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I Saw the Apocalypse Today at the Cafe

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Hold my hoses.

I just sat down at an outdoor café here in Ukraine to write this post, mostly out of shock at what I just witnessed.

While walking here, at a different café, sitting on the terrace was a couple. They were probably a few years younger than me (27). Let’s say 22-23.

Both of these people had something in their hand…

It wasn’t a smartphone.

It wasn’t a tablet or a laptop.

Or even a cup of coffee.

No, both of these people had a PHYSICAL PAPER BOOK in their hands.

Not even a Kindle or an e-reader.

Actual, paper books…

It sounds ridiculous, but I actually did a double-take when I saw it, I could barely believe my eyes. I mean, young people? With books? Books. Yes, those things. For the record, I moved away from the whole paper-books thing when I moved abroad, and went with the Kindle full-time.

I’ll just say this:

It was weird.

What a weird world we live in, eh?

Anyways, while we’re on the subject of Ukraine, I got this email the other day:

“Kyle I am in odessa ukraine now . Would love to chat to you . My viber or what’s up or telegram number is [removed, obviously]. I have been disillusioned with ukraine girls . Most scammers to some variation of professional daters or down right prostitutes with a story . I would like to get some help from you please . I will be here one more week . I can tell my story and may be you can use it in your troubled times blogging .”

Unfortunately, I’ve been roped a few too many times with the “listen to me and maybe you’ll get something out of this for your work” kinda of message.

The result is usually me getting on the phone.

And then being stuck there for the next 45 minutes to an hour…

Rarely taking anything of value from it besides a sob story.

However, had this guy been a “Trouble Times” subscriber, I might have entertained the idea of a phone call or at least a back and forth via email (one of the perks of your subscription is getting to ask me any and all questions, such as this reader did a few weeks ago.

I mean, I hate to say it, but I’ve said numerous times on my podcast, blog, and to this very email list…a lot of the “beachy” places in Eastern Europe are full of even more prominent scams than your normal foreign place.

Something about the beach.

And lots of tourists.

Lots of “opportunities” to take money.

I do wish I could have helped said reader more, but I am certainly not in the business of doing free phone calls. Most of you understand this.

Overseas dating has plenty of advantages.

And yet, plenty of pitfalls, too, as this email illustrates perfectly.

Anyways, deadline is approaching quickly if you want to get the June edition of the newsletter.

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