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My Adrafinil Reviews: Does Modafinil’s Little Bro Stack Up?



When it comes to Adrafinil reviews, you probably haven’t heard as much about it as it’s big (or little, depending on how you look at it) brother – Modafinil.

Modafinil, of course, has been compared to the movie Limitless and it’s superdrug within it’s plot, NZT. But for one reason or another, there aren’t as many Adrafinil reviews scattered across the Internet as modafinil. Despite fundamentally being the exact same drug and achieving the exact same effect at the end of the day, Adrafinil reviews are hard to find and it just doesn’t seem to have the “sex appeal” as Mr. Big Brother Modafinil.

Well, my Adrafinil reviews and experiences are here to change your mind.

Do you have trouble focusing?

Better yet, do you have something more productive you could be doing right now as opposed to reading my blog?

Yeah, probably.

But hold tight because this post might change your life and solve all of your focusing problems.

Maybe you have a tight deadline at your soul-sucking office job, and you’re in danger of losing your position. Perhaps you’re trying to write a new book. Or you have a brutal Calculus III final less than 48 hours away – you haven’t started, and the last time you went to class was…well, you can’t remember.

You get my point.

Everything and anything seems like a better alternative than doing what you should be doing. You need the focus. That’s why I’m doing Adrafinil reviews.

I know some of you are thickheaded. Fucking hell, I definitely am at times. Sometimes, you just need things spelled out for you, step by step, to eliminate the guesswork. Sometimes you don’t want to admit it, out of pride. I get it.

Or maybe you feel like it’s cheating.

I used to be a semi-pro racer (karts). Trust me, if you ain’t cheating you ain’t trying.

So get over it.

Adrafinil Reviews: What Is It?

In a nutshell, Adrafinil is a tiny little white pill that gives you insane focus, concentration, motivation, and above all – simply makes you get shit done.

That’s the easy, layman definition.

Originally promoted as a “wakefulness” drug, Adrafinil was often prescribed to people who worked the night shift or various odd schedules. But eventually, the creators found that it had extreme cognitive enhancement as well. It not only made people more alert, but improved focus, increased learning retention rates, and made problem-solving easier. For those of you who love caffeine, you know that it can do all of these, but it’s on a much smaller scale than Adrafinil.

In fact, it’s not even close. Caffeine is the Honda Civic that takes you to point A to point B.

Adrafinil is akin to doing that same drive in a Ferrari supercar.

Adrafinil Reviews: Why Should I Take It?

Well, read what I wrote above.

Are you saying you don’t want to become smarter, more motivated, and get more shit done?

If that’s the case then by all means, go start working on whatever you were supposed to be doing rather than reading my blog. In five minutes, you’ll probably be clicking over to Reddit or another time-wasting website instead of doing what you should be doing.

Do you remember the first time you had coffee?

Do you recall how focused and enhanced you felt? First-time coffee drinkers have an incredibly high, that hopefully lasts them…maybe five hours. Now, I’m not hating on coffee. I drink it straight black everyday, and love it. But after a week of drinking coffee, it no longer becomes an enhancement. It becomes a survival tool. Instead of using it to make yourself sharper, you end up using coffee simply to be at a “normal” level.

Despite this, coffee (well, caffeine) is the most popular drug in the world – and probably always will be.

Adrafinil was designed to mitigate side effects of coffee, such as…

  • The coffee crash – you know that 2pm feeling? There’s a reason 5 Hour Energy uses that so often in their marketing. Everyone is familiar with it. You’ve had coffee, had lunch, and all you want to do is curl into a ball.
  • Coffee jitters.
  • The tolerance – as I said, within a week or so of drinking coffee, it’s no longer the same effect. Sure, you can weed off of it, but it’s so readily available that that is far easier said than done. Most of you work office jobs (as of two days ago I no longer do ;)), how the hell can you stay away from coffee when there is a coffee machine pouring out caffeinated goodness every ten feet? It’s hard. You don’t take an alcoholic to the liquor store, do you?

I have rave Adrafinil reviews because it provides the same benefits of coffee but does do a great job of mitigating some of these side effects; though I should note that it’s certainly not perfect.

  • The crash is virtually nonexistent, but if you forget to eat and “ween yourself off of it” at the end of the day you might have a “hangover” the next morning.
  • No jitters. Just insane focus.
  • You can build a tolerance, but it’s harder to build one compared to coffee. I’ve used Adrafinil two times a week for the last month, and so far I have not felt a tolerance built up. I suspect I might if I doubled the usage per week though – but then I would likely just do a month on/month off cycle.

Adrafinil Reviews: How I Take It

Adrafinil takes about an hour to start taking effect. I usually pop it (1x 300mg pill) on my way out the door to work, so that I can get to the office, do menial tasks, get settled, and then start the real work (i.e. writing blog posts for this website or working on side projects – all on the company dime, baby!).

