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5 Thoughts On No Fap



I did no fap for 75 days.

Until, last week, in a moment of weakness in the shower, I ended the streak.  No, it isn’t because my girlfriend has decided to withhold sex (quite the contrary, actually, we have great and crazy sex using fun things like these bed restraints), as I’d actually been laid less than 24 hours prior.  But there I was, in the shower, after a long day at work and a great workout.  One Five minutes later I was done.

And you know what, I didn’t feel guilty about it.  75 days was easily my longest streak ever for no-fap.  Sometimes, a little self love is what you need.  Let’s face it, one way or another, it has to get out.

So, here are my thoughts on the matter:

1.) You Will Have Killer Motivation With No Fap

I’d gone periods of a couple weeks with no fap before.  This was the longest it had been, undoubtedly helped by my blossoming relationship.

However, when previously going a week or so without fapping (while playing the field), I can reasonably say this – you will have killer motivation if you haven’t gotten off recently.  Approaching girls, setting up dates, and escalating.  You’ll be pushy as hell for sex, and will continue at all costs to get it.  However, there is a catch to this.

2.) No Fap Limits Motivation To Specific Areas

You reach a certain point where your only thoughts are “sex, sex, sex, SEX!!!”

I started getting antsy at work, unable to focus.  All I could think about was sinking my dick in a warm snatch.  I was walking around all the time with a hard-on sticking out of my slacks.  I’ll add too, that I’m normally a very focused person.  I am capable of setting myself to a task and carrying it through.

No fap made that much more difficult, unless the task was getting laid.

3.) You’ll Blow It

I blew this lay by being way too aggressive, likely due to not jerking off:

Long story short, I got drunk and basically said, “we’re having sex tonight.”  Whoops.  Oh well.  We drank several vodka champagnes and an entire bottle of my wine.  When we finished that bottle, she brought in a bottle from her car.  After I said my offensive comments, she left…AND TOOK THE WINE!

Now, in no way whatsoever will I say you should tone down your escalations.  Being an asshole, or alpha works better than being a beta any day of the week.  However, there is a very fine line.

That previous quote is a perfect example of it.  I really, really wanted to get my dick wet.  So I pushed the interaction as far as I possibly could have.  In hindsight, if I’d had just a little more patience, I probably could have fucked her within an hour or two.  Worst case scenario, she definitely would have been ready to bang the next date.  Realistically, we had only had three hours of face time together.

4.) You’ll Blow It Part II

Despite this post, I actually never raw dog.  I’ve only raw dogged two girls in my life, one of whom is my current girlfriend.

Over the 75 days I didn’t fap, in which I was in a relationship with her for much of that time, it became much harder to hold out from ejaculating.  I have no doubt a condom would have slowed the process down, but I definitely saw a notable drop in the time that it took me to “get to the edge”.  Now, fortunately I’ve trained myself to be able to hold off from cumming, but I had reached the point where consistent stimulation would bring me to the edge, and I’d be forced to stop thrusting.

If you need actual sex advice, I’d check out Red Pill Orgasm.

5.) Finally, Every Man Should Try No Fap

If you have not gone at least a month without not fapping, you owe it to yourself to try.  Everyone responds differently to it.  It might be the single best thing to motivate you this year.

Personally, I think a little self love once every few weeks is no big deal.  It is a fine balance though – it is very easy to fall into a habit of jerking it daily.  This will hurt you far more than making it a once in a while habit.

One final note – if you do decide to jerk it, stay away from porn.

Want to quit jerking off, and go on dates instead? CLICK HERE.

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  1. 1) Not jerking it is great, it messes with concentration some days when you need to fuck something or else, but it’s a great way to use your energy into something creative like music, writing, painting or even working out.
    2) for lasting longer, have you tried kegels? Pornstar Peter North was interviewed for being the one who last longest and being legendary on screen. His secret? he does kegels religiously every day. Personally, I’m not a huge fan picturing something nasty in order to last longer, and natural exercise always seems to be the answer,
    3) What’s your opinion on pof (Plenty of Fish)? Any recommendations?

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