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In episode 46 of Troublesome Radio, I delve into this question…

Are players broken?

Spawned by some comments on this post, I dig a bit deeper. Why do men go in vicious cycle of blue pill to alpha and then back to blue pill? Are you most productive when you’re in a relationship, or by banging a bunch of girls? What is the opportunity cost to both sides of this?

In addition, I share some more insights about my Ukrainian girl and her outlook towards This Is Trouble, and future plans.

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Kyle Trouble

I'm Kyle "Trouble". I'm a former computer engineer who left the 9-5 in LA at 24 years old and moved to Eastern Europe. I blog about dating, life abroad, and building successful and scalable streams of income.

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random guy - September 13, 2016

Players are not necessarily broken. Perhaps many of them have a compulsion to chase tail. It can be addicting. Can’t blame them for that.

That being said, most of the guys I’ve known who are ‘players’ are not particularly great guys. My experience with womanizers is that they usually don’t have fathers; think Bill Clinton. Also, they tend to not be very reliable towards other men. They rarely have strong male friendships, as they spend a lot of their time in the company of women. I hate stereotyping, but this seems to be the archetype for every player I’ve ever known. I would never be able to trust them with anything important, because they always seem to be running around with loose women. They tend to be pretty selfish as well, which of course makes them very attractive to women. Players do not make great male allies. I don’t pass judgement on them, because I do not envy them. But I also don’t take them very seriously either.

I used to envy players when I was younger. Now that I have a much better understanding of women, I do not envy them. Who would want to spend that much time chasing women? It get’s very old after a certain age or level of experience. Personally, the older I get, the less I want to deal with women. They usually don’t bring much to the table. Life has so very much to offer for a confident man. Women are really only a small fraction of what life has to offer.

    Kyle [] - September 13, 2016

    I’m starting to side that way too, and I’m simply not sure how I feel about the whole matter. Part of me thinks that I should be chasing tail into my 70s (Lord knows I’d be able to, too).

    But now that I’ve found a pretty good girl who does offer quite a bit :

    I’ve noticed a shift in my attitude. Whether it’s temporary or not will remain to be seen. I am enjoying how much work I’ve been getting done lately.

      bro - September 14, 2016

      Yes exactly. As you age and gain experience, you may begin to abandon old hobbies like chasing women, in favor of newer ones. Working and making money starts to become more satisfying than going after women every night. Making gains in life, which will make your life easier, better, and more free, becomes the top priority. Your tolerance for other peoples’ bullshit decreases, and you begin to value your own time and energy much more than before. Basically you become selfish, but in a good and productive way. Rather than squandering time and energy on women, you will do things for yourself, such as catch up on sleep, or whatever. It’s liberating. When you value your own time, other people will value you and your time more as well. Women can be huge time vampires. Limit the time you give them and they will perceive your time as more valuable. You can always make more money, but you cannot make more time. Your time and youth are your most valuable resource. Don’t make the mistake of squandering your time on others, especially if they are unworthy, needy, or parasitic in some way. I waste a lot of time in life, but I waste it on my terms, doing what I want to do. It’s a great feeling. I don’t do a typical 9-5, so I’m also not giving all my time to a greedy employer. Working too much is for suckers, especially if your labor primarily benefits someone else. I reject the advice of previous generations with regard to “work ethic.” Many of those people worked themselves to death and regretted it in the end. In the modern world a man can carve out a decent life and standard of living without selling his soul to an employer.

        Kyle [] - September 14, 2016

        Yeah, I’m finding it far easier to find new pursuits now that my actual livelihood and career is completely in my hand. Having to go back to the 9-5 grind would kill me. I’ll never do it. I’d rather go sexless for a year and work 18 hour days for that entire time, frankly.

        Great comment!

          all99kyle - September 14, 2016

          This whole thread is great. And I salute you, Kyle, for finding a girl you think is worth more of your time than many other women. I word it that way specifically because I think that is the objective reality of what a relationship is. Some people might get a little bent out of shape about “exclusivity” but it doesn’t mean you’ve “retired” or vowed to never sleep with another girl ever again. It means you’re really enjoying this one girl. And you’re entitled to that.

          I’ve been in 5+ year relationships and life is transient. I think the healthiest relationships come from abundant mindsets- understanding that it could end someday and being cool and comfortable with yourself even with that faintly looming. Accepting that it may not last “forever” gives each person the freedom to not get caught up in jealousy and manipulation. Those are the things that only stem from a mindset that this love MUST last “forever.” With abundance, you can go about your life pursuing other things that make you happy because you aren’t caught up in the craziness of “forever.”

          Kyle [] - September 14, 2016

          Yes, you have to be able to walk away still, even if it’s going swell. Or at least have the mindset that it WILL be okay if it does end.

          She is very supportive so far of my work and has even contributed here, so therefore all is very well for now. May be changing the direction of the blog slightly (more to come someday about that) so it’s good. For now.

Bullitt315 - September 14, 2016

About the angry men. I always figure learning game is like the five stages of grief
Denial- Women can’t be like this
Anger- Evil Fucking whores
bargaining – maybe I’ll find a girl who isn’t like that
Depression – I’m gonna die alone
Acceptance – Women aren’t so bad

I definitely had a long anger stage

    Kyle [] - September 14, 2016

    You missed the “I have superpowers phase”, usually somewhere in between anger and depression.

