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How My Mom Became a Superstar with Adrafinil



Not too long ago, I wrote an article about my experiences with Adrafinil and full-heartedly recommended that people give it a shot. I experienced a similar effect on Adrafinil as I did Modafinil, and at a cheaper price point (and not requiring a prescription like Modafinil), it seemed like a no-brainer to me.

Truthfully, some of the reviews have been mixed – albeit I believe that a lot of it is due to people not having a set plan when they plan out their day on Adrafinil.

While I’ll address those concerns, first I want to share a success story. Of my own mother.

I moved some things home from Los Angeles before departing for Europe, and while I was there my mom saw my bottle of Adrafinil pills. She was naturally curious, so I encouraged her to give one a shot for a day; she has a pretty tough new job in some insanely analytic finance/loan position, and she’s admittedly been struggling with it a bit.

It took a bit of convincing (this woman doesn’t even drink caffeine or booze, after all), but finally I told her to try half a pill for a day and to see what happened.

She came home at 5:00pm the day she took Adrafinil, and the first words out of her mouth were, “What’s the biggest bottle of Adrafinil that I can order?”

She went from mulling over just one or two files a day to knocking out three to four with relative ease – she basically doubled her productivity. She said everything seems so focused and clear, and it keeps her awake, alert, and on task throughout the day.

Now to be fair, I understand that some people just don’t seem to react to stimulants like Adrafinil. Obviously, with her being my mother, we have the same genes – so you’d expect her to do well on it. I certainly can’t guarantee performance for anyone who takes Adrafinil. With that being said, some people on the last post said it simply did not do anything for them. However, when questioned…

It turns out they didn’t have much of a plan.

They took the Adrafinil, and basically just hoped for the best. One person even admitted they took it, and laid in bed waiting for motivation to hit.

Nootropics, motivation, and hell – LIFE – don’t work like that.

Adrafinil only works if you have a plan of action. If you’re already motivated. It does not turn you from a hobo to a millionaire overnight. Nothing will, except maybe a winning lottery ticket.

Instead, use my mom as an example. She declined my offer to write her own guest post, saying she thought it would be weird. But here is her “routine” on days she takes Adrafinil (once or twice a week).

6am: Wake up, take 300mg Adrafnil, have a small meal (she doesn’t eat much – we’re talking a half a cup of cereal or something of the sort).

10am: Small snack.

– Noon: Lunch (again, small meals).

– 3pm: Small snack.

– 5pm: Workout

– 6pm: Dinner (larger meal – I encouraged her to do this to help take the effect off, as she was having trouble sleeping).

That’s just it, but the key thing is: she has work she already has planned and has to do at her job. She has specific assignments, tasks, and projects that she already knows she’s going in to do. On top of that, they work in a queue system – so if she finishes one, she gets another. It truly never stops, which is the difference in how things work on Adrafinil. She has set goals and targets to hit. She is not laying in bed and hoping that motivation hits.

And really, this is the case for any aspiring entrepreneur – if you aren’t motivated to put in the work, you’re going to sink…your only option truly is to swim.

So for those of you who have not had success with Adrafinil – have a set plan. Don’t eat much on those days (if at all). Considering mixing your Adrafinil with caffeine.

For God sakes, don’t stare at the wall. Just do.

Time to work,


P.S.: What are you waiting for?

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