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The 5 Steps to Run a Modern Day Harem



HEADS UP: This was originally a post I sponsored over at Return of Kings. For those interested, it was ROI-positive (more to come on that soon).

Hey guys, Kyle from This Is Trouble here. I’ve been writing at ROK for three years now. The lessons I’ve learned from this have been essential to my growth as a man. It’s helped transform me from the awkward virgin to a guy who travels the world, has sex with beautiful women, and runs his own business from abroad.

If there’s one thing I’ve learned in the last few years, it’s that the power of choice is especially important when it comes to women.

If you’re not able to have a choice with women, you end up settling with one who is below the standards. And we all know the effects that a damaged woman can have on a man’s life…

Crazy, psychotic episodes of rage.

Divorce rape.

And a lot more.

The power of choice with women is important to living a good life. Once you have the ability to choose, your life will transform. You’ll go from the one getting chosen by women to the one doing the choosing. Women will be hitting you up for sex. And finally, you’ll learn how to truly screen for the best women out there, instead of getting the crazies.

The ultimate form of choice with women is acquiring and running a harem.

With that being said, here are the steps to running a harem in today’s modern (and brutal) dating world.

1. Define What You Want


Wandering through life without an end goal is pointless.

Do you want a long term relationship, but the freedom to still sleep with new girls when you want? Or would you prefer to have a harem of four different friends-with-benefits relationships?

Simply put, you must define what kind of harem you wish to have, because based on that you must figure out…

2. Where To Find Them

First, a disclaimer: it’s best not to look for girls for your harem in your social circle.

The reason for this is because girls fear judgment. It’s best if neither of you know each other’s social circles. This leaves meeting girls at night, during the day, and online game as your options.

Generally speaking, the slutty girls you meet at night, or online are going to be your best bets for a harem. Of course, you can meet the naughty girls during the day, too–but we’re stacking the odds.

This goes back to #1.

If you want to have a lot of casual sex, it’s best to pursue the night and online options, and then set them up in a harem (more on how to do that below).

If you’re wanting to pursue a long term relationship with a bit of side action now and then, maybe you’re better off finding that relationship-worthy girl during the day.

3. Balance Your Life (The Rules of 3)


It’s very easier for girls to become a huge part of your life when you finally decide to “handle the women problem once and for all.”

However, putting all your weight into women can cause unhappiness in other ways. If all of your self-value is derived from women, what happens when you remove them from the equation (i.e. have a dry spell).

You fall apart.

Therefore, a critical step towards building a harem is adhering to the rules of 3.

Here are those rules:

3 New Dates A Week

Keep to a maximum of three new dates a week while building your harem up. That’s 12 dates a month. If you convert just 25% of those, that’s 4 new bangs.

3 Dates To Sex

You should not wait for more than three dates to have sex with a girl. It’s rarely worth it.

Most women I’ve slept with have flat-out told me that they knew they wanted to have sex with me within an hour of meeting me, so it’s not a case of them needing to make up their mind.

3 Platforms For Dates

Trying to daygame, nightgame, and handle multiple dating apps will burn you out. Pick two, and focus on them.

3 Solid Prospects – ALWAYS

I make sure I have three leads who would be down to meet up within a couple of days if it came down to it. This ensures that I keep working enough girls that I’m not suddenly going to be left with nothing, and if I lose a girl in my harem, I can easily replace her with a new girl in a matter of days.

3 Strikes And She’s Out

Girls fall off the radar. In most cases, it’s not worth it to revive them. Once a girl hasn’t responded to your texts three times (at most) simply delete her number and move on.

3 Days Of Cooking 

Cooking at home will keep your health and walley in check.

The added bonus of cooking at home is that it’s very easy to get girls over for dates if you say you’re going to cook dinner for them.

3 Meets In Ten Days

Do not see any girl in your harem more than there times (two is better) in a ten day period.

3 Girls At A Time

I believe this is the golden rule to the harem: have three girls.

One main girl and a couple of casual sex bundies is great. So is three casual sex girls.

Anything more than this and I can tell you it simply gets exhausting.

4. Own Her Heart And Soul


You must make each girl in your harem feel a little bit special.

This means that you must be present with her. You shouldn’t be talking about other girls with her, and even a basic fuckbuddy should feel like you at least care about her a little.

Doing this, combined with hard, dominant sex will bond a woman to you.

This is the true key to running an efficient harem where girls are begging to see you.

You must hit their buttons on both a physical and emotional level, even if it’s just casual sex.

This makes her far more likely to cone back for repeat business, as opposed to always having to hunt for new prospects.

5. Define The Relationship And Hold Frame

If you’re a man with game, girls you date are eventually going to want a commitment. But this last piece of advice is the best advice I can give you:

Girls do not fear physical cheating. They fear emotional cheating.

You’ll be surprised at how many girls are okay with you having casual sex with other girls as long as you come back to them. They much prefer this over you taking other girls out to romantic, candlelight dinners.

Make sense?

No matter what–always hold frame. Hold true to what you want out of life.

You’ll be amazed at the life you can live when you do.

All of the techniques I’ve developed in regards to harems over the years are available in The Harem Handbook.

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