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From #1 NYC to #10 DC – Cities I Traveled To In 2015, Ranked



As a follow up to my 2015 Travels, Ranked post, I promised a brief overview of why I ranked the ten cities I visited in 2015 the way that I did.

The best way to read this list is this: #1 means that I would absolutely move there, in a heartbeat. As you go further down the list it becomes, “Fuck no, I would never move there in a million years.”

In case you missed the rankings at the bottom of that post:

1-10 scale, using the below rankings. Keep in mind that everything is relative…so while I’m listing both Barranquilla and Indianapolis as a 10 as far as affordability, Barranquilla is still much cheaper. But Indianapolis is a ten relative to the rest of the country.

A: Affordability
G: Girls
Q: Quality of Life

1. New York City (A:1, G:9, Q:6)
2. Budapest (A:10, G:9, Q:9)
3. Montreal (A:5, G:8, Q:7)
4. Chicago (A:6, G:6, Q: 7)
5. Barranquilla (A:10, G:10, Q:1)
6. Pittsburgh (A:8, G:5, Q:7)
7. Santa Marta (A:10, G:4, Q:6)
8. Miami (A:3, G:9, Q:5)
9. Indianapolis (A:10, G:N/A, Q:5)
10. Washington D.C.(A:4, G:1, Q:3)

Let’s dig a bit deeper…

#1 – New York City, USA

Affordability: 1

Let’s get it out of the way now – New York City is one of the most expensive places on the planet. Funny enough, it’s not even that it’s that much more expensive from an item-per-item perspective. A drink in a nice place costs the same as it does in Los Angeles.

But there’s always something to do.

I hung out with a good buddy a couple times, and it was just constant new opportunities to go out.

“Oh, let’s go get lunch here.”
“Let’s get a coffee.”
“Let’s go out to x, y, and z bars.”

Public transit makes it super easy to meet up and hang out. Add in the fact that you’re basically living in a broom closet – no one wants to be stuck at home in their 200 square foot apartment. This results in you going out and spending more money.

Girls: 9

The girls are far more friendly and sexy than girls in Los Angeles. You’ll find more international, model-esque looks as opposed to the beach blondes of Southern California.

Quality of Life: 6

Quality of life is all dependent on what you consider quality. I would have the biggest love/hate relationship with NYC if I were to move there. On one hand, there is an indescribable energy that always radiates through it’s streets. On the other hand, I’d hate the trash everywhere. Winters (and summers at times) would suck. I’d get sick of all the tourists.

But at the same time…it is New York City. The sex appeal is outrageous.

#2 – Budapest, Hungary

Affordability: 10

I’ll start off by saying this: if you offered me $150k a year to live and work in New York City, and then offered me $100k to live and work in Budapest – I wouldn’t even have to think before choosing Budapest.

A whiskey and coke will cost you $2-$3 in a high end club. You can have a nice meal out for $8. $5 for an Uber all the way across the city.

And to top it all off, everything is quite walkable in Budapest.

Girls: 8

The girls can sweet once you’re in with them, but they definitely have some “Buda bitch shields”. Harsh rejections if they don’t like you. But they’re elegant and sexy. Could easily be swayed into putting the girls rating at a 9 if I had more time in the city to develop a harem.

Quality of Life: 9

Quality of life is good too – people seem relaxed, friendly. This high rating only applies though if you are capable of earning American dollars. The average Hungarian only makes about $500 or so a month, so you need to either have an online income stream or remote work if you want to truly take advantage of Budapest.

#3 – Montreal, Canada

Affordability: 5

Montreal has quite the charm to it. It feels very similar to Europe. You’ll even find that most signs are in French.

With that being said, it’s not exactly cheap. Keep in mind it’s barely an hour’s drive to the US border, so you can’t expect too drastic of a difference. It’s cheaper than major US cities like LA or New York – but I found it overall to be around the prices of a Midwest city like Chicago or Pittsburgh. I’d say it’s slightly less expensive than Chicago, overall.

