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The Story Behind This Is Trouble

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About My Work

In July of 2013, I launched this blog with the title of This Blog Will Get Me In Trouble. I had been on quite the host streak with the ladies, having weeks like this.  I wanted a place to profile it and to track the progress I was making within the game. Why that title? Simply because I feared the repercussions of friends, family, or employers finding the blog and reading about how I was out drinking and frolicking around making love to beautiful young women. Eventually, I decided I simply no longer cared much and/or got lazy about anyone members finding it. Girls I’ve dated have found it, my sister has found it, and even my current girlfriend stumbled across it to her dismay.

Eventually, in October of that year, the site started to get a little traffic – so I registered the site as I thought it was catchy and I liked the acronym – TIT. I mean, who doesn’t love TITs?

Around that same time, I started writing as a weekly columnist at the increasingly popular Return Of Kings. My work there has garnered quite a bit of attention; and it makes sense, considering I have written on topics such as things women should be shamed for, why people on welfare should be killed, how homosexuals are ruining athletics, and how women are incapable of handling any form of rejection. My ROK column runs on Friday of every week and is posted here the following week, usually on Wednesday.

In April of 2014, I released an eBook, the San Diego Nightlife Guide. In conjunction, I launched online and in-person dating coaching for the San Diego area with the San Diego Nightlife Guide website.

In June of 2014, I put out a free travel memoir of my recent trip to Europe.  There are several more books and projects in the works for the remainder of the year, which I will announce here.

I’m also active on Twitter, and you can always email me.

My Red Pill Path

In my sophomore year of high school, I stood 5’8″ and a whopping 210+ pounds. At a family event, my cousin made some remark about how fat I was. This lita fire under my skin and I proceeded to drop nearly 80 pounds over the next eight months. That cousin is now a land whale. I wish I could say I felt sorry for her; but if she choked on her own fat rolls and died, I’d laugh.

While undergoing this transformation I developed a huge crush on a pretty blonde  I pursued her endlessly, getting her flowers on Valentine’s Day as one cheeseball example. I learned to play guitar to impress her.  We had hour long phone conversations where we talked about our feelings. I felt like I was winning this girl over completely. I woke up thinking about her, looked forward to going to school to talk to her, and fell asleep with waves of luscious blonde hair and piercing blue eyes dancing through the clouds.

She ended up choosing the metal guitarist with long hair and piercings. They married in 2009 and moved to Hawaii, last I knew. I have never spoken to her again.

Upset, and being the computer whiz I am, I turned to Google for the answers I seek.  I ran across The Game by Neil Strauss.  Little did I know, I would never, deep down, look at male-female interactions the same (save for some stupid relapses). At this point in my life, I still have never kissed a girl. When I’m 17, I went up to a group of three girls outside the movie theater, and open them with, “Do I look gay?”  I walked away ten minutes later with three phone numbers.  My two friends are dumbstruck at how I did it. I just smile. I opened them, negged, established rapport, and closed the deal.  I think there’s a future PUA in training.

In the fall of 2009 I headed off to San Diego to one of the largest party schools in the country. At this point, I had still never kissed a girl. I went through my entire freshmen year, while living in a dorm hall with dozens of sluts, and managed to never lock lips with anyone. Finally, with two weeks to go in the final semester of the year, I went on a date with a dance team beauty and sealed the deal – and by that I mean a badly-fumbled peck on the lips.

She made my life a living hell for nearly two years until the early months of 2012. After the break up, I stumbled around blindly trying to figure out girls. At this point, I was nearly 21 years old and have absolutely zero knowledge about attracting and keeping a girl(s). I got lucky a few times here and there, but finally(!) I stumbled across the Manosphere and the Red Pill. My world was opened up again, except this time I was given real, definitive answers as to why I was fed lies my entire life.

The nice guy never finishes first.

I started to make lifestyle changes instead of pick-up artist band-aids, and here we are today.

Around November of 2013 I started to take a special appreciation to one of the three girls I was seeing, Holly. I met her family at Thanksgiving, then brought her home around Christmas to meet my own. Eventually, I decided I didn’t like the idea of playing the other two girls I was seeing (here and here) and committed to Holly; who then proceeded to find my blog. Maybe I should have been more careful after all. As of writing this on May 14th, 2014 – we are still together and I am quite pleased with my choice.

UPDATE: We broke up in July of 2015 and I’ve been on a rampage since then.


Personal Tidbits

My name is Kyle.  I am 24 years old and currently reside in Los Angeles, California.  I grew up in a small suburb of Sacramento, California – moving to San Diego at 18.  I obtained a Bachelor’s degree in Economics, but I work as a Data Systems Engineer for a large company doing corporate-level and high-security support.

In my down time, I play guitar, piano, and ukelele.  I used to write songs, but it’s not my thing anymore.  I work out almost every day of the week.  I used to be a competitive cyclist and triathlete but these days most of my regimen consists of weight lifting and cardio intervals.  I obviously like to write, and by reading my posts, you can probably tell I to discuss girls, economics, politics, and psychology.

Other hobbies include web/graphic design, cooking, and as of recently, traveling.

If you want to know more random shit about me, feel free to read this.