Last updated: May 14, 2014

A Girl Found My Blog



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Note to self: never challenge a girl whether or not she can find something on the Internet.  You will likely lose.  Girls are cunning.  It doesn’t help when you’ve accidentally forgotten to unlink your Twitter handle (with your real name) to your blog.

Quick background: she’s been around about two months or so.  Haven’t written about her prior to this (hey babe!  popping your cherry!) but I found it quite hilarious.  The conversation started with me saying that she wouldn’t be able to find it, which of course she did in about three seconds flat (all the years of Facebook stalking boys pays off, I suppose), and me warning her that she may not want to read it.  For several weeks, she took that warning well and swears she did not read it.  Eventually though, and I can’t remember what I said, she broke down and read it.

Despite reading posts about how I brought five girls in five days over to my bachelor pad, how much I hate Indians, and some of my game tactics…she’s still around.  Why?  Because I fucking own it.  My frame is a rock, an immovable object.  Nothing she says will make me reconsider my views or the way I live my life.  She knows there’s plenty of options out there for me.  This, of course, makes me more attractive to her, despite that she probably wishes that this attraction would turn to resentment so she could walk away.  Sorry, honey, you can’t beat biology.  In fact, she likes me enough that she even wrote a blog post about me.  I will be sharing that and breaking it down in a post in the very near future.

In all seriousness – congrats to her for being one of the few girls I’ve written about that I had a funny or cute story to share; rather than a story of how I tried to put my dick inside them.

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