Girls: 8

The girls are amazing, once you get past all of the drunk and retarded American college girls that go to McGill. They hang out on St. Laurent, waiting in lines for an hour to get into shitty clubs like Tokyo Bar. You must go out and find the French locals at places like Mme Lee.

The American girls are actually hot, but it’s up to you if you can deal with the general American girl vibe. Personally, if I’m in a French city…no thanks.

Quality of Life: 7

As far as quality of life, I’d say it’s very high. The city is clean. The metro is amazing. The bike rental system is fantastic, as well. Good food and friendly people. The only drawback – the weather. My friend was there in November and said it was very wet, and freezing cold.

Having been there in September I experienced some chilly winds but nothing that was overtly bad. You could easily sway me into putting quality of life at an 8 or even 9 depending on the season you’re in Montreal.

#4 – Chicago, USA

Affordability: 7

Keep in mind that when you’re reading this – everything is relative. So while Chicago is cheap as hell compared to New York City, compared to Budapest it’s obviously not. But there’s not a single city in the US with Chicago’s size and “big-city-feel” that is as affordable as the Windy City.

From what I’ve heard, you can get a decent one bedroom in a nice neighborhood in Chicago for $1,200. Compare that to $1,800 (Los Angeles) and $2,500+ (New York City).

Girls: 7

I was with my girlfriend at the time so obviously I can’t comment too much on the girls. However, there was good talent walking around, and overall the people were friendly – so I would imagine it’s a decent town for game. There isn’t as much top-tier talent as NYC or LA, but for better attitudes, I’d say it’s a fair trade.

I’d also note that, on the downside of quality talent…there’s a lot of garbage. Tons of fat and gross girls with their four kids from three different baby daddies. You get where I’m going with this…

Quality of Life: 7

If not for the Arctic winters and winds, Chicago’s quality of life would be higher. The city is clean, people say the public transit sucks but it at least exists (unlike LA), and overall people are friendly. Great food city, too.

#5 – Barranquilla, Colombia

Affordability: 10

Colombian girls, yes please.

Colombia is cheap as balls in general.

$40 gets you a bottle in a high end club.
A meal out at the mall is $4.
A taxi across town is $3-$5.

Girls: 10

Amazing stunners everywhere, and so friendly. Only problem is, most don’t speak English. No problem though! The ones who do speak English are usually boring and somewhat Americanized. I much preferred the girls who didn’t speak any English by the end of the trip.

You can do online (Tinder, Colombian Cupid), or day and night game (your level of Spanish will greatly influence your success with these two).

Rather than continue raving I’d suggest just going here.

Quality of Life: 1

Barranquilla is a shit hole.

Sure, the northern part of the city is nice. It’s still a shit hole compared to almost every other city I’ve listed on here.

The southern part, or “The Ocho?” Yeah, that’s not a place I’d care to venture again.

Add in the nearly year-round 90+ degree temperature with 90%+ humidity level and it’s just not a pleasant place to live. Don’t get me wrong, I’m glad I went to Barranquilla – but I highly doubt I’ll ever go back.

#6 – Pittsburgh, USA

Affordability: 8

Pittsburgh is overwhelming a college town, which actually means things are pretty affordable. You can get a nice, river view apartment for $1,000-$1,200 a month. On top of that, food and drink is very affordable too. A lot of the college bars have $20 specials, where you get two beers and four shots of fireball for just that – $20. That’s unbelievable.

Girls: 5

There are a lot of wildebeests that live in Pittsburgh. Something about the Midwest makes people more fat than the coastal parts of the United States.

But, as I said – it’s a college town. And a big college town at that. With a population over 300k, and with five universities within basically five miles of each other, it’s really not that bad. My office and hotel was in the middle of two of the universities, and I walked outside to throngs of 18 year old freshmen every day. I have no doubt that if you had the proper setup (i.e. young professional but slightly older than college age, your own place, and game) you could absolutely slay with enough time.

But if you were in that same position minus game, there’s no way you would get picked over the guys in their social circle.

