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9 Dirty Little Secrets About Nightgame



Things are different here in Poland. Instead of bars announcing last call at 1:30am like they do in California, instead last call is announced at…well, I actually have no idea. I haven’t really made it late enough to find out.

I used to do a lot of nightlife in California in my “younger” years; take that with a grain of salt as I’m 24. I was doing less of it in Los Angeles, because my logistics weren’t that great, and I had a good harem of girls anyway.

However, as I’ve hit the nightlife here in Poland, I’ve had vivid memories come back to me. The realities of it. First off, the reality is that nightlife in Europe is definitely better than California. However, many of the same plusses/minuses exist here.


Here are the dirty little secrets about nightlife, picking up girls at night, and the overall lifestyle that nobody wants to actually discuss.


Don’t get me wrong, you still have to charm a girl’s friends if you have any hopes of pulling her away for a makeout, much less taking her home and railing her brains out.


The biggest cockblock in the world right now is other men. It’s mostly the complete lack of control that most men exhibit when they have too much alcohol and not enough pussy.

Take, for example, the British stag parties that frequent places like Poland, or Prague. They start drinking at noon and don’t stop until they pass out the following morning. They run around in big and loud packs, mack on anything that remotely resembles a pussy. They ruin a venue, give the girls as much free attention and alcohol as they can handle, and generally just make the night worse for everybody.



A good wingman is worth a year’s supply of pussy.

A bad wingman who brings your state down, is needy, or just plain sucks with women is someone you should discard to do nightlife with.

Now, everyone makes mistakes, and that’s okay.

But you guys know the type of men I’m talking about.


KYLE’S SOLUTION: All men are put on a rotating nightlife schedule. You do not get to go out every night. Instead, you are assigned a “rotation”, so you get one Friday night a month, one Saturday, two Wednesdays, etc. On other days, you are not allowed to go out. This will keep the ratios more balanced, as well as prevent massive sausage parties of being able to go out together (since their schedules will all be different).



#2 mostly exists because of number one.

However, I met a cool reader who has lived in Poland for four years now, and he told me this:

“Girls who are horny go out during the week. Girls who want attention go out on the weekends.”

Again, that attention is possible because of #1.

My experiences here in Poland thus far show this. On Wednesday nights, ratios are 1:1, girls are extremely receptive, and it’s very easy to have a lot of options at the end of the night, or at least have a couple of good leads.

However, that receptiveness goes down come the weekend nights. For the record, I’m certainly not saying it’s impossible – but I prefer to have the odds be in my favor, and to not be a total slave to pussy.

On top of this, weekday nights are less likely to have long lines or to have a cover charge. Everybody wins.

KYLE’S SOLUTION: Go out during the week, duh.

LIKELINESS OF HAPPENING: 100%. (I know my readers are smart.)


Probably the most unfortunate trick in the book for those of us who want to pull girls from nightgame.

Here is is: those who stay until the lights come on have the best chance of pulling and having sex that night.

Girls don’t want to leave their friends, drinks, and attention-getting early in the night. Simply put, in most cases, staying at the club outweights the benefits of leaving with you.

What if you’re a terrible lay?

What if you kill her?

At the end of the night though, if she’s horny, still wants to have fun, etc. – then you start looking like a better option.

SOLUTION: Start your night later. Pace your drinking. Don’t start pregaming at 8:00pm. Take a nap, then have one drink before you leave your house at say…midnight.

Also, stop jerking off. It helps with the endurance to stay out when the only way you can have an orgasm is via a vagina.


Most girls are willing to make conversation with you in line. They’re bored, and conversation is fun. They’ll even entertain chodes in line. This means that if you have a little bit of game and charm, you an get them interested.

No, you likely won’t convince them to leave the line they’re waiting in to go with you, but you can keep “pinging” them throughout the night. This helps you look good to other girls, and keeps you in a good mood if you have some girls who you know are into you. And yes, you can still talk to other girls. This makes the original girls more attracted to you.


Remember the stag parties I mentioned earlier? Well, I’ve been using them as a tool in my arsenal to talk to girls. I simply go up to the girls, point at the guys, and say:

“How many girls do you think all of those guys will talk to tonight?”

If I’m lucky, it’s a group of ten guys and they’re doing something moronic at that very moment.

