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A Test Of Your Game – Reader Answers




Here is the scenario I proposed yesterday:

I’m walking down the street in between my two buddies.  I’m rocking a navy blue blazer, sharp dress shoes, and perfectly groomed facial hair.  As I’m walking, a cute girl makes eye contact with me.  She’s about 5’7″, with a killer body and long, brown hair.  As I walk closer to her, I flash a smile.  She returns it.  As I’m nearing here, about to walk past, she grabs my arm and stops me.  I turn my body slowly, and look at her.

“Wow, you have…really pretty eyes,” she says, in a coy manner.

What would you say?

Quite a few people chimed in with their opinions.  Thanks to all for contributing.  The reactions were varied:

Doctor Illusion went the cocky route:

“I doubt it’s my eyes you’re thinking about right now.”

realest102 said:

“Thanks, I got them for my birthday. So, where are you headed?”

I’ll be honest, I’m not a fan of this one.  She opened you, so make her keep chasing.  The “where are you headed” seems completely supplicating to me.

Dancat had what was probably my favorite for low-investment, cocky-aloof vibe:

“Thanks, I workout.”

FyDo had an suave take as well:

Grab her hand and give her a half spin, check out her ass, then spin her back facing you.

“Wow, you have … really nice hair”


Your boys know whats up, they suddenly have places to be.

Danny went the bold route:

reply- “i know.” and smile.

then ask her if she makes a habit of compliments random guys eyes. her response is irrelevant. hand her your phone and tell her to punch in her number. ask her name, NEVER give your name until she asks.

tell her you’re in the middle of something and she’ll hear from you soon.

if you’ve got some free time ask what she’s doing and take her somewhere to chat. if the IOI’s and kino is there, tell her you know she’s waiting for you to kiss her. if she doesn’t say anything and just smiles. make your move. ask her where she lives, then tell her you’d love to see her place.

Keanu and LaidNYC had the best overall insight into the situation though.


This one’s easy to overthink, but the reality is that she’s just thrown you a softball. It’s yours to fuck up.

“Thanks. What’s your name?”


First thing, my “she wants to fuck” alarm would be going off.

Since she initiated the physical contact, I would escalate it a bit, maybe put my hand on her hip.

I have no immediate witty remark off her opener so I’d say a simple “thank you” and comment on how confident/brave she was to approach me. Then flow into normal game, maybe a brief cold read or tease based on what she’s wearing or her ethnicity, followed by the ‘what are you doing tonight’ feeling out.

My friends would hopefully wait and talk amongst themselves until they were introduced, preferably around the 3 minute mark, any more might be socially awkward. It’s good to have game-trained friends. But seeing how its 3 on 1, if they swarm and both try to run game/get attention, they can blow it for you. Hopefully when they join the conversation they know enough to defer to my leadership and cut back a little on the friendly teasing until the girl is more assimilated into the group’s vibe.

Then invite her to join where we’re going (if possible) and run autopilot don’t fuck it up game, she approached me for fucks sake. Make callback humor about my “pretty eyes” and frame her as the pursuer all night. Escalate physically while denying it verbally “I’d never make out with a girl I met on the street”

This is same night lay material, so I’m pulling out all stops not to settle for a phone number. Condom up.

Of course, I have boring brown eyes so this situation wouldn’t happen to me, a cute girl is far more likely to comment on my bulge.

All of the above can be correct if body language, frame, tone of voice, etc., is all correct.  However, I tend to agree with Keanu and LaidNYC – you aren’t going to get many opportunities like this, so just don’t fuck up.  You don’t need a special line or gimmicks.

Isolate, escalate, close…+1.

For the record, my response to the girl opening me was, “Are you trying to flatter me?”

She said, “Maybe…umm, yes,” with a coy smile.

I will continue to abuse my green/hazel beauties until the day I die.

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