Last updated: June 9, 2019

The 9-5 Is Supposed To Keep You Poor And The Female Work Ethic



The 9-5 is meant to keep you poor.

The key is that it’s with the REST OF THE SYSTEM. If you work a high-paying 9-5 but avoid all the other garbage (car payments, over the top home, 100″ TV), you’d be just fine.

But once you start the debt trap, you can’t escape.

It’s like dominos.

You go to college, get a nice chunk of debt. Then you have to have a new and reliable car to drive to your new job because you can’t afford to live close. Then you need to unplug at home so you have a Netflix, Hulu, etc subscription.

Then you get a girl.

Gotta buy a nice enough rock for her.

Then a big enough house.

And a bigger and safer car.

Most people buy all or most of it on credit. You can never get ahead. Never win. You have to break out of it somewhere in the cycle.

You get where I’m going with this?

It literally never ends…

It’s designed to keep you plugged in and paying for things all the way to the point where you die. If you don’t believe me, go and look up the prices for funeral services, caskets, or to reserve your burial spot. And yes…they’ve got payment plans for those.

Anyways, this is the “American dream”…and, speaking of women…

I had some recent thoughts about their work ethic, namely:

  • Give them a laptop and they’ll play on FB.
  • Give them a phone and it’ll be IG.
  • Rarely do women actually DO.

Burden of performance is on men.

Granted, not all men are always working hard and doing what they need to in life. Heavens knows I probably waste more time than I should watching TV or browsing YouTube. Regardless of this though, it’s really important that you, as the man, lead your girl to the promised land. Many of them will fall into bad habits when left to their own devices.

That’s just modern life.

Too much easy entertainment just a tap or two away…

Nonetheless, what are you going to do?

Knock a girl up sooner than you’re ready just so she has something to do?

Hard to win, my friends…

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