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7 Lessons From 3 Months of Living in Eastern Europe



July 14th is an important day on my calendar this year.

It ends my stretch of pre-planned cities I wanted to see when I left the United States on March 28th and began living in Eastern Europe. It was roughly a three month stretch with three cities involved.

Krakow, Poland for one month.

Kiev, Ukraine for one month.

Odessa, Ukraine for six weeks.

Here are 7 things I’ve learned in these first three months of living abroad.


I don’t regret booking one month in Krakow or Kiev. Both were excellent choices.

I really regret booking six weeks in Odessa. One of the worst decisions I’ve made in my life. Boring city. Nothing to do. Small. No big-city energy.

My new opinion is that I wouldn’t book more than ten days in a place I hadn’t yet been to. Ten days is enough to evaluate it fairly, and I should know by day 5 if it’s a place I could see myself spending a month in (and enjoying it). I knew after a couple days in Odessa I was doomed.

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I tore through four girls in twelve days in Krakow. Then I picked the two I liked and saw them basically every other day for the rest of the time.

In Kiev, I went on a handful of first dates (good luck getting a first date bang there!), and ended up dating the first one that banged me.

The first one to fuck me gets to date me is kinda how I looked at it. But she’s wonderful and I’m glad to have her in my life.

Which has led me to this: it’s super easy to burnout. I am immensely happy with how my dating life is at the moment. I’ve realized that I am not a player who can sustain an insane pace for more than a month or so at a time.

Instead, my strengths lie with managing girls and giving them experiences that they’ve never had before. They love me for it. And I’m happy to date them and share those experiences as opposed to playing the field indefinitely.

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What does the future holds?

I’m still waiting to find out. Speaking of…


This is probably the best lesson out there for you, gents.

Fake it ’til you make it, but once you “make it”, the game changes.

The need to play “dread game”, asshole tactics, and other game moves that help you when you’re starting fall to the wayside when you are already a high value man.

Does this make sense?

If not, this post by my good friend really should shed some insight onto the situation.

How it relates to me: I’m starting the draft of this post on July 7th. The Ukrainian girl I mentioned earlier has spent the last week here in Odessa with me (thank God, fuck this city–again). It’s been fantastic.

And I haven’t done any dread game, manipulation, or anything. She adores me. She knows I have high value in all areas of life. She is a little insecure about why I’m with her at times. As a result, I can be a nice guy.

It does not mean I can not have a backbone, it does not mean I can stop making decisions, it does not mean I can stop being the best version of myself.

But it does mean I don’t have to really run game on her. I don’t have to think about it. I just have to be the high-value man she really likes.

Part of that value is that I’m American and she comes from a country that sometimes lacks opportunity.

However, the lesson doesn’t change.

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No matter what, people who have immense opportunities squander them.

When you live in a country that doesn’t have the opportunities of America, you see the pain of those people. You see that their only way out involves a lot more hard work than most, and a lot of luck, too.

Then you look at Americans who squander their great opportunities, and it’s disgusting.

Not to say all Americans are like that. Many of us are some of the hardest-working and innovative of the world. But when you live abroad, seeing the lazy fucks pisses you off even more.


These days, I get a lot of emails from guys asking me about living abroad. How they can do it. How much money I spend every month. And my favorite:

“With my skills, what’s the best way to make $1,200 a month so I can live in Southeast Asia/Eastern Europe/South America?”

Are you kidding me?

That’s a joke. Half the fun of moving abroad is being able to eat at nice places, and do cool things without having to ever worry about money.

In America, people make $4k a month–just enough to make ends meet. There is no difference between that and making $1,200 a month to live in Thailand. You’re just moving the numbers down.

The other night my girl and I went out and got the following:

  • Two nice cocktails
  • Guacamole appetizer (not easy to find out here!)
  • She had steak
  • I had chicken
  • Shisha

Total = $30.

In a nice park with outdoor seating.

This was the view:



It would ruin a lot of the enjoyment of life if I was sitting there at the table fretting about $30 because it was eating into my $1,200 monthly budget.

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And I’m not saying that I spend more than that per month.

I am saying that you should strive for a hell of a lot more.

Making ends meet is a loser mindset.

Aim for better.


And I mean no one.