The girls get a good laugh at it, and immediatley you are now seen as a cool guy who “gets it”.


Don’t eat a greaseball meal prior to a night of drinking. Keep it simple – a few carbs, some meat, and drink a ton of water. This is especially true in places like Europe where you can’t just get water to hydrate for free.

Lots of people go out to dinner as a way to start the night. This is okay, but keep it under control (i.e. #3)


There is no bigger cockblock to your meat than the meat of a hamburger going into a girl’s mouth.

Even if you’re shit-faced drunk, if you have a girl – do not get food.


I’ve had multiple instances in my life where I had a girl in bed…but couldn’t get a boner.

There are ways around this – if you guys have an interest I could dedicate a post to it.

The dirty secret is this: this happens to more guys than you’d think. Don’t be one of them.


It’s all the same.

They require slightly different skills and mindsets, but ultimately it all comes down to this: be the best man you can.

If you are cultured, confident, in-shape, and stylish – girls will always like you. It doesn’t matter if they meet you in a nightclub, on the street, or in the laundry detergent section of the grocery store (yeah, that was me last week).

Stop overanalyzing and just focus on becoming the best version of yourself that you can.

Always keep multiple girls in your life.

Work out consistently.

Don’t be a chode.

Talk to girls on an authentic level. Don’t memorize stupid lines and routines. Learn to think sharp and on your feet.

Learn how to master girls and master life by clicking here. I’m very excited to release this on 6/6/16!

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  1. #8 has definitely happened to me. Especially with alcohol (or drugs if that’s your thing) and condoms . Just buy some Cialis online and pop one before the night begins. It’s cheap enough you won’t feel like you’re wasting it.

    Most wingmen suck: I’m not going to pretend I’m particularly good at night game because I’m not but I’ve had one decent wingman in my life. Plenty of friends who won’t take one for the team and get pouty if the most attractive girl in the group doesn’t go for them. I had one friend grab my phone after I gave it to a girl and told her “hey you should put your number in” saying ‘no no no, give me your number instead’ He was hammered but it’s probably one of the only times I seriously considered decking the dude. Obviously, she left after that. Or “Shes too chubby” after not getting laid in months when the other girls obviously not going to do something if her friend doesn’t.

    Food at the end of the night: Even if no girls. STOP DOING IT. Your metabolism will slow done and all of a sudden, you’ll be fat (been there done that).

    LEARN THE “SECRET SOCIETY” RULES: Heh. I went on a date a while back and just made fun of all the thirsty dudes. It’s amazing how well that one works.

    1. Bullitt315 do you pop a Cialis every time you go night gaming OR just occasionally?
      Also would you be able to recommend a cheap trusted source online?
      I’ve ordered some before from the dark web but never 100% sure what is in them and if they are legit or not.

      1. I’ve never been particularly good at night game so I wouldn’t because it would mostly be a waste for me but if you are good, they’re cheaper than a drink and I could see it working. If I’m ever get single again, I’d probably pop one before the 2nd date cause that’s usually when I have my most success and it just takes the pressure off. Good Looking Loser has a good source and it seemed to work. I think it’s

        Or, just go to your doctor and tell him you’re having anxiety. There’s usually a free trial for a month which, of course, isn’t actually free but then you can get an idea if your source is good or not.

  2. Stop overanalyzing and just focus on becoming the best version of yourself that you can.

    Always keep multiple girls in your life.

    Work out consistently.

    Don’t be a chode.

    Talk to girls on an authentic level. Don’t memorize stupid lines and routines. Learn to think sharp and on your feet.


      1. Would really appreciate if you could dedicate a post to number #8.

        Bullitt315 mentions he takes one before he heads out.

        If its the magic blue pill that you also keep in your pocket, then do you take it swollow one every time you go out.

        I find that there are advantages/disadvantages to taking the blue pill before a night out.

        Allow me to explain: If I do decide to take one before hand, I have more hunger to get laid, because I feel like its going to waste and my body will soon build some sort of tolerance to it.

        The downside is if I hold up until I have a sure fire girl thats into me and DTF, and I take it just before I pull her out the club, the pill doesn’t kick in for like 50-60 minutes so I’m screwed if we are back at my place in 20..

        What’s your thoughts and experience with it Kyle?

        So yeah a blog post on this would be very beneficial

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