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A Man In Demand Academy: How to Go From a Shy Nerd to Social Star

Gentlemen, raise your hand if you actually enjoyed, or enjoy, school and learning in a classroom.

I see there aren’t many hands, and it’s understandable. With today’s world, most teachers are incompetent, don’t know how to engage students, and many times the subject matter simply isn’t good and/or relevant.

It costs many people $100k+ to get a college education. At the end of four (or six, or eight) years, how many people can truly walk out in their gap and gown and say that they truly learned something that would have a major impact on their lives?

Frankly, not many. It’s pathetic. It’s especially pathetic because after dedicating yourself to something for a minimum of four years – it damn well SHOULD HAVE made a huge impact.

Many people go through the school system and take nothing from it.

Enter A Man In Demand Academy.

Christian McQueen’s course provides more actionable and relevant advice about life lessons than any college degree, and it costs far less than $100,000, and is far more valuable.


A Man In Demand Academy is a 24 module course that makes you a man. 

People talk about boys becoming men all the time, but for most men in today’s world, it’s simply blind luck. If you’re been shy, constantly rejected, and have always felt like the deck has been stacked against you, then this academy will turn your life around.

Here are just a few examples of what’s in the course:

Module 3: I teach you exactly How To Develop A Commanding Voice through practical exercises you can start using today.

Module 15: I teach you exactly How To Get Her On A Date, using text and phone calls. With detailed scripts for you to follow, this module will help you tremendously.

Module 19: You will learn How To Be A Powerhouse Socially & Work A Room. This is an ENORMOUS lesson with over an hour of video alone, so give yourself time when doing this module.

Module 21. You will learn The Definitive Guide To Frame. I explain what Frame is and how you can utilize it in your life.

As far as the course itself, it’s laid out primarily in video format; the videos are both a combination of Christian speaking in various settings, and his narration over slides. The slides are a great visual tool, showing clear paths, goals, and mindset shifts to become a man in demand.

Personally, I preferred the video sections where Christian himself is present. He speaks well and is high energy on camera, doing a fantastic job of demonstrating things in a visual sense. The narrated parts of the video are attractive. The slides are a great visual tool, showing clear paths, goals, and mindset shifts to become a man in demand.

In addition, A Man In Demand Academy contains a variety of different worksheets, cheat sheets, and more. The main worksheet for the course itself is over fifty pages, all designed to help you pick out your strengths, weaknesses, and to help keep you accountable on your path to being the best man you can be.

Here is short snippet of action steps that you receive in one of the opening weeks of the course:

  • Continue smiling and saying “Hello” to everyone you encounter this week. Get out of your comfort zone. This is the first step to getting great at approaching girls, so don’t skimp out.
  • Be consciously aware of body at all times: sitting, standing, walking
  • Practice good posture daily. Make a mental note and discipline yourself.
  • Hold eye contact with people you make contact with for at least 2 seconds. It might seem difficult at first, but eventually you will be able to maintain eye contact which is essential for showing domination in social situations, as well as seducing girls.

THE GOODa man in demand academy

Christian truly wants every student in the academy to succeed, and it shows.

One of my favorite parts of the academy was how he makes every effort to personalize the learning to each individual. Rather than saying that everyone should copy his suit and pocket square look, he very much encourages you to make your look and style the best you can; provided you still look sharp and are dressing above the rest of the crowd.


Be true to who you are, but be the best you can be.

In many ways, this is the same philosophy I take in the way I approach life. I believe that many men struggle with “pickup” philosophy, because it often focuses on using cheesy lines and routines versus building naturally high self-esteem.

Would you rather become a genuinely confident person, or just memorize a bunch of cheesy lines? 

This course gives you the tools to become the first, rather than the guy with the fake confidence walking around in a fuzzy hat and platform boots.


A Man In Demand Academy really shines when it comes to breaking down difficult and intimidating concepts and making them simple.

For example, it’s intimidating to think, “I need to go out, talk to a bunch of girls, escalate, deal with cockblocks, etc.” But, Christian makes the art of night game a lot simpler by giving you steps to take to ensure you have a good night out, no matter what.


2. Post Workout Meal (PWM)

3. Prep Your Pad

4. Shower & Groom

5. Suit Up (or dress appropriate to the venue)

6. Do Affirmations & Shadow Box

7. Watch Film Clip

8. Get Out Early

9. Talk To Everyone

It doesn’t sound nearly as intimidating when you look at actionable and easy steps like these, and they truly do work. I’ve done a variation of these for years as a way of getting myself warmed up and ready to go.


Christian has some excellent phrases and quotes, here are a few of my favorites:

“You don’t want to be a guy who is just good with girls. You want to be a man who is well rounded in LIFE.”

(On folding pocket squares): “You want to just pinch, like you would a nipple…”

“Good game comes from a position of strength.”

“If you see her bending over in Starbucks…wait, I mean leaning over her book in Starbucks…”


The content of A Man In Demand Academy is a top-notch quality course. I’ve never seen anything as in-depth that will truly help you turn your life around by the end of it.

A Man In Demand Academy is the best comprehensive introduction to game guide that I’ve seen, taking you from your first ever approach to advanced game techniques and lifestyle tips.

However, there is one important thing I’d like to mention: You must DO.

It will not do you any good to go through A Man In Demand Academy if you aren’t going to apply the steps, do the homework, and TAKE ACTION. By all means, keep your shitty life, stay fearful, and keep living life on someone else’s terms.

Or, you could take action. Become a man in demand. It will only happen if you take this course seriously and listen to Christian’s advice – because it’s spot on.

I only wish I could have enrolled in A Man In Demand Academy instead of college. It gives you a far superior education about the realities of the world, and how to become a great man, than a college class ever will.

Click here to become a high value man with A Man In Demand Academy.

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