Quality of Life: 7

Surprisingly high considering the hot summers and brutal winters. But really, most places other than Southern California have those. I’m just spoiled rotten.

I can say that the people of Pittsburgh actually seem quite happy. There is a lot of local pride. I’d have to be there longer to really understand it. But I’m definitely not the only one that noticed it, as it’s often ranked pretty highly as an up and coming city.

#7 – Santa Marta, Colombia

*I must preface this be saying that I stayed at Rodadero Beach, which is about a five minutes drive from the actual Santa Marta city center. I was also here for barely 48 hours, so I’ll keep it short.

Affordability: 10colombiangirlfriend

It’s Colombia. If you make American dollars, everything is going to be cheap.

Girls: 4

From my Tinder adventures, there was nowhere near the talent that I saw in Barranquilla. I think the two guys with me would agree as well. Add in the influx of tourists and it’s not an environment I’d recommend for more than a few days, assuming you want to get laid.

Quality of Life: 6

It’s a beautiful beach town but make no mistake, it’s mostly a tourist destination despite the high population. But, you are at the beach which helps with that. Overall though, it’s not a place I’d want to be for any long period of time.

#8 – Miami, USA

Affordability: 3

Let’s get something straight right off the bat – if you want to live in the hotspot of Miami, i.e. South Beach – it’s basically Vegas. Substitute the high temperature dry heat of Vegas for high humidity and random monsoons throughout the day, and you’ve basically got the same city as far as nightlife and dating goes.

I paid $18 for a drink in one nightclub, and for the most part I just snuck my flask around. Miami is not a cheap city.

Girls: 9

Stunners everywhere. Lots of foreign talent, too. Like I said, it’s basically Vegas in Florida. The talent levels are similar.

Quality of Life: 5

Don’t get me wrong, it would be a fun city to live in at times. It’s vibrant, and there’s lots to do. But the overall prices, absurd weather, and “big-city-girl-attitude” (similar to Los Angeles) take this down a few points.

#9 – Indianapolis, USA

Affordability: 10

I was at one of the biggest tourist events of the year, the Indy 500, and yet I still thought the city was quite affordable. Cheaper than the other Midwest, smaller city I visited this year – Pittsburgh.

Girls: N/A

Was with my Dad the whole time so obviously didn’t run any game. I wouldn’t get my hopes up on them though, it’s the Midwest fatness without as many universities as Pittsburgh.

Quality of Life: 5

I have no idea what to rate this. Just from my gut feeling, which is usually pretty good, I don’t think I’d like living there as much as I would in Pittsburgh, which is the closest comparison on this list.

#10 – Washington D.C., USA

Affordability: 4

DC is almost as expensive as New York City, Los Angeles, and Miami. My friend pays $1,000 to share a two bedroom, and she’s not even in the city itself. So basically, you pay all of the money of those big cities but you get…

Girls: ONE! Would give zero if possible.

I have no words to describe it.

They’re hideous; both fat and ugly. They’re career women. They’re entitled. They’re feminists.

I did not go on a single date while I was in D.C. I went out on one Saturday night, and swiped halfheartedly on Tinder, but nothing stirred me enough to convince me that it was worth my time.

Fuck DC and it’s women.

Quality of Life: 3

Between the shitty girls, shitty metro system, bad weather, and being stuck in the center of our moronic government (Go Trump!), I would never recommend any single man move to Washington D.C. To top it all off, it’s one of the most “rat race” cities I’ve ever seen – people pouring their lives away into their job in the hope of making it into some fancy, but worthless, political office someday.

I know you’re all wondering – if you put a gun to my head, I would only move to the first four cities on the list without question. NYC, Budapest, Montreal, and Chicago. All of these I would jump at to have a change of pace from Los Angeles (and Southern California, in general. Been here six years now!).

I’d consider Barranquilla off of the women alone, and would think about Pittsburgh. But it stops there. Santa Marta, Miami, Indianapolis, and DC – never, in a million years.

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