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5 Observations Between Dating Abroad Versus the US



(Gentlemen: Kyle here. This post originally appeared on my friend Christian’s blog.)

It’s not exactly a big secret these days that foreign women are fantastic. If you have traveled, you know exactly what I’m talking about. If you haven’t, you’re probably wondering about the authenticity of the claims.

You’ve probably heard of the tanned booties and curves of Ipanema Beach in Rio de Janeiro, or the high heels and femininity exuded by the women of Russia and Ukraine.

I spent almost all of 2016 abroad, and I can confirm that the mythical stories you hear are true. It’s truly a pleasure to date foreign girls, and it’s vastly different than dating Stateside.

With that being said, here are 7 differences I’ve noticed between dating abroad and dating at home.

1. The Same Game Doesn’t Work

Even if just by moving across the country from Los Angeles to New York City, I think CMQ himself would tell you he probably runs a different style of game based on how women react.

Now imagine adding a few thousand more miles and dozens of countries to that distance.

The same game will absolutely not work abroad that you’d use in America. To top it off, it varies from country to country. In fact, running the same game will result you in ending up frustrated and with your dick in your hand.

Let’s discuss the different kinds of countries.

2. The Limbo Countries

For example, Poland is currently a country in limbo.

They have traditional Polish women values that make them a pleasure to be around. At the same time, they are such worshippers of Western culture that they’re happy to hop into bed with you on a first date.

The result for me was nailing four reasonably high-quality girls in the first ten days of my trip with almost no effort. A couple were from online and a couple were numbers I got while out drinking (and set up consequent dates). My date to lay conversion was 100%.

I ran nothing like the typical game I used to run when I ran around LA with CMQ. I’d say I toned down the “edge” by about 50%. I still teased them, but I wasn’t anywhere near the dick I was in Southern California.

The two that I kept seeing consistently then reverted back to their more “typical” Eastern European selves—they were cooking me meals, bringing me gifts, and generally taking care of me. Once I “got them” the Western dating attitude toned down for them, too.

Just being a bit of a cad and escalating like normal resulted in me reaping the rewards.

Other countries that fall into this category include the Czech Republic, Hungary, and Baltic countries (Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania).

3. Even Further East

At the same time, once I landed in Ukraine it took me 12 days and 4 dates to get just one new girl. The Ukrainian culture dictates that a girl wait at least three dates to sleep with a guy. There are hardly any exceptions to this norm. However, that girl was insanely high quality and is still in my life.

If I’d run the same game on her that I ran in Poland, I wouldn’t have gotten a second date. I actually did go out with two Ukrainian girls while I was in Poland. Both of them were relatively new to Krakow; they’d lived there less than half a year.

Guess what happened when I ran my “Polish game” on them?

My attempts to bring them home on the first night were refused. And while I got texts back regarding a second date, they never actually came out with me again. They were looking for something stable because that’s what their culture values. My unnecessary aggression on the first date shot me in the foot.

But when I got to Ukraine, I learned my lesson. For context, my first three dates with the girl in Ukraine were:

  1. Coffee which turned into dinner and beers. Tried to get her home very casually, she declined and I didn’t push the envelope.
  2. Went to dinner, got her home. Attempts to seal the deal were completely rebuffed.
  3. I knew I’d spooked the cat a bit, so I just took her for a walk. We got coffees and sat on a bench discussing life.
  4. Finally after mid-afternoon lunch and beer it happened.

See how drastically different that was from Poland; where I was taking those girls home on the first night. And those countries are neighbors!

Other countries that fall into this category are Russia, Serbia, and Belarus.

4. Looks Matter, But In A Different Way

While girls in Stateside tend to ere on the shallow side, it’s also common for them to go out grocery shopping in everybody’s favorite outfit.

Uggs and sweatpants.

Never in a million years would that happen in Eastern Europe. It’s common for girls to wear high heels just to go for a walk. While this picture below was from a bachelorette party, this is normal. I reckon 80% of girls wear heels while walking down the main streets of the city.

While girls in the States tend to be vain and shallow, girls abroad instead recognize their value in looking good instead of bitching about it and then reverting to Uggs and sweatpants.

5. Appreciation

Take a look at the photo below—it’s the street where the same Ukrainian girl I mentioned above grew up.

And these are the “nice, newer” houses.

Former Soviet Union countries, once you leave the center, are depressing places. To me, those apartments look like jail cells. These apartment blocks go on for miles. You can walk five miles in any direction from that photo and you won’t find anything but those types of apartments.

Simply put, foreign girls appreciate the opportunity to date a successful Western guy who has his life together. I’m not a fool, I’ve been in the game for years. I know the difference on how to screen a gold-digger versus genuine affection.

If you can find the latter, you’ll reap the words. Girls are appreciative that you can take them to a nice restaurant or to experience something new. Not that it even costs that much—a four-course lunch at the nicest restaurant in Ukraine’s capital will run you all of $6.

They pay you back a thousand times over in feminine energy—cooking, cleaning, and just generally making you feel like the king of the world.

And when you feel like a king, it’s pretty hard to miss home.


PS: Click here to learn how to date both foreign and domestic girls 😉

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