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5 Unique Date Ideas You Can Try This Summer

Here are a few fun, relatively inexpensive date ideas that you can implement, especially as summer comes ‘round.

Most of these are best suited for a girl you’ve gone out with a few times (and know you like) as they are a bit more time intensive.

Use them or set fire to them.

#1: Horse Racing

Take a girl and teach her out to bet on the horses.

Out here in Eastern Europe, the minimum bet for a race is usually about a buck or two. Give her $10 to start (there’s usually 8-12 total races on the day) and see what she makes of it. Take her to the staging area and show her how to analyze which horse might potentially be fast (or not).

Of course, never bet on the same horse as her. Takes some of the fun out of it to root for the same horse.

#2: Karts

I’m not talking about the “Funland” style karts.

Take her to a real outdoor track where you have to put on a helmet and a fire suit. This is a real fun one for me, obviously, as I grew up racing.

Tip: Don’t do this if you’re not 100% sure you’ll beat her.

It’ll look really bad if she beats you.

Make sure to also give her a nice bump or two, cut her off at the last second, and generally speaking, anything else that will make her freak out without killing herself.

#3: Laser Tag

Barney Stinson always had the right idea.

#4: Strip Club

Fair warning, if you want to use this one, you really need to have this girl be massively into you, and very compliant to your overall frame. Details on how to do this easily can be found in King’s Code.

#5: Drunk Water Park

Now, I realize places in the States are going to be WAY more strict about this, but hear me out. Last year, I took my girl to a waterpark — and booked a night at the hotel next to it. So the night before, we went to the park with a 1 liter bottle of Coke filled with half Coca-Cola…

…and half whiskey.

It was a blast.

Be cautious with this in the States as they tend to be fun-suckers for stuff like that, but if you’re anywhere else in the world that has a bit more leniency, you’ll have a blast.

Alright, that’s all for now.

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