe it’s because they don’t consider themselves as attractive. Maybe black families raise their daughters differently. Whatever it is, aim to date mestizo girls and you will experience as little flakiness as possible.

It Is So Hard To Get A Spectacular One

The average Argentinian girl is still very attractive. It is my personal belief that a 5 in Argentina is at least a 7 in the United States. However, it comes with a downside.

The really beautiful women take so much work! In the U.S. you could easily upgrade from a 5 or a 6 to a 7. It doesn’t take almost any work. In Argentina that is significantly more difficult.

For instance, you will get looks, giggles, and invitations from 5s and 6s quite often. 7s and up will only exist in your peripheral vision unless you know exactly who to target.

There are very sweet and beautiful girls that don’t take a lot of time and effort. Typically, those are the younger, less experienced girls. Be careful, though, Argentine girls start their dating lives early. Just because she’s young, it does not mean that she can’t be a player.

First Date With A Group

Yes, as weird as it may be, first dates often happen in a group setting. Even if it’s an online date. Especially if it’s an online date because she feels more secure this way. But here is the catch:

You can flirt with her friends. 

This is a pretty low blow but, surprisingly, it works quite well. If she asks you out to a party, this is not exactly a date. It is, however, an opportunity for you to play the field. Even if you don’t like the initial girl, the odds are that she will have at least one pretty friend. Argentine girls under the age of 30 do not like to make solo appointments, as in the United States.

Argentine girl gangs are your perfect friendly environment. Stay on good terms with the initial girl you met but don’t flirt with her too much if there is somebody else that you fancy. These sorts of mixed signals would have her believe that you prefer her and she will stick right onto you.

Here is the story of how this went for a friend of mine:

On my first day in Córdoba, this fairly unattractive girl decided to approach me at the shopping centre. I would not usually go for her but I wanted to practice my Spanish.

Because I was in a hurry at that point, I just gave her my number and had to run. To be honest, I had completly forgotten about the interaction until she called me later during the week. Natalia (yup, that was her) invited me to he friend’s birthday party. The place had so many beautiful girls that I quickly forgot about ugly Natalia.

There was an awkward moment where I saw her finally realise what was going on. That must have sucked for her and it still makes me feel a bit guilty. At the end of the night, though, I had had the chance to meet all these gorgeous women that I would not have otherwise.

Some men choose to actively seek out the ugly friends. Sadly, this could backfire quite easily (even though it usually works) because:

(1) You may not like your friends or they might be in relationships where the boyfriend would beat you to death, and

(2) Who wants to approach ugly girls on the regular anyway?

Is Córdoba The Best Place To Meet Argentine Girls?

The obvious choice for first-time visitors would be Buenos Aires. However, I firmly believe that Córdoba is the place to be if you want to meet Argentine girls.

The city has a lot of great young girls, due to a large university population. During the vacations, locals and girls from the suburbs and satellite cities are just as beautiful.

Besides, what do you think happens when a pretty young girl from a small city comes to Córdoba to study? She is ready for adventure, that is it. University girls in Argentina are the easiest to approach and they are the most sexually liberated.

Most of the girls in Córdoba are there for uni, away from their parent, and the rules in their house. They go with the flow and they are very interested in meeting new guys (because who has time for a real relationship anyway?)

Besides, Córdoba being a university city, the nightlife is vibrant and exciting on every single night of the week! What are you waiting for? Pack your bags already!

Less Is More

Remember what the research found? Argentine girls are very happy to approach guys themselves. So, if you are used to dating in the West you have to be at least 50% more passive than usual.

This “less is more” approach keeps her on her toes and, as a result, she gets less flakey.

Let the girl do some of the work, be it the first message, asking you out, or offering some coke for you two to do in the bathroom. JK, please don’t do coke (as popular as it may be in Argentina).

Unfortunately, many Argentine girls are used to putting zero effort and they expect men to just come running after them. If she doesn’t try, it is best to move on. Forcing the interaction or going straight only works on the desperate girls (a.k.a. the ugly ones).

Bear in mind that this passive approach would not work Brazil or Colombia. In Argentina, where girls are getting bossier by the minute, it’s the only strategy that works well. Your best option is to sit there, be cool, sip your drink, have some fun, and just hope for the best.

You will be very impressed at the girls and their natural beauty. Sadly, in many cases, they are quite strange, insecure and immature. This is why a push and pull style of game or simply letting her do the work are your best option.

Social Circle Dating

When I first went to Argentina, some guys told me that once you are in an Argentinian girl’s city and social circle, she will be much more tolerable. While this is true, it’s most accurate for expat Argentine girls.

Either way, these immigrant girls are easier to make plans and do not play childish games. I’ve heard that there are a lot of Argentine girls that love US ski resorts 😉

No, but expatriates and travellers aside, it is true that once you know a girl’s friends and you start hanging out with them, she will be much more easy-going. My theory is that when Argentine girls travel, they are outside their normal friend group and it makes them insecure. You are more likely to get with them when they’re like that.

Let Go Of This Argentine Girls Stereotype

The following is an actual quote on Argentine women:

Argentina is the only country where the quality of women is lower than the United States. I always landed fairly decent girls, but why bother? There are other countries where hot girls are much easier and they wear high heels instead of dirty Converse sneakers or cheap boots.

Now, this may be true, but only if you did not follow the rest of my tips. Argentine girls are actually very feminine, it just depends on where you go. Once again, it’s a matter of white Vs mixed-race. While there are some exceptions, in general, white girls are a lot more Westernized. As a result, they no longer embrace their femininity and some are just as bad as American feminazi.

On the other hand, women from more humble backgrounds, as well as mestizo girls that come from bigger, more fun families, are still fun and feminine. If you love high heels, rest assured you will see enough of them in Córdoba and Buenos Aires.

Argentine Girls Vs Other Latinas

But compared to other places, the amount of work that you have to put in is higher. This is true. But it’s also true that Argentine women are among the most attractive you will meet.

And do you know why they do it?

Because, unlike Brazil, where the society is surprisingly conservative, in Argentina, it’s very easy to stumble upon a fuckboy.

Come again? Brazil? Conservative?

Yes, actually yes. In Brazil, it’s fairly normal to get into a relationship after you have sex. In Argentina… Well, nope. Most women are just trying to protect themselves by acting all unapproachable and diva-like.

You can play on these insecurities. Is it a bit of a low blow? Totally, but hey, it gets you some gorgeous Argentine girls.

More Tips?

Well, those were my strategies. It doesn’t mean that they’re the best. If you have a different impression of Argentine women or a different approach that has worked splendidly for you, please share them in the comments below…

Good luck…

PS: The best place to meet the girls of Argentina online is right here…

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