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A Girl Who Knows Game



Once in a while something, or someone, comes along, and it really throws you for a loop.  That was more than apparent last Saturday.  To give a slight backdrop, this is a girl I’ve been dating for about two months now.  Casually.  She goes to school several hours away and I work full time; I’m simply not willing to do the whole long distance thing even if she asked.  She has said she wishes there could be a future, but maybe somewhere down the road.  I laugh at her and tell her she better have some mad game.  Anywho, to the story:

I was told to show up on Saturday morning to celebrate my birthday a few days late.  11am at the Barnes & Noble, wear a swimsuit and some clothes that I wouldn’t mind getting dirty.  What followed was a day so kind and thoughtful that I actually felt… rather touched.

I pull in next to her car and she gets out to greet me.  She’s wearing a flowing dress*, her bright red hair up, and she has this way…smiles at me with her deep blue eyes.  I go to pick her up and give her a hug and of course, my phone goes crashing to the ground.  Smooth move, me.  She gives me a soft kiss and says happy birthday, and that she’s happy to see me *.  We get into her car, which she has made an effort to clean for me*, and off we go.

We pull up to a dirt field.  I’m utterly confused.  Little did I know that there was a “Pick your own,” strawberry stand here.  We proceed to spend the next hour getting dirty in the strawberry fields like a bunch of Mexicans, though having much more fun.  There’s plenty of ass-slapping, strawberry-throwing, and generally just enjoying the hell out of each other’s company for the next hour.  Next we drive over to the little oceanside downtown, where we actually had our first date.  Thinking she is pulling a trick out of MY book, I call her out on it.  She smiles and then takes me for a turn the opposite direction.  We go to this amazing little outdoor food truck that makes WAFFLE SANDWICHES*.  You heard me.  I had a pulled pork waffle sandwich.  For dessert, we had a normal waffle with powdered sugar, and of course, the strawberries that we picked earlier.  We lay on the grass and she lays on my chest, with the flower we picked in the strawberry fields in her hair*.

Next we drive over to a little lagoon.  She has a Groupon she picked out for us to go kayaking, paddleboarding, or “aqua cycling”.

I decide on the paddleboards.  I come to slightly regret this decision.  “Stand-up” paddleboarding became stand-up-and-fall-down paddleboarding for me.  We head out on to the lagoon, with the jetskis and motor boats just a few dozen feet away on the opposite side of the buoys.  Their wakes come crashing over to us, and I proceed to fall into the water.  Rinse and repeat at least ten more times over the next hour and a half.  About halfway through we stop and pull up to the beach.  I’ve actually dried off quite a bit at this point, so of course she proceeds to splash water all over me.  I respond by picking her up and carrying her far out into the water…then have a little mercy on the poor girl.  I am rewarded later when she finally falls off her own board, much to my delight (this makes the score 10 to 1 in favor of her).

We drive back to my car.  She gives me a big kiss and a hug; piercing me with those big blue eyes.  We make plans to see each other the next week.  There are no games, no playing hard to get, just a genuine enthusiasm to see me and spend time with me*.

Every day this week as I’ve opened my fridge to pull out a strawberry, I think of fiery red hair and bright blue eyes.  I think of a great afternoon.  Of falling, being cold and wet, and laughing.  Of waffle sandwiches.  Of laying on the grass with a pretty girl on my arm and being amazingly content in my life.  And I realize…this girl has some damn good game.

* This signifies “girl game”.  Being feminine.  Doing THESE type of things WILL draw a guy into you and make him enjoy your company more.  Just a tip, ladies.

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