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7 First Date Tips to Get Laid



You should always push the interaction forward on the first date with a girl. You should try to get laid on the first date so that she will reveal her true character. If she lets you stick it in on the first date, you can bet you are not the first guy to do that. Therefore, you should then squash any romantic notions you have of loving the girl and having her walked down the aisle to you one day.

Here, I present seven first date tips you should follow to get laid.

7 First Date Tips to Get Laid

1.) Logistics are everything for a first day lay.

Your first date with a girl should always, always involve alcohol. Despite being the “superior” sex at communicating, many girls are flat out awkward on the first date. A single drink gets them to loosen up a bit; and I’m not just speaking of their mouths. Ideally, you want to live in a place close enough to walk to a couple of bars. You can become a regular with the bartenders, and make some new friends. I’ll never forget the one time my favorite bartender in San Diego asked me:

Does she want the same thing as last time, or is that the third different girl you brought here this week?

While you will often find that prime logistics will cost you a pretty penny, there are numerous benefits to paying the premium price.


  1. If you’re also lucky enough to live near work, you can walk literally everywhere. My current living situation involves me paying $2,000 a month for rent – but I walk to work and to all of the fun. If I had an hour commute each way, and made $20 an hour (I don’t, but bear with me) – then that comes out to $200 worth of “hours” a week you spend sitting in traffic. Multiply that by four weeks a month and you end up with $800. Time is money.
  2. Never have to worry about a DUI.
  3. If she ends up being a dud, you’re not out much time. Just walk home and resume your evening of kicking ass.

A good rule of thumb is that for a first date, she always comes to you. Don’t go her way unless you know she does not have roommates and has good logistics.

2.) Dress sharp.

You’ll be more confident, she’ll be more turned on – nothing says playboy more than a sharp blazer, or hell, even a suit.

3.) Touch her – a lot.

The amount you touch her should just border on making her uncomfortable. Better to be bold than be a chode. Push the interaction forward – if she is not comfortable with it, she will let you know. You should start with just touching her arm gently to emphasize a point in conversation. From there, you can go to touching her knee with your hand. Eventually, you can press your legs or knees together.

4.) You should pay on the first date.

Despite all of the feminists shrieking for equality, we all know they don’t really want that. Only when it’s convenient, and of course, this is one of those times it isn’t convenient for them. However, you are a smart man. You know that if you want to get laid on a first date, you don’t do something silly like buy a girl dinner or take her to a movie. Naturally, you took her to a bar because, again, alcohol.

Therefore it should not break your bank to buy a round of drinks at the bar of your choosing.

5.) Don’t hesitate to lie.

After a round of drinks, if all is well, don’t hesitate to bounce her out of there under the pretense of going to a different bar. If you can swing it logistically, suggest a bar that will force you to walk by your pad. Once outside, suggest she come up to show her something – like a guitar or photograph.

The key thing is to give her every excuse in the world that she isn’t going to have sex with you (“We were just going upstairs so he could play Wonderfall for me!”), so she can calm her inner hamster and spread her legs.

6.) End the first date early.

Because she is not used to this. If she refuses your offer to return to your apartment, then don’t hesitate to walk away after forty-five minutes to an hour. You have other pressing things to do with your time. If she is a good-looking girl, she’s used to men tripping over themselves to spend every second of time with her. Your disappearance will intrigue her.

7.) If you get laid on the first date, fuck her good.

See here, here, and here.

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  1. Good post. only the most demure of women wouldnt find an excus e to show her true nature durig that. The one exception s that i have always been happy to travel to a girl. Mostly because in the uk people worth spending time with a few and far between, so i will gladly go to another town for a good man or woman. Plus some of the more pleasant girls seem awfully shy about going nearer your home for a date. i think its because they don’t know the area and are scared due to all the rape propagand they get in school or uni. Would happily drive a few hours to see a pleasant feminine girl, get a drink and escalate a little to see if its worth doing again. My only rules were

    a, no boring places. If she’s miserable, feministey, puts out within an hour, is demanding or shit, then I want to be somewhere where i can have a good time on my own and make the most of the drive

    b, not her house. Don’t get me wrong, I’d go there eventually. But if she is ‘scared’ and then invites me into her bedroom as the first date setting, I know she’s just being coy or cheap, neither of which is sexy

    c, she coms to my place next time, or at least my town. No second trips

    d, if she wanted food, she buys or makes it. Guests need to be treated well. If she demanded food and didn’t provide anything, then to step a.

    f, there had to be escalation. she should kiss me from when she first sees me, unless i’m trying to upgrade a ‘friend’, in which case i accept a kiss before the end of the date. She should touch, hug, not lead me on but show me how interested she is.

    Whoever said romance is dead?

  2. Very nice concise post laying out the basics of a first date. I wish there was a way to emphasize how important this stuff is. It’s really VERY SIMPLE but many guys (especially “new”) kind of gloss over extremely important basics because it seems almost too simple.

    The suggestion to change venues while crossing paths with your place alone is *gold*. Tips 1, 3, and 5 should be enough to get the majority of guys laid although your other tips are obviously invaluable. Well done.

  3. I agree with all these except # 2.

    I’ve gotten way more pussy in well-fitting jeans, Frye boots, and an AA v-neck than any other outfit.

    Then again, I don’t live on either of the Coasts.

      1. I agree with #2 (although wouldn’t go as far as a full suit) but disagree with #4. I’ve always found dates go smoother if she pays for the first round and then I get the drinks from there.

        It works for me because my go-to spot is a cocktail bar that gives me happy hour whatever time I’m in. But it has to be two of the same. So she gets first choice and I get the drinks in after that. Not about the money just seems to work out better for the vibe.

        If we’re leaving and there’s a tab open, don’t worry about the change.

        1. Yeah I should have been more clear; I agree with # 2 (dressing sharp IS important) but I don’t agree that a full suit or blazer is necessary. At least, not where I live…

          Hmm. Lucky I gotta disagree with your first date payment method – I always pay for the first round of drinks, but would make her pay for the second round. Usually though, there is no second round, since I cap the first date off at one hour.

          Then again, if it’s working for you I’m not one to judge your method, just do it slightly differently.

          1. Likely that your way works best. I’m always running late so letting them sort it out gives me time to say hi to the bar staff and get comfortable. Plus, they’ve probably spent the times looking at the menu and already have their eye on something. If not, then we get two Pornstar Martinis- sweet, alcoholic and suggestively named.

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