If it’s a weekend and I’m dedicating my entire day to hustling, I usually take the pill, head to the gym and workout for an hour, then return home. This allows me to fully maximize my day. I get my best work done at night, not during the day, so I usually “sleep in” on weekends; usually up by 8am, sometimes as late as 9-9:30am. By the time I’ve showered and had a quick post-workout meal, the Adrafinil has started to take effect and I buckle down for the day.

Then I work all day.

12 hours usually, minimum. That is how my Adrafinil experiences have been.

Sometimes I alternate this and do the gym at the end of the day, and those workouts are off-the-charts as far as quality goes. After that, I eat a big meal to fight off the potential hangover, then work a bit more or just relax for the evening.

I’ll still drink coffee throughout the day, mostly just out of habit and to help curb appetite; though you’ll find it’s easy to do an all-day fast when you’re on Adrafinil.

Adrafinil Reviews: Examples of Work

  • I built my entire niche website, Types of Tequila and wrote the first 7 articles in about five hours on Adrafinil. You can read about it more here.
  • I wrote this massive self improvement post on Adrafinil.
  • I’ve used it to focus in and hunt down insane travel deals like my $1,800 flight that I paid $93 for.
  • I’ve started building my first online course, The Harem Handbook with the help of Adrafinil. This is the first time I’ve actually designed and built an online course and it’s cut my learning curve significantly.

Do you really need more evidence than that?

Adrafinil Reviews: Vs. Modafinil

As I said, Modafinil has all the sex appeal.

But Adrafinil is the exact same thing. When your liver processes Adrafinil, it literally turns the Adrafinil into Modafinil. Therefore, these two drugs are essentially the same thing! Of course, everyone is different and you might react different to them, but in general, you should still have a similar effect.

I have a Modafinil review post coming out next week, and I’ll do a full compare/contrast of the two drugs in the coming weeks, too.

But the biggest difference that is worth mentioning: Modafinil isn’t legal without a prescription. And even if you do get a prescription (don’t worry, I’ll write a post on how to do that too, as I did obtain one), it can be insanely expensive depending on your insurance (unfortunately I can’t help you there). My doctor told me that it’s common for people to pay upwards of $200 for 30 100mg pills of Modafinil; though it’s worth noting that Adrafinil must be a higher dose because it has to be processed via the liver.

On the other hand, you can order Adrafinil online right now for $29.95 and it’ll show up to your house in a couple of days.

Adrafinil Reviews: General Tips

  • HAVE A GOAL ALREADY. This is so important. I’ve had days where I used it at work where I didn’t really have a goal going into the day. I do this often because…well, sometimes I got interrupted with my real job.
  • Write everything down that you want to accomplish. Don’t use the Adrafinil effects to do this – use them to accomplish the list. You can write the list while you have that hour or so waiting period for Adrafinil to kick in.
  • Don’t eat, or keep it light. It enhances the effect. Exception is if you do the workout first, but still – keep it healthy and light.
  • Get up and stretch, do a few pushups, etc. – my eyes, wrists, and back have ached after a back-to-back Adrafinil marathon.

Adrafinil Reviews: Conclusion

Taking the plunge of spending a whole $29.95 to give you a fantastic edge is just too much to handle for some people.

Don’t let yourself be dissuaded. It’s all it’s cracked up (no pun intended!) to be.

I ordered my first batch of Adrafinil from Adrafinil Depot and couldn’t be happier. It arrived quickly and I’ve been very pleased with the product. I plan to order two 90 pill bottles before I leave on my worldwide jaunt.

You can buy Adrafinil by clicking here.

P.S.: Stay tuned for my post on Modafinil next week.

New book coming out on March 7th – click here if you want to learn about how to travel the world and meet lots of foreign cuties.

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  1. I have used both Adrafinil and Modafinil. Modafinil gives me a bigger boost, but also gives me a headache and makes me very irritable when interrupted as well as taking longer to flush out of my system so I can sleep. I have to take Modafinil before 7AM if I need to be asleep by midnight. Adrafinil, on the other hand, seems milder, gives me a bit less boost and focus, but doesn’t give me a headache or make me as irritable and I have an easier time sleeping that night.

    I also use L-Theanine more often just to be more alert in the morning.

    Yes, this is a very late reply, I just started reading your blog.

    1. Welcome! Thanks for reading.

      Seems your experience is pretty similar to mine – albeit I don’t have any problems falling asleep. As long as I eat a big meal it seems to let me come down pretty easily. Add in a glass of whisky and some sex, I’m good to sleep.

      Have you tried caffeine to help combat the headache? Works for me.

      Again, thanks for reading. Hope to have you comment more!

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