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Here’s everything I use in my day-to-day life; whether it be for picking up girls, working out, designing websites, building businesses, and more.

Note: Many of the below are affiliate links; I earn a small commission on anything you choose to purchase. Please understand that I have legitimate experience with each and every one of these products and companies, and wouldn’t put my name, brand, and reputation on the line to earn an extra couple bucks in my next affiliate check. As always, do your homework, and please do not purchase any of these products if you don’t think it will help you move forward with life. Please feel free to ask any questions in the comments below or email me at – I’ll be happy to answer any and all questions.


A MAN IN DEMAND ACADEMYFull disclosure: Christian McQueen is a friend of mine, but…wow. If you want the ultimate guide from going from shy and feminized man to full-on international playboy, this is the course for you.

CRACKING OKCUPIDYes, this is my book, but I utilize the concepts in it everyday across multiple online dating websites. To get a preview of the book, you can read an excerpt here.

RED PILL ORGASMOne of the better straightforward sex guides out there, this book was instrumental in me becoming a more dominant man and a better lover. You can read my review here.

CURING APPROACH ANXIETYI have a free video out that details my tips and technique.


17 Steps to Give Her a Multi Orgasm Experience

Sexual Dominance

Mastering OkCupid

How to Write a Panty Moistening Tinder Bio

Everything Fatherhood for the Young Guns


ADRAFINIL [Adrafinil Depot]: Helps you focus and achieve your goals. It is an unbelievable nootropic. I have used Adrafinil to help me build my businesses, write a book, and so much more. Read about my experiences here.

MODAFINIL [Modafinil Cat]: A little harder to get your hands on than Adrafinil, but slightly more potent. Modafinil Cat is a legit vendor, myself and multiple friends have had good experiences with them.

THEANINEA calming supplement that improves cognitive function…and also helps you with the fear of approaching women. Absolutely worth taking a test drive. (Note: I recommend taking caffeine with it for best cognitive function).

RED COFFEE [Red Supplements]: The coffee brainchild of a couple of fellow bloggers. Brewed fresh in Peru, it’s really good coffee (read my full review of it here).


THRIVE THEMESEvery one of my websites, including This Is Trouble, now runs on Thrive Themes. I will not use any other themes. They are hands-down the best out there as far as beauty, responsiveness, and being audience friendly.

BLUEHOSTDisclaimer: This Is Trouble currently is stuck on GoDaddy which is slow as balls. When this site gets big enough I’ll be transitioning back to WordPress hosting with Bluehost (Bluehost was one of the first hosts I ever used for web design – way back in 2005 – ha!). Bluehost is the platform I recommend for any new prospective clients I design websites for.

AWEBERMailchimp and AWeber are the too big players in this market. There are other options out there, but none are as big as these two. And I hate Mailchimp; I think their interface is archaic and lackluster.

LEADPAGESPlease note: THIS IS AN ADVANCED TOOL AND IS NOT CHEAP. Please do not buy this product unless you are at a point you are reaching 1,000+ people a day and are truly ready to take the next step. Otherwise it is not worth the investment. But…there’s nothing better out there for building quick sales/landing pages, and more.

WESTERN DIGITALThe best hard drives in the world, hands-down. I’ve built close to 200 computers in my life and they have never let me down. I also use their external hard drives on the road, and their network drives for my home RAID network systems.

KEEPASSThe best way to keep your passwords safe and secure without having to remember everything.

FLUX: Dims your screen and keeps your eyes healthy.

Side note: Read this post before you start a blog or a website. It may or may not be for you.


AIRBNB: <- Use that link to get $20 off your first booking. There is simply no other way to travel. It’s how I rent apartments for short bang mission trips, as well as long-term rentals in a new city.

BACHELOR TRAVELSMy blog dedicated to miles and points hacking, credit card churning, and much more. I also use it to post pictures of my travels and city reports – though it’s a bit more PG rated than This Is Trouble.

MILLION MILE SECRETSThe site I learned about miles and points hacking from.

GOOGLE FLIGHTSThe best way to find your flights for good prices.


TODAY I Am Quitting My Job and Living Abroad

My $1,800 Flight for $93


CONDOMS [UNDERCOVER CONDOMS]: Good prices on bulk supply of condoms – something every player should have a solid stash of. Here are some of my favorite brands and types.

MELATONINI use this to cut down my necessary ours of sleep by about 1-1.5 with no side effects of fatigue. In addition, it will help you fall asleep faster, and will help improve sleep quality.

PSYLLIUM HUSKDon’t really care to get into too much detail about bowel movements…but read up on it!

STOP ARMPIT SWEATINGJust read that link.