    It’s like, “Ohhhhh, this is what they’re like. Here is what I can do and I can fuck all of them. I WIN YOU EVIL BITCHES!!!”

    Depression and a crash comes after usually.

      Bullitt315 - September 14, 2016

      I missed that phase in real life too

        Kyle [] - September 14, 2016

        LOL. Well, if it makes you feel better…I used to think “I win!” every time i got my dick wet for the first time with a new girl.

        Now I look back and chuckle a bit.

ten zły - September 18, 2016

I personally don’t read your game post as often as this kind of things, because I’m simply not interested in game anymore. Not in traditional meaning of this world. And honestly sometimes it seems like you are trying to sell your products too much, but on other hand it is perfectly normal, it is your business after all.

And as for players being broken, they are. And there is no point in selling bull shit with nice words and so on. If somebody is unable to form relationship and have children, then that somebody is broken. But if you go by that standard, most of west is broken. I’m broken as well. So it is not saying that I’m better that players and trying to be on moral high ground. It is just simply saying facts. Same thing applies to gays, lesbians, sluts, incels and so on. Fuck, this world is like 60-90% of broken people.

Ofc being broken doesn’t mean that you can’t get better and heal. As matter of fact some players heal, some stay broken. Sometimes by choice, but that doesn’t mean that they are not broken.

    Kyle [] - September 18, 2016

    I don’t think you mean bad, but really–I push my products too much? That’s kinda fucked up to say.

    Putting a link at the end of every post is pushing too much? Yes, this is how I make a living. I also provide free content 7 days a week. And Twitter too.

    I estimate 99% of my content is 100% free.

    So yes, I will push my products at the end of that free content. I also don’t deny this at all. I want to sell stuff and make a living. Otherwise, I’ll have to return to a real job and won’t post all the free content.

    Everyone wins.

    Anyways, I digress.

    There are a lot of broken people out there. You’re dead on with that.

      ten zły - September 18, 2016

      Well, I dont think you are pushing them too hard. Not really. I get that you are trying to sell books, curses and so on and that is fine.

      But you are kinda mixing two worlds personal blog and business site.

      With other blogers is mostly one or other. More personal ones dont sell anything or not as much. Business ones sell like hell, all content on their site seems like one big ad.

      With you it is like you have this ad posts and normal posts. And honestly normal ones are better by far.

      But you know what? I dont have a fucking idea about bloging or selling books and courses. Maybe your way is better. For me it is just thing that I’m not used too.

      And if you thing about it, this gives you some creditibilty. At least your site isnt one big ad, like some others.

      Btw. I didn’t mean to ofend you, i really do like your blog. Some posts are gold.

        Kyle [] - September 18, 2016

        Appreciate the feedback! Really do. You did a good job articulating what I’m trying to do. And no offense taken.

        I want to help guys. Sometimes it’s with direct advice, sometimes it’s through my own stories. But you’ve probably noticed that nearly every post is somehow tied to some advice or wisdom I can pass on.

        But if my site became 100% internet affiliate marketing scam-feel, I’d want people to say something.

        I am really hoping I have found a good middle ground. I am trying to work the “normal” posts and just provide a link at the end (that ties in with theme of the post, and hopefully can make me some $$$).


          ten zły - September 18, 2016

          Over all your blog is solid. So I think you are doing good job.

          And it is not like it is possible to keep all your posts in top quality, because by law of probabilty you will have better and worse posts.

          What counts is avarege quality over time. And I think yours is pretty good. Ofc like with everything can ve improved upon.

          Btw. I would really like to see some product by you not strictly about women. I would gladly buy it. You have some deep thought sometimes and I enjoy reading it. You should try to make a bit of $ not only from your game stuff.

          Kyle [] - September 18, 2016

          I actually have the first few chapters of a book on masculinity done, but not sure when or if it will be done.

          Is that what you meant or did you have something else in mind?

          I am doing amor of experimenting with making money online with other endeavors. I get to build new income streams and give advice how to. I’m not sure how a product with that would work though.

          ten zły - September 18, 2016

          That might be it. Ofc it depends, what exactly will it be about, because masculinity is broad topic. You can go many ways about this book.

          It nice that you are trying different things. There many players, player-like and even scam books on the market, not like few years before. For me it is kinda surprising that you still can sell anything. I mean, from what I can see you have good quality content, but still with some many competitors it is sure not easy task.

          Kyle [] - September 18, 2016

          It’s definitely not easy, which is a big part of why I’ve been going the “make money online/break free” message lately. You’ll see a lot more, too.

          There is only so much to write about game.

          And I know a lot of guys want to break out of the dregs of corporate life. So maybe that’s my calling. We’ll see!

        Veni Vidi Vici - September 30, 2016

        Curses cost money? I that must be one hell of a product in fact so good you can swear on it…

xsplat - October 4, 2016

This is the first podcast of yours that I’ve listened to. Coincidentally my latest post was on a parallel topic.

Great podcast. I’d like to meet you some time.

    Kyle [] - October 4, 2016

    Thanks, glad you liked it. I’ve read your blog on and off for years. Much appreciate the compliments.

    I’m in Kiev if you’re in the neighborhood of Eastern Europe.


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