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An Easy and Effective DHV



*Note: this post has been in drafts for over six months. Sorry I’m holding back so many secrets!

In case you need a refresher:

DHV: Presentation that will increase your value in the opinion of your audience.

In this case, the audience is – womenzzz. So admittedly my moral compass doesn’t always point due North – but hey, that’s why you read this blog in the first place, isn’t it? It’s not “Moral and Ethical Ways to Fuck Women”, is the title of this website. No, no. You come hear to read the fucked up thoughts of a raging, misogynistic lunatic who gives damn good advice, come to find out.


So should you listen to me and pull this little stunt? It’s about as sly as the gem I shared last week:

Now, to the point of the article, there were no less than a half dozen cute girls that came through my apartment that day. Granted, none of them are actually getting the apartment, but they were there and I was in position of authority. Not that I was trying anything with a girlfriend in the wings, but it would have been easy pickings if I’d run a little game.

How much more evil advice could I possibly have to offer? Well, this piece of advice applies to girls you are either 1.) already dating and need a little competition anxiety or 2.) are past the pickup phase, trying to fuck; preferably with a date together under the belt. It will make her hamster spin in glorious circles at warp speed in the hamster ball until it is derailed by an avalanche of pussy tingles. An incredibly simple and effective demonstration of higher value is…

Leave fresh flowers in a vase out in your apartment.

When your girl arrives at your apartment and sees these, she’ll no doubt ask where they came from. Just brush it off like it’s no big deal – you get flowers all the time. Note that they need to be fresh – fake or rotten flowers won’t be as effective.

Please note that if you can’t swat shit tests off like pesky flies, this move is not for you.

Good luck!

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