Girls will ask and ask an infinite amount of questions. Sometimes the answers satisfy them, sometimes they don’t.

Your family may question you at times. It may not be your direct parents or siblings, but someone will.

Men will think you are in their country to steal their women–and though they aren’t wrong, they don’t understand there is more to it.

Everyone overseas will be jealous of your passport power and opportunities.

None of them will understand the benefits of their society and culture.

How much you want to tell them is up to you.


Ukrainian cheese is disgusting. It takes like sour milk mixed with dog shit. It seems that no matter how many different types I try, I’m always disappointed.

I can’t call a god damn taxi, which means if I hail one off the street I’m paying at least double what a native speaker would pay.

It’s sometimes very difficult to get day-to-day shit done in a country where you are an anomaly.

And while I like a challenge, sometimes enough is enough. But, that’s the price I’ve chosen to pay. The freedom is worth it. The pain to get here was worth it.

And I wouldn’t have it any other way.

‘Til tomorrow.

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  1. Interesting article. About #1 that is probably main difference between people from big cities and small town folk. You guys get bored pretty quickly. Always on the move, always something to do, always stressed, never truly at rest. That is ofc big generalization, but most city folk are like that.

    I never understood this. I like my live pretty simple and quiet. If not for comfort of internet access and easy shopping I would prefer to live as far from people as I possibly can.

    As for #6 that is strange, it is not like you burned bridges for yourself. If you screw up you can always come back or do anything else.

    #5 Well, it not a bad thing. Money are cool, more money is almost always better, but well it’s only means to an end. Ihmo freedom is more important.

    1. Yes, that is so true about #1. I think at some point in my life I will be happy in a smaller town, but for now i like the hustle/bustle. But Odessa’s “big” (over 1 million), just sleepy.

      As for #6, it’s more like a Ukrainian girl who can’t even study abroad for a month without a mountain of paperwork, fees, and BS can’t fathom why I would want to leave the US for *her* country. Even Polish girls to a lesser extent.

      As for #5, freedom is most important but not if you’re poor. Too many guys are “free” but slaves to make $1,200. And they only want that.

      1. Well… 1 mln is pretty big. Maybe it doesn’t sound like much compared to some cities world-wide, but 1 mln is fucking a lot of people. More than you can possibly talk to in live time.

        Well… There is this whole somehow mistaken assumption that USA is land of rich, happy people. Very tempting for someone from poor, broken by war, corruption country and Russian oppression country (*).

        * That is way it is funny when some guys from USA try to make Putin a good guy. They don’t know a shit about how evil he truly is.

        1. Yeah, Putin is the devil. LOL!

          Its all Putin’s fault. Yeah, right!

          It’s always funny that this shit is coming from Polish people who are NATO dogs.

          1. Well, it is different story for countries that were under soviet occupation. We just don’t trust Russians. And well… just look what they did to Ukraine just recently, they are not giving any reasons to trust them. They value imperialism too much, which is funny because they always were attacking USA for their imperialism in propaganda.

            Americans will never understand this I guess. It is not like your grandfathers were sent to syberia, because they disagreed with soviets. Many members of my family were. My great great grandfather was bitten repeatedly until his health went to shit and he died in his 50s. And Putin is ex KGB, those were not good people. Those were people that could kill you just for fun of it and you good do shit to prevent that or avenge your family members.

            It is way better to be NATO dog than Russian dog. Way more freedom under NATO. And to be honest Poland is not strong enough to be truly independent. It is just wise to choose better alliance. And Russian never gave us any reasons to trust or respect them. USA is not perfect, but way better than Russian oppression.

          2. Well, that’s going a lot deeper.

            We like him because he’s a man who has no fear, regardless of the morality of his actions.

            Hence the women in his country are more feminine.

            Most of the times on blogs like this, it just comes down to the culture; i.e. women.

          3. If it is just saying that he has balls, then it is true.
            But sometimes I read opinions that say that he is good guy and that is simply stupid for me.

            There is difference between being good at being man and being good man.
            Putin in masculine, but he is no way good guy. He is not better than Obama or any other western politician. Corrupted and evil to very core.

  2. Couldn’t #3 be in large part that the way you game feminine women is different then the ass hole game necessary for the United States? That chick is hot in the